Web directories submission service is fast becoming one of the sought-after SEO service today. web directories website is a website that contains a listings of websites and descriptions arranged in their specific categories. Each listing include the website URL, description, website title, its keywords etc. since the listing contains the website url. A popular one is http://www.dmoz.org/

The diagram below shows a listing with a backlink created inside the web directory website. a2

To carry out this service, you will be given a submission form to which you will fill in your website details given to you by the client. you must choose the right category related to the website, fill in the title, url, description and keywords, then finally submit. The title of the website acts as an anchor text that when you click on it, it will take you to the website described in the lista1ing, thus creating a backlink in the process. this is the main reason of web directories submission.

For a web directory submission to be effective and perfect, the following characteristics must be noted:

  1. High Page Rank directories: Submitting to directories of higher page rank, say from PR4-9, boost your rankings more than web directories of lower page rank. A directory of more than 3 forms a very good index.
  2. Correct category: For your submission to be accepted by the administrators,you MUST submit to the correct category. this not only boosts your chances of acceptance, it also enable visitors to locate your website easily for that specific category that they are looking for.
  3. Rotating titles: Google loves diversity of backlinks, so you must use DIFFERENT titles for the same URL. Creating hundreds of the same anchor texts pointing to the same website wont contribute much to SEO.

There are 2 ways of offering this service: the MANUAL process and the AUTOMATIC process. The manual method can be done using the copy-paste method which only covers few directories ranging from 15-50. though this manual process might be stressful, but it offers submission to higher page rank directories of high quality which is very good for your site SEO.  The automatic method deals on over 500-2000 web directories submission using a software, though faster and less stressful, majority of the directories are of low quality and not a good SEO practice.  There exist many of this services in freelance sites; one of which is this MANUAL DIRECTORY SUBMISSION SERVICE– this service also offers search engine submission as a bonus.

It is worth trying this service for your website to get high quality, powerful backlinks at a very cheap price.

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