The full meaning of SEM is Search Engine Marketing. So as the name implies, SEM marketing involves services that relates to search engines. SEM is a form of internet marketing that promotes websites through the use of search engines to get lots of traffic visitors as well as increase its search engine result rankings.Note that as SEM is concerned, the keyword here is SEARCH ENGINE. All acts that centers on research, positioning, analyzing, promoting, submitting etc of websites with respect to search engines is what SEM is all about.

SEM covers areas such as competitive analysis, paid listing, keyword research, SEO, pay per advertising etc……yes, SEO is involved as part of SEM, infact SEO is a subset of SEM services. Article submissions, paid advertising via Google adwords, pay-per-click, commercial advertising etc are other areas of SEM.

A big advantage of doing SEM services is that it enables you to attract internet users that make use of search engines via paid (advertising) links in addition to organic search as well.

On a final note, SEM and SEO are very much similar in every aspect and sometimes, can be used interchangeably. but they are of different services.

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