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TIER LINK LAYER PYRAMID-Shoot your website to TOP Google rankings

As the name implies, it is a pyramid-like structure arranged in tiers with the lowest quality backlinks in the bottom tier and the high quality ones in the top tier. This kind of backlinking structure, tier link layer pyramid, is one of the most effective and safest means of achieving a higher rankings in search engine results; effective in that it consists of layers of backlinks that strengthens (passes more link juice to) the backlinks that are linked to them, thus making them more stronger, thus gaining higher Google rankings. And it is safest in that your money site isn’t directly linked to the thousands of the lower tier low quality, spammy backlinks which could make Google penalize your site. In...

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Getting Good Quality Backlinks To Boost Your Website Rankings

Backlinks is a fundamental factor to rankings in an SEO campaign. Creation of good quality backlinks, especially of high page authority, is one of the most effective ways of improving your website SERPs rankings. Sources of backlinks are social bookmarking, blog comments, forum profiles, article submissions, social media etc. But before we continue, we need to know the real meaning of the term ”Backlinks” What is backlinks? backlinks are links that connects to your site/web page from another site. To get full benefit of backlinking, you need to carry out the following: DIVERSIFY YOUR SOURCES: Do not just follow one source, create backlinks from as many different sources as possible to make your backlinks look very natural when crawled by...

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Get Social Traffic Visitors From Social Media Sites; The Way Out

Nowadays, the social media world has grown so big that its neglect for real social traffic visitors will be tantamount to overall failure of Internet marketing world generally. Social networking world play a very major role in driving real human traffic to any website due to the high level of patronage of these social network sites. Apart from getting traffic visitors from other sources like blogs, forums etc, people cling to social network sites due to the following features: easy accessibility, easy-to-navigate, consumes less data, low cost advertising, ability to post pictures, videos and texts with ease etc. Top social media sites enjoying good traffic are Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, pinterest etc while others are tagged, myspace, plurk,...

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Important SEO Tips to note for website optimization

In the Internet world, getting higher rankings for the sake of traffic and conversions is becoming increasingly difficult day-by-day due to high competition from increasing number of website created daily including existing ones, all competing for similar keywords in search engines. Hence, one needs to carry out research to fully understand what SEO tips and strategies that are now working presently Before carrying out any search engine optimization techniques on your website, infact before even creating a website, there are several points you must know that will help you skyrocket your site to greater heights as long as search engine results is concerned.  These few points you need to ask are listed below: BE CRITICAL WHEN HIRING AN SEO COMPANY...

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