When web traffic of a website is measured after undergoing effective SEO , social media traffic is most times the highest of all. When setting up pages, profiles or/and groups on Facebook, twitter and YouTube etc., establishing Authority and credibility can be gained by getting bFacebook page likes and group members, getting twitter followers as well as getting more YouTube views and subscribers. The higher the subscribers, followers, likes and views, the greater the tendency for you to get more visitors traffic to your website.

Though it’s somewhat time-dependent, All these can be achieved by doing the following:

  • Creating online community by opening Facebook groups and twitter profile pages for your website, product or service.
  • Uploading videos with descriptive text about your website, products on YouTube.
  • Sharing your contents embedded with links among related Facebook groups and pages with members of similar interest.
  • Placing your social network links on high authority sites to get high PR backlinks and rank high.

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