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Getting Good Quality Backlinks To Boost Your Website Rankings

Backlinks is a fundamental factor to rankings in an SEO campaign. Creation of good quality backlinks, especially of high page authority, is one of the most effective ways of improving your website SERPs rankings. Sources of backlinks are social bookmarking, blog comments, forum profiles, article submissions, social media etc. But before we continue, we need to know the real meaning of the term ”Backlinks” What is backlinks? backlinks are links that connects to your site/web page from another site. To get full benefit of backlinking, you need to carry out the following: DIVERSIFY YOUR SOURCES: Do not just follow one source, create backlinks from as many different sources as possible to make your backlinks look very natural when crawled by search engine. Make use of sources such as wiki sites, forums, social bookmarking, edu sites, social network sites (Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc),blog comments, web 2.0 sites etc. TARGET HIGH AUTHORITY SITES: Search engine upgrade links coming from high PR sites, say, from PR9-PR3.  You can go for  High domain links by submitting to high PR bookmarking sites (e.g reddit, stumbleupon, digg, tumblr, slashdot etc)., High social sites (e.g Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc.), forum profile sites (e.g WordPress, amazon, mozilla, HP,...

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