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30 Ways To Get Traffic Visitors

30 Ways To Get Traffic Visitors

In this Guide, i am going to show you up to 30 ways to drive

in lots of traffic visitors to your website or blog

In fact, some of these methods are what i used to get a sizable number of

traffic visitors to rank google first page for my keyword: “Dollar SEO

Care to know them?
Lets roll.

1. Build High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the top 3 most important parameters that Google uses to rank websites in its search engine rankings.

Simply put, a backlink is a link that leads from a website to another website.
Backlinks are considered as ”votes” for a website and the higher the number of backlinks in a website, the higher its position in its SERP rankings.

To get the best of this method, aim for High Quality backlinks, especially from Trusted and Authoritative websites like CNN, MOZILLA, TechCrunch, Amazon, DELL, TED, New York Times and so on.
Theses websites are of Higher Root Domain Authority.
All you need do is just to create a membership profile and insert your link in your profile settings
To see exactly how it is done,
Visit this link:
And you are good to go.

2. Create High Quality Content

Good Quality Content is very KEY.
There are over a billion+ contents on various niches and categories that covers life.
And a lot of internet users creates stiff competition among these contents when initiating keyword queries on search engines.
Hence, to beat your competitors, your content has to be encompassing: meaning it must contain the following:
1. It must cover almost everything in pure details
2. It must be easy-to-read, not in blocked form
3. It must be very descriptive with lots of visuals to aid understanding. Such Visual as images, videos, quotes, references etc.
4. It must be SEO optimized to increase click-through rate and reduce bounce rate.
5. It must be keyword-rich to rank high in search Engine rankings.

Contents that contains these attributes tend to attract more visitors, thus boosting chances of higher Google rankings.

“The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘This was written specifically for me.”@AskJamieTurner 

3. Choose a Memorable Domain name

When choosing a domain name for your proposed website, carry out a very thorough research to choose a name that:
1. Easy To Remember
2. Does not bear any resemblance in spelling and pronunciation to any other domain names
It will be injustice for your visitors to type your competitor domain name when searching for your website.
There are several tools that can help you out on this.
Whois.net offers you the opportunity of searching out expired good domain names.
A helpful tool to aid you select a good domain name here: Nameboy.com.
Both tools are 100% free.

4. Use the Click-To-Tweet Link

This offers you an opportunity to share your content on social media particularly twitter for more exposure.
It is very simple to implement.
1. Just find something ”tweetable” on your content. It can be a quote, a sentence or phrase or anything “sellable”
Visit https://clicktotweet.com to create an account.

2. Input your sentence in the message area and click “generate new link”. Make sure

Make sure you uncheck the box to prove you are human. See image above!

3. A new link will be generated. Just similar as shown below. That is the link you will include in your web content.

When a visitor gets to click on your tweet on your content, it takes him to twitter where he will share your content message there.

It is as simple as ABC.

5. Input Keyword In Your Image Files

Google images makes it easy to search for content online through their uploaded images.
This is one trick that is under-utilized by most webmasters out of ignorance.
Hence, to utilize this opportunity, when you are uploading your images during content creation, make sure to name your images with your keywords that relates to your web content.
It helps a lot in driving traffic visitors to your site.
Below is an image showing results for the keyword: “food samples”

If any visitor clicks on any image in the image search results, it leads straight to its webpage or website.
And you have gained a traffic for yourself.
Surely, its worth it.

6. Do A Serious Keyword Research

Doing a serious keyword research is an entire topic on its own.
Keywords are phrases that traffic visitors uses to search for web contents in search engines e.g. Google.
To start with, we urge you to go for less-competitive, long-tail keywords of 3-4 words e.g. Spanish cars prices, paleo diets, dollar SEO services, cheapest brakelights for cars etc.

Summarily, below are ways of doing keyword researches:

  • “Searches Related To” keywords: These are keywords that appear below search engine results page as shown in the diagram below.

These suggested keywords are what Google recommends as similar to your main keyword.
And this surely tells even a layman that lots of people are searching for these keywords too.
Just select and sprinkle them in your website content.
Rinse and Repeat.

