Have you ever wondered why the same particular websites always favored to appear among the first few pages of a Google search engine when a keyword/group of keywords are queried in Google website?. Have you wondered why that particular website and not yours or another?. Answer to this is very simple!. It is because such websites have undergone genuine SEO services and have been crawled by Google over time to achieve such high page rank (PR), hence it is not an overstatement to say that SEO is fundamental and key to the growth and development of any website.This is the exact reason why such websites will always get lots of traffic visitors because an internet users searching for information on the internet will always prefer to visit sites that appear among the first search result pages to that of second, third, fourth and subsequent pages in that order.

Similar to the definition, Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies, techniques and methodologies employed to increase the number of traffic visitors to a website via the increase in rankings of a search engine results of a search engine. Such popular search engines include Google, bing, yahoo etc. There are many other search engines as well. SEO methodology is divided into two major halves; The WHITE HAT and the BLACK HAT SEO.

  1.  WHITE-HAT SEO : with regards to white and black hat SEO, the case of legality comes into play. White-hat SEO, also known as Ethnic SEO, obeys search engine rules and policies. it is a body of SEO technology and methodology approved by search engines or in line with the search engines terms of service to increase your website organic search results. This type of SEO is best for those that want a long term investment for their website. It is highly recommended to use this type because it prevents your website from getting penalized or banned by search engines. Google really loves white-hat SEO. White-hat practices include writing unique content, back-linking, keyword analysis, link-building to improve link popularity, social media marketing, social bookmarking etc.
  2. BLACK-HAT SEO : Also known as Unethical SEO, it refers to as the process of getting high search engine results using tricky and exploitative means as they do not obey rules and terms of service of such search engines involved. They mainly focus on search engines and not on human audience. They are strategies used to increase the search engine results illegitimately  or to lower the rankings of a competitor’s site. Those that practice it are looking for quick returns for their website and not interested in long-term investments. Using black-hat is highly discouraged because your website can risk been banned by search engines. Examples of such tactics involves keyword stuffing, spamdexing, stealing competitors’ content, creating plantom pages etc.  The most common of all, keyword stuffing is overloading a web content with so many of the same keywords in a bid to rank high in search engine results for that particular keyword. This is totally unacceptable as search engines love keyword diversity.

On a final note, we suggest you go for white-hat practices if you wish to rank high in search  engine results, though it’s a gradual process, it is surely worth it. Black-hat practices, though it’s a quick means of getting results, can get your website banned from search engines.



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