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Getting Good Quality Backlinks To Boost Your Website Rankings

Backlinks is a fundamental factor to rankings in an SEO campaign. Creation of good quality backlinks, especially of high page authority, is one of the most effective ways of improving your website SERPs rankings. Sources of backlinks are social bookmarking, blog comments, forum profiles, article submissions, social media etc. But before we continue, we need to know the real meaning of the term ”Backlinks” What is backlinks? backlinks are links that connects to your site/web page from another site.

To get full benefit of backlinking, you need to carry out the following:

  1. DIVERSIFY YOUR SOURCES: Do not just follow one source, create backlinks from as many different sources as possible to make your backlinks look very natural when crawled by search engine. Make use of sources such as wiki sites, forums, social bookmarking, edu sites, social network sites (Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc),blog comments, web 2.0 sites etc.
  2. TARGET HIGH AUTHORITY SITES: Search engine upgrade links coming from high PR sites, say, from PR9-PR3.  You can go for  High domain links by submitting to high PR bookmarking sites (e.g reddit, stumbleupon, digg, tumblr, slashdot etc)., High social sites (e.g Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc.), forum profile sites (e.g WordPress, amazon, mozilla, HP, microsoft etc). Any website link from High domain sites gains more respect and authority from Google compared to links from low domain sites.
  3. GUEST BLOGGING; This is an SEO strategy where you write an article on another website with the sole aim of getting more exposure and links back to your own website.  Summarily, all you need do seek approval from the website authors, write useful content and put your website link in it. Simple!  To make the most of this, go for guest blog sites that are higher than yours in terms of domain authority and reputation. Through this, surely you will get good quality backlinks guaranteed. This writer blog offers different niches e.g SEO, business, fashion, beauty, writing, Internet marketing etc from which you can choose the ones you specialize in and write on it.
  4. THE BROKEN-LINK BUILDING METHOD; This is one great trick to obtaining good quality backlinks without stress. it involves searching out for broken links on websites (of high domain authority), informing the webmasters about it and suggesting some links that serve as good replacement for it. Here is the Trick; while suggesting link replacement, recommend your own link to him, the chances that yours be accepted is high because of the good effort in discovering the broken links on his website. Get it???  yeah!!!!!

Now, do you wish to create good quality backlinks for higher search engine rankings, you can do it manually by searching online for blog comments, authority sites etc which is time-consuming or make use of automated software which are very expensive and may hurt your website. But to save yourself from all these stress, this service is one that is highly recommend due to the high level of experience and professionalism by checking here: HIGH QUALITY PR BACKLINKING PACKAGE  Over 800 completed jobs with lots of positive feedbacks and commendations.

Apart from the above service, you can check out this, even cheaper one here: GOOD BACKLINKS SERVICE with 100% guarantee and over 2000+ jobs completed with lots of positive feedback responses from clients. Good opportunity for you to get backlinks to drive traffic to your website as well as boost your Google rankings.

Finally, those 4 methods listed above are sure, guaranteed ways of earning top quality backlinks that can increase your website SERPs rankings and as time goes on, we will updating this content with more methods as we carry on our research on it. Feel free to drop any comments, advice, questions, recommendations, responses etc for we are here to respond to them as fast as possible.

See you to the top!!!

Thank you.

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