  • Using Keyword Tools
    Aside from the famous Google keyword planner, there are several others that aid in choosing the best set of keywords.
    A few good ones are keywordeverywhere, semrush, keywordtool.io etc. Both free and paid ones, though paid ones gives you more advantages during use.
    You can do a thorough research on these tools and use the ones that suits you best.
    But one great advantage of google keyword planner is that its search data comes straight from Google itself as shown below.
  • Wikipedia Table Of Contents
    Wikipedia is a big Authoritative site that commands Google 1st page results anytime, anyday.
    Hence, common sense tells that keyword terms from it will be of very great impact if used in other websites.
    To get brilliant Keyword ideas, When you input your search term in it, you will be taken to the wikipedia entry page for your search term.
    Then, its “content” section and “subtopics” listed under content are awesome keyword ideas for you to use.

  • Finding Keywords On REDDIT
  • Using Google, YouTube and Bing Suggest
    A good example for Google search engine is as shown below

When you type your search term/keyword, the series of phrases that appear beneath it are similar suggestions from Google.
And since its from Google itself, it means that lots of people are searching for it.
Same goes for YouTube and Bing too.

7. Add Social Share Buttons To Your Content

With the help of share buttons, Readers can share your content on various social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc.
This helps to drive in traffic visitors from these social media to your website content is they find your content very fascinating.
See image below:

You can appeal to your readers to help you share your content on thier favorite social media sites by clicking on the share buttons or the readers can do it themselves if they find your content very tantalizing.

There are free and paid ones.

There are free and paid ones to use.

8. Do On-Page SEO Optimization

On-page optimization is the process of structuring your content to make it rank high in search engine rankings.
To summarily analyze this, Here are few steps:

  • Make your keywords appear frequently in your 1st 100 words.
    As you can see below, the keyword “backlinks” appears about 3 times.

Google attach more importance to keywords that show early in web content.

  • Input your keyword/Title In Header H1 Tag
    This helps Google know what your content is all about.
    Though most platforms (mostly wordpress) do it automatically, put cross-check to make sure it is very much included in it.
  • Optimize Your URLs
    By restructuring it to be SEO-friendly using the following steps:
    a. Make your URLs Concise, Direct and Short as possible
    b. Include your target keywords in your URLs.

That is it.

  • Include External and Internal links to your content
    Adding external backlinks to other sites from your site pass a message to google that your content is somewhat a hub of high quality info.
    Experiments have shown that websites with external backlinks tend to rank higher than website without backlinks
    Below shows backlinks to brain dean webpages about backlinks.

9. Submit Your Articles To Article Directories

Create articles with your link in it and submit it to various article directories.
Here are some popular article distribution sites.
To win this method, it shouldn’t just be about submitting an article to get a backlink but making sure your content is capable of meeting the reader’s expectations in all ramifications.

10. Getting Traffic Visitors from Forums

In this case, you aim at building a good reputation for yourself.
All you do is this;
Be an ACTIVE member.
Post/respond with useful lengthy comments to topics, discussions, headlines, subtopics, arguments etc that is beneficial to other readers.
Do this frequently to boost your reputation.
Then, as time goes on, insert your link.
That’s all.
A single backlink from highly Authoritative forum can drive in sizable traffic visitors to your site.
Below are popular forums and how they look like:

These popular forums in the SEO category shown above are
a. www.blackhatworld.com
b. www.warriorforum.com
You can do google search for forums in other categories like technology, food, business, mobile etc.

Let’s continue……

11. Be Active In “Yahoo Answers”

A typical outlook is shown below

This is similar to that of forums.
You ask or answer to questions posed by other users.
To fully utilize this,
You response to users’ questions with useful comments on a daily basis
And as you do so, you get upgraded from level 1 and above.
And once you get to level 3, you get qualified to post clickable links as you can see below.

“Yahoo Answers” commands a huge number of traffic visitors daily.
Hence, getting a backlink from it earns you a taste of these traffic visitors to your site.
That’s all.

