A lot of persons and organizations are getting so much interested in social media websites for one reason or the other. persons involved with social media sites do so for the reason of sending messages, chatting, making posts and comments, posting videos and pictures etc. Organizations make use of social media to advertise their products and services to the internet public by posting their website links, descriptive videos, banners, posters etc showcasing their products and services. Top Social Media sites are twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, tumblr, etc.

Due to the large patronage of social media sites by internet surfers, these sites record a large number of traffic visitors everyday, hence companies and organizations use this advantage to gain visitors traffic to their website links to make sales and profits. This is where Social Media Marketing (SMM) comes into play. Now, with reference to the details stated above, SMM is a form of marketing that involves the process of getting visitors traffic and attention through the use of social media sites.

Social media sites are specially designed in ways that makes it easily accessible to users worldwide in that it consumes less data, loads faster, easy to navigate, easy to understand and many more. To do effective SMM marketing, one needs to create content about your advert that will attract readers to your offer. If they find it appealing, they visit your website to read full details about your advertisements. through this way, you get web traffic to your website.

A big advantage of SMM is that placing social network adverts is inexpensive, only that it is achieved by earned media rather than paid media. Earned media involves paying strong attention to posting excellent content, using well-attractive displays, presentations, videos, and other promotional methods to draw in as much visitors as possible. Also the readers can even like, share, re-tweet, and comment on any service, products, events, brands and company. This will help spread it across, to get more publicity among internet users.

General benefits of SMM marketing are:

  1. Creates awareness about your brand, products and services online.
  2. Social media sites are inexpensive platforms to implement product marketing
  3. Create an online community among those interested in your products.
  4. Increase public mentions online via posting of content repeatedly at various time frames.
  5. Creating of inbound High Page Rank links.

Finally, it pays not to neglect this form of marketing because of its numerous advantages.

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