Is Seoclerks Services Scam?(Study Analysis)

All over the internet, there has been very strong debate and controversies about the authenticity and quality of services on seoclerks where it is scam or real.

Some has even said seoclerks is full of scam while some have said otherwise, few stay indifferent.

Infact while doing a Google research online, i came across various discussions on different platforms on this issue as you can see below;

While some have condemned seoclerks out-rightly as scam and of low quality as shown below:

Others have had positive reviews about it as shown below:


Now, which one do we believe?

That is why i came up with this writeup to do a critical analysis and put an end to this quagmire.

To settle this issue,

Here is what I will do;

I will be researching the website itself (seoclerks) and its services in terms of structure, customer reviews, ratings, recommendations, feedback responses, quality of services and other factors.

Lets get down to business.


But before we do, For the sake of those who haven’t heard about “seoclerks” before

Seoclerks is an online marketplace where freelancers (sellers) and buyers trade business services together in various categories such as link building, traffic, writing, programming, social media networks, video animation etc.

Prices starts as low as $1.

For better understanding of seoclerks, i have put up this content exclusively for you here: Earning Money Online With Seoclerks

Please go through it

Let’s go back to our main topic.

First and foremost, we will be looking at these factors from the customer angle.


1. Traffic visitors statistics
2. Number of Thumbs Up/Down
3. Feedback review messages
4. Percentage ratings of sellers
5. Trustpoint Ratings

Traffic Visitors Statistics

See this statistics below;

As you can see above, for the past 6 months, over 620,000 persons who do business on seoclerks on a monthly basis cannot be wrong and this makes it the 2nd largest SEO marketplace till date.

However, There are several other freelance services such as gigbucks, peopleperhour, elance, freelancer, guru, fiver. fivequid, konker, zeerk, designcrowd etc.

And for Seoclerks to stay out among them, doesn’t it strike to you that there must be something positive about the site?

Frankly speaking,

To me, it does.

I dont know about you.

Or what do you really think?

Lets look at another one which is ……..

Overall Percentage Ratings of Sellers

The percentage ratings of a seller is determined by the level of satisfaction of its buyers on services ordered and executed.

Check out these images below;

These are $1 services on the first page of seoclerks website.

Lets take a look at the 2nd and 3rd pages


Once again, as you can see from page 1, 2 and 3, majority of the sellers are of at least 90% ratings, meaning that a good number of buyers who have patronize them are very much satisfied with their services.

Lets look at another factor below;


Feedback Review Messages

This covers the total number of review feedback messages and thumbs up and down given by clients after final order service deliveries by their sellers.


Lets take a look at these responses from some buyers whose final order deliveries we examined;

From the above,we can observe that the sellers’ star ratings are over 5.0 each from 311, 380 and 177 reviews, which means that majority of the buyers are satisfied with the sellers.

If you pick any random 2,3,5, 10 or 15 random services on any page of seoclerks site, you will observe almost the same thing too.

Take a look at these ones that i selected randomly to check myself;

I challenge you to check it NOW.

Have you?


You see!

I was right.

[“Positive Feedback Reviews about Seoclerks from buyers Cannot Be A Coincidence“]

lets move on

Number Of Thumbs Up And Down

Not only that, lets take a look at this number of thumbs up and thumbs down from Seo1dollar, a website affiliated to seoclerks.

As you can see in the red box above, you will agree with me that the number of thumbs up is way higher than that of the thumbs down.

If this is true after self-examination by yourself, this further confirms the authenticity of services on seoclerks.

You can cross-check it out yourself.

Seeing is believing.


Trustpoint is a popular website that reviews products, services and websites based on judgments from the public and offers an overall star ratings and trustscore.

Just as it is known for, Trustpoint accepted submissions from seoclerks users and based on it, rated seoclerks “Great” with 4 star ratings out of 5.0.

And as you can see, over 98 users voted in the seoclerks reviews exercise which amounted to 4.0

You can check it out here for yourself and even vote here: Seoclerks Review By Trustpoint

Drawing the curtains, with these few points stated above, we can honestly conclude that products and services sold on seoclerks are 100% REAL and LEGITIMATE in all ramifications.

But it is up to you to decide.

Meanwhile, let’s check out a review done by Howtowebmaster and hear what he has to say about seoclerks

Please watch below:


Finally! finally!!

We are done.

Sometimes, i wonder why this issue of scam or fraud or low quality or whatever, has to do with seoclerks in the first place?

I wonder where it came from?

Honestly speaking, i wonder.

Maybe it was like that in the past?
Maybe it could be some unscrupulous sellers tarnishing the good image of seoclerks?

But, for whatever reason,

Seoclerks is NEITHER a scam nor fraud

So, feel free to deal business on the website anytime, anyday by clicking on this red button link shown below;

And if you encounter any issue, You can report to their customer support staff.

Now, The Table Is Yours

Have i been able to convince you now?
Do you still have doubts about seoclerks again?
Do you have any questions about anything at all?

Feel free to drop your comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, analysis and advice

I am 100% available to respond to all your comments anytime, anyday.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance, attention.

Till I see you again in my next post, bye for now.


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