12. Create Social Media Pages

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter are very popular social sites that drives in thousands and thousands of traffic visitors daily.
So, how do we take advantage of this opportunity?
By creating a page/group on Facebook, a channel on YouTube and a user profile on Twitter.
You get your followers/likes and subscribers on your social pages via various promotional methods.
As well as add your link in your user profile settings.
See examples below:

And lastly,….
A Channel from YouTube.

From the images above, you can see followers/likes and subscribers in these social pages and links too.
Through these links, social traffic visitors flow into your website.
Other social platforms you can explore are Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on.

13. Engage In Email Marketing

By publishing and sending information via newsletters to your subscribers often.
Such Info can be in form of new articles, adverts, signups, notifications, data etc.
In this newsletter, your subscribers visit your website via its links for various reasons of which the newsletters was posted for.
All these are achieved using AWEBER, a very popular email marketing platform. There are other good ones too.
But first and foremost,
You create a landing page on your website.
Through it, your traffic visitors can opt-in/sign up and subscribe to receiving your mail messages for any latest developments and info.
An example of a landing page is shown below:

You input your email address and you are good to go.
Here is the kicker,
For this whole process to be successful,
Your website content MUST be of great value to your readers to convince them to opt-in,
Then make sure you send out your newsletters often (not too frequently to avoid being tagged as “SPAM”) and it contains useful info.
Below is an example of an email newsletter about a new business opportunity:

Lets roll to the next way

14. Publish A Free E-Book For Distribution

This is like a Definite Guide that contains almost everything about a category topic or niche.
They come in form of text, images (infographics), videos etc
And while creating one, you insert your link that traces back to your main website.
The main deal here is this:
a. It MUST be tagged “FREE” so it can reach out to a very large audience.
b. It MUST contain a link back to your website.
c. It MUST be of great benefit to its readers.
Once, these conditions are fulfilled, you are good to go.
Below is a good example of an ebook;

15. Optimize Your Website For Google Mobile-First Index

According to Google research, Most searches are done mainly on mobile devices. Infact, there are 31.5 billion more queries performed on mobile than desktop.

this discovery has made google to fix its algorithm more towards mobile searches where mobile-friendly sites ranks higher that non-mobile ones
Hence, webmasters must, as a matter of urgency, begin resetting thier site for google mobile.
You can check if your website is mobile friendly here: Google Mobile-Friendly Test
If it says your site isn’t google mobile friendly,
Below shows how to get it summarily:
a. You can configure your URLs to have “m” for mobile and URL for desktop versions
b. Do Responsive Design. Through this, your page’s layout and content corresponds to each individual user.
Mobile Optimization leads to increase in SERP rankings, thus driving in traffic visitors to your site.

16. Write Keyword-Rich Press Releases

Write keyword-rich press releases and submit them to press release sites as
PRWeb, URLwire, BusinessWire, PR Newswire, Market Wire etc,
publicizing your new site, or a new section of your site.
While writing one, keep the readers in mind.
Use phrases that catches the reader’s attention to persuade them to read on.
Then along the line, add your link pointing to your website.
If your press release is good, you gain more reputation, thus attracting more traffic visitors to your site.
An example of a typical press release template is shown below:

17. Get Reliable Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting makes websites load faster than shared web hosting.
Because only one website is entitled to a particular bandwidth in dedicated web hosting unlike shared hosting which involves multiple sites.
You get the logic right?
And websites with faster loading speed tends to gain more traffic visitors than that of low speeds.
Visitors are less likely to hit the “back” button for websites that loads very fast as compared to that that loads slowly.
Hence, Google notice this and favors fast loading websites up in its rankings.

