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Important SEO Tips to note for website optimization

In the Internet world, getting higher rankings for the sake of traffic and conversions is becoming increasingly difficult day-by-day due to high competition from increasing number of website created daily including existing ones, all competing for similar keywords in search engines. Hence, one needs to carry out research to fully understand what SEO tips and strategies that are now working presently

Before carrying out any search engine optimization techniques on your website, infact before even creating a website, there are several points you must know that will help you skyrocket your site to greater heights as long as search engine results is concerned.

 These few points you need to ask are listed below:

  1. BE CRITICAL WHEN HIRING AN SEO COMPANY OR EXPERT: Here, you need to ask lot of questions. get to know the techniques and strategies they use. Ask about the time frame. is there any risk involved? These questions and more will guide you to pick the best company that suits your website needs. There are several Internet marketing sites where you can hire SEO firms and seo specialists who can help you out at affordable prices and a great place is seoclerks. Others are fiverr, gigbucks, upwork etc
  2. YOUR KEYWORDS: Do a thorough research to know that best keywords phrases that leads to high conversions. you can use tools like Google ad-word and analytic. i suggest you go for low competitive keywords.
  3. UNIQUE CONTENT: Be creative and distinct in your web content. Avoid plagiarism. Do not copy any content from other websites, instead do research and write one that will be of great benefit to readers. Keep it fresh and updated at all times.
  4. SEO-FRIENDLY URLs: Make use of related keywords that are search-engine friendly, but don’t overdo it to avoid looking spammy.
  5. USE KEYWORDS AS ANCHOR TEXT LINKS: When adding links, use keywords that are related to your web content as anchor text. Google spiders uses anchor text to know what a link-to page is all about. Anchor text like ”Click Here” does nothing to improve your website visibility
  6. LINK BUILDING: This is very crucial in ranking your website. We highly recommend you go for MANUAL link building to avoid getting your site penalized or banned due to spammy low quality backlinks. When getting links, aim for High Authority sites like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, DELL, HP, CNN etc. You can contact web masters of such sites and do link exchanges with them.
  7.  STRONG COMMITMENT: Are you the patient type or the quick-result kind of person?

    Why i say this is because SEO isn’t just a one-time event as it requires long-term investment of time and resources to finally achieve the desired goals (High search results and web traffic). Achieving a higher SERP rankings takes time spanning from months to years, depending on the strategies you use.

  8. SEO TACTICS IN VOGUE; SEO tactics changes periodically as what works at a time might not work again later. you just need to keep updating yourself to the latest methods that currently work out. A good example is the comparison between backlink building and content. Gone are those days when backlinks are the ultimate kings in ranking websites, though still relevant but not anymore. what reigns now is writing an awesome, keyword-related content (that will be useful to readers) which search engines considers first when ranking websites.

    There are many other tips but the main ones that you need to know are listed above. take note of them seriously. Good luck and success in your website campaign.  Any questions, comments, suggestions or issues etc?, feel free to drop them. we will respond swiftly.


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