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TIER LINK LAYER PYRAMID-Shoot your website to TOP Google rankings

As the name implies, it is a pyramid-like structure arranged in tiers with the lowest quality backlinks in the bottom tier and the high quality ones in the top tier.

This kind of backlinking structure, tier link layer pyramid, is one of the most effective and safest means of achieving a higher rankings in search engine results; effective in that it consists of layers of backlinks that strengthens (passes more link juice to) the backlinks that are linked to them, thus making them more stronger, thus gaining higher Google rankings. And it is safest in that your money site isn’t directly linked to the thousands of the lower tier low quality, spammy backlinks which could make Google penalize your site. In other words, your site have only few high authority backlinks, not thousands of low quality ones.

Hence, this method, tier link layer pyramid, is safest and most effective.  Also note that this tier layer structure be done drip feed (not too quickly but continually) to avoid Google suspicion. 

A Tier link layer pyramid mostly consists of 3 tiers:

  • TIER 1: The links in this tier should be of high quality from high PR blogs, social bookmarks, high authority sites e.g Vimeo, DELL, MICROSOFT, IBM, MOZILLA, TED, Pinterest, Amazon etc. they MUST be MANUALLY CREATED with good diversity to avoid Google ban. Your money site (your website) are directly connected to your tier 1 links. The number of tier 1 links can be in tens (10s)

  • TIER 2: This contains medium quality backlinks made of wiki, article sites, low PR blogs etc. Second-tier links should be pointing towards your 1st-tier links only. The main purpose is to strengthen (pass more link juice to) the quality of your tier-1 links and improve its index. The number of tier 2 links can be in hundreds (100s)

  • TIER 3: Blog comments, low PR web 2.0, low PR social bookmarking, wiki sites, general directories etc form major of this tier. Purpose of this is also to pass more link juice, thus, improve the quality of tier-2 links. This is where Spammy links are created but it shouldn’t be much to avoid Google penalty. These links are in thier thousands (1000s).

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