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Link Building 
No doubt! If you want to truly rank and get lots of traffic, building backlinks for your website is a BIG MUST. And to build such is NOT easy at all. But no worries, this section will teach you how to create such backlinks(and one of high quality for that matter). Click Here NOW   

Social Media & Marketing 
The world of Social Media is an entire topic on its own. Very huge. Ranging from its platforms(Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) to promotional and marketing strategies, its a goldmine for huge web traffic and social engagements. So, if you plan investing on social media, be my guest HERE.  

As days turn into weeks, weeks into months and years, individuals and businesses get acquainted with the INTERNET world for 2 Reasons; First, to promote their websites and services via content marketing channels, Second, to master the art of making money online.

Hence, this blog is centered on these 2 Major niches:

  • Internet Marketing/SEO
  • Online Wealth(Making money online)

    A lot of broad topics are enshrined around these 2 major niches.

Internet Marketing: topics such as Traffic generation, Search engine optimization(SEO), email marketing, Social media, website design & development etc.
Online Wealth: Topics such as affiliate marketing, freelancing, blogging, foreign exchange, information product etc.
Hence, this leads us to the purpose of this blog which is to do justice to these topics holistically, provide SEO services, offer helpful resources, provide useful guides, recommend tools and many more, to meet the demands of our readers to total satisfaction.
That is the goal of Chetaweb blog.
Our topics are precise, straight to the point (we value our readers' time), well-researched with lots of images and illustrations, well-detailed with case-studies and live-examples for better understanding and written by authors who are well-experienced in their respective areas of specialization.
So, if you wish to make money online and/or learn internet marketing skills, feel free to navigate through this website and if you have any questions, advice, recommendations, suggestions or anything at all etc., shoot us a message at
We are 100% available to respond to your messages as swift as possible anytime, anyday.
Happy reading.

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