18. Post Free Or Paid Ads On Forums

The Ads can be in form of banners, text links, signatures, posts etc.
And to utilize this effectively,
Target Grade A and B forums to make your advents there.
I mean forums that commands lots of traffic visitors on a daily basis.
A good example of one is www.blackhatworld.com as shown below;

And another from a powerful forum too: warriorforum

Cost of these Ad spaces may be moderate or expensive but its worth trying out if you have the cash. Free Ads are going out of extinction due to excessive spam.
A good place to buy and sell Ads with forums is buysellads and adclerks

19. Offer To Be A Columnist

Search out for a very popular site in your niche.
I mean, one that has gained lots of reputation and authority.
If you spot one, apply to be a free Columnist.
If granted, see it as an opportunity to win some traffic visitors to your website.
While publishing content, have the reader in mind first. Make sure that your write-ups be of great value to your readers.
Through this, the owners will appreciate having you as part of their team.
And as time goes on,
you might be allowed to insert links for reference sake.
Then through it, you can put in your own link back to your website.
Write-ups can be in form of product reviews, articles, discussions, lively commentary, posts etc.

20. Do Offline Advertising

This is one sneaky way to get traffic visitors to your site too.
Search out for newspapers and magazines within your locality or country,
Approach their editors-in-chief and apply for advert placements.
It may come with its costs but its worth trying out.
And to earn better return on investment,
You can focus on giving out free reports in exchange for email subscribers.
Or earn traffic visitors directly for your site.

21. Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing

This method gives others (affiliates) the chance to spread information about your website, products, services, articles, posts etc.
A simple tool you can use is clickbank or jvzoo
You can use it (clickbank) or do it your own way.
This offers a broader way of generating more traffic visitors to your site from different sources, especially if the affiliate commission is very attractive.
Below shows that of jvzoo and its top sellers affiliates

As said earlier, offer a very attractive affiliate commission and lots of people will sign up as affiliate to your products/sites and help you promote it through their own various channels of traffic.
This is more like a win-win strategy.
I get traffic visitors (customers), you gain revenue.

22. Get Links From Ebay

This is very simple and straight-forward.
All you do is this;
Set up a user account at eBay and when filling up your details in the user settings, precisely where your “about me” page is,
put in your link back to your website.
Through this, you tap into the millions of traffic visitors that troll eBay every blessed day.
But before you put in your link,
read eBay’s link policy before you create your page to avoid getting your account suspended.
Once you follow the rules and terms of reference as regards links,
you are good to go.

23. Do Podcasts

According to wikipedia, A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening.

Such personal devices can be iPods, MP3 player etc
And to reach out to a large audience, you need to list your podcasts in its directories.
but here is the bottom line,
To attract large visitors, your podcast titles MUST be eye-catching.
and the audio content itself very useful to listeners.
Once you have fulfilled these conditions,
you are set.
You can search for large, popular directories of podcasts online

24. Publish VIRAL Content.

What exactly its all about?
from the word “viral”, it is a type of content that is capable of spreading over a very large number of traffic visitors like wildfire.
Now, what constitute a viral content?
What features qualifies it?
a. Viral content MUST contain lots of visuals
and such visuals can be images, videos, infographics, audios etc.
Why these visuals?
Because industrial studies has shown that Google favors these type of content more than any other.
b. it MUST be practical in nature and lengthy enough
what do i mean?
The content must contain every detail of its topic it’s treating.
for example, data, points, how-tos, case studies, examples etc must be included for better understanding.
Research shows that such tends to spread out viral than other types of content.
A good example of a typical viral content is shown below

here is another one containing video below

25. Arrange a Giveaway Contest

Just as the name suggests,
Organize a small competition where you give out free stuffs in exchange for something else.
and whoever meets the target gets the price (stuff).
but the is the deal,
along the line, you can request for email addresses or social shares via (Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc) as condition for entry into the contest.
And through that, you can build up a subscribers list or boost traffic to your content from social media.
that way, you get traffic visitors just like that.
A simple tool you can use to execute this task is kingsumo

A typical example of a giveaway contest

26. Position Yourself As An Expert/Authority

Anywhere you find yourself, be it in social media, forums, tv/radio stations, newspapers, magazines etc,
do all you can to engage actively by posting useful articles, solutions to issues, videos, audio podcasts etc that educative, informative and of great value to the audience out there.
If you do this occasionally, you will establish yourself as an AUTHORITY.
And positioning yourself as an important personality/expert comes with a whole lot of advantages
Though its very challenging than building an authoritative site, the rewards is worth it.
Its great advantage is that it build trust, confidence and publicity among your audience. It’s also a way of future-proofing your business/site because it makes your site stand out from thousands of other sites in your niche.
Here is the kicker,
Once you become an authority, you will earn great patronage from traffic visitors, customers, subscribers, buyers, clients etc to your website or blog or sales-page.

27. Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic Sources.

How does it feels if you unravel the secrets of your competitors’ traffic visitors?
Well, to discover such, its no longer rocket science.
There are now several tools to achieve it. We have similarWeb.
Other popular ones are Ahrefs, ubersuggest etc.
Lets examine graphically a top site; www.shoutmeloud.com

From the above, you can see that shoutmeloud commands over 891,000 visitors monthly with over 900,000 backlinks.
Now, with the help of ubbersuggest tool, lets see what it gets its traffic from.

From the above,
Using a webpage from shoutmeloud as an example, we can see that it gets its traffic from other sites’ backlinks arrowed “traffic sources” and an estimate of 12,847 visitors comes from such backlinks to the shoutmeloud webpage.

Now, we have seen where shoutmeloud gets some of its traffic from.
we can now take advantage of this to steal traffic from such backlinks to our own site.
How do we do that?
we use a proven technique called the SkyScraper Technique by seo expert brain dean of backlinko.
Visit this link to know about it: https://backlinko.com/skyscraper-technique
In summary, here are 3 broad steps to it
a. Find relevant original content websites on Google 1st page results.
b. Create something way better
c. Ask those linking to the original content to link to your superior content instead.
And from there, you create backlinks and get traffic visitors through them to your site.

28. Optimize Page Titles and Meta Description

Lets do a little experiment
we will query Google for the keywords ‘how to get high quality backlinks” and “best car samples”.

From the 2 images above, you will observe that something seems prominent in the 2 images.
What are they?
numerals (like 1,5,10,2 etc), ways, how etc
These are called title tag modifiers.
They have proven overtime to help contents rank high because they rise curiosity among google searchers on 1st page to click and read its content.
Other modifiers are best, guide, checklist, amazing, boost, fast, free, review, numerals, ways, outstanding, easy, cheap etc
So when creating your headline titles, try include them alongside your keywords.
Another one is Meta Description.
Meta description are phrases that appear alongside headlines in search results.
And to create a good one, they must be keyword-rich and must describe summarily what the content is about.
A good image example is shown below:

Those in red are meta descriptions while the yellow ones are keywords and its similar ones.
The image below shows how to configure your meta description while writing your content.

Note again that you include your similar keywords while typing your meta description.

A typical template of a meta description you can use is shown below

Lets move on to step 29.

29. Create An ACTIVE YouTube Channel.

Before speaking, check the image below very closely.

From the YouTube statistics above, you can see why i mentioned about “creating a YouTube channel”
Wont it be justified to leverage on this great opportunity and get traffic visitors from it to your site, even if its just a fraction?.
Your guess is as good as mine.
Below is a typical example of how a YouTube channel looks like.

Now, the real deal is this:
While creating a channel, you include your website link in its description details.
And also, in setting a video, you can insert your website link in its description too as shown below:

In videos, the number of views indicate the amount of traffic visitors that watched your video. If the viewers are convinced about your offer, they click on your link to visit your website for more details/action.

And the last but not the least

30. Publish More List Posts

Evidence has shown that List posts (including this one you are reading) tend to pop up more than other type of posts in search engine results.
Why so?
Because researchers feel it gives more details and insights in a more presentable manner about its topic.
To proof my claim,
check these image examples as are shown below:

You can try out some keywords on your own to see what am talking about.
The trick here is this:
When developing your website gradually,
Make sure majority of your posts are List types.
Through this, you will get more traffic visitors and get higher Google rankings.


I will like to hear what you think of this writeup?
Or are you implementing any of these techniques for your site?
Or do you want to say anything at all?
Whichever way, just drop your comments, suggestions, recommendations, advice etc in the comments section below.
We will reply to everyone of them.
Trust me!
Bye for now.

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