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Hey! Don’t get it twisted.

This is not about the Latin-American rapper by stage name; fatjoe, but an SEO agency that deals on blogger outreach service, link-building and content marketing for individuals and businesses.

In this fatjoe seo review, we will take a critical look on everything about it and conclude with our findings (especially its relation to blogger outreach) if it is worth trying or not.

Without time-waste, let’s roll.

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What is Fajoe? Who exactly are they?

According to them, they are the number one SEO agency that offers blogger outreach services which centers on creating natural, relevant in-content links from real-time bloggers.

But, some might be wondering; what is “blogger outreach”?

In simple terms, blogger outreach is the process of informing influential bloggers(with daily large traffic visitors) about your content, products or services for sharing and marketing purposes on their blogs.

The sole aim is to drive in some of their traffic to your content.

And that is what Fatjoe tends to achieve for their clients.

Simple as ABC.

Going further, FATJOE was founded in 2012 and are one of the largest Outsourced Link Building and Content Creation Services Agencies in the World.

They are made up of a team of over 100 members who specializes on 2 major campaigns: Link Building and Content Marketing campaigns for over 5000 Agencies across the globe.

To have a general eye-view about Fatjoe, you can visit their website here: FATJOE SEO SERVICE to cross-examine things for yourself.

For a more clearer understanding of what fatjoe is all about, i hope this video does justice to it.

Lets watch;


Their outreach services comes in various packages according to your budget and specifications and are as shown below;

As you can see from the packages above, the 2 prominent terms are “DA” and “pound sign”.
The “DA” means Domain Authority which measures how strong and relevant a website is before search engine google meaning the higher the number, the stronger it is.

And as you can see, the DA increases as the price increases.

So, as you can see above, you can choose anyone that suits you.

If you are average on budget, i will recommend you go for the $70 package or less.

But if you are financially strong, you can go for the higher packages and of course, they come with more better advantages than the lower ones.

You may ask what better advantages?

Read on!

Let me explain;

A content link on a blog with higher domain authority(DA) enjoys more favor from the big G(Google) who rewards you back by ranking your content higher in google search results.

So, in other words, we can say that Higher DA links occupy first front page of google search rankings than that of lower DA.

And as a result of this, the higher the google rankings, the more the traffic visitors that flows into your content.

That is the general benefit of this whole blogger outreach process.

Even just one, i mean ONLY ONE high DA link can generate you thousands of organic traffic visitors to your blog.

So, you see what i am talking about.

But if you choose to go for the low DA packages e.g. DA10+, DA20+or even DA30+, it will still fetch you good amount of traffic.

Infact, you are still good to go.

Now, its check out briefly how the outreach process works below;


According to them, It involves 3 stages;

  1. The Outreach stage
  2. The Content stage
  3. The Placement stage


To get started, you choose any of the packages you want by clicking the “Order” button as shown below;

Once done, you will taken to where you input your details such as quantity of DA sites you want, wordcount article, your anchor text (to serve as your contextual link)and its target URL.

See image below for better understanding;

The higher the number of DA+ websites you choose, the project details(where you will input your “Word count”,”Anchor text” and “Target URL”) increases consecutively. e.g. 1 for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3 and so on.

Once you have filled up your details, you click “NEXT” to go to the order payment page to make your payment.

That is all.

As simple as ABC.


Just as we have stated above, the “choose word count” option allows you to decide on the content length that you want, be it 500, 750, 1000, 1250 and 1500.

But i want you to note this;

It is better to go for higher wordcount content because Google favors them more than those of low wordcount.

Why you may ask?

It is because a larger content covers a topic more comprehensively, completely and wholeheartedly than a shorter content.

Though the purpose of content is to pass information but i will highly recommend you go for 1000+(minimum) wordcount content to boost your chances of getting higher rankings than your competitors for your target anchor texts/keywords.

Once you are done, Fatjoe parades the best copywriting team of writers who will craft out the best article(for maximum results) for you alongside your anchor text editorial link in it.


At this stage, you will view your work-in-progress so far live from your dashboard as shown below;

It will show you a snapshot of your domain authority(DA) metrics and you can even export your results(in CSV excel format) for offline viewing and white-labelling anytime anyday.

Lets listen to a staff of fatjoe as she throws more light about blogger outreach.

Join me below;



This might sound as a tough decision to make.

But there are certain factors that will determine if we should go for fatjoe or not and at this point, we will check out the advantages and disadvantages below;


  1. Less-Stressful: In doing blogger outreach, the bulk of the work lies in writing the content which takes lots of time and effort and this is what the fatjoe team has resolved to do that by themselves.
    So, all that is left is for the client to submit anchor text and target URL details ONLY.
  2. Quality Of Service: They do genuine outreach to high-profile bloggers with 100% unique content on sites of high domain authority. And the anchor text links are placed editorially within your content and not at author boxes.

Below is an example of an outreach content below;

3. They offer other SEO Services: Aside blogger outreach, they also deal on the following SEO services too as shown below;

  • Content writing services (for people who need content written)
  • Infographic creation services (for people need infographics for link building)
  • Blogger outreach services (for guest posts)
  • Local business citations (people who want to list their local businesses on top sites)
  • Infographic outreach (for infographic guest posts)
  • Outreach boost (to send more links to guest posts that link to your site)
  • Media placement services. (if you want links from places like Forbes, business insider and the rest of the big media companies)

Though their main task is Blogger Outreach, they offer other SEO services as well too as you can see above. Or maybe we could just say that they are actively involved in the heart-core of internet marketing purposes.

Very Sweet!

4. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: They offer 100% money back guarantee on all of our services, meaning that if you do not like the final results, you will get refunded back with no questions asked.
This is one sweet part i love about fatjoe. So you have nothing to fear or worry about.

On a final note on this, no SEO services is 100% perfect, not even fatjoe services. If anyone says so, that is a Big FAT lie from the pit of hell

So, at this juncture, we will check out the negatives of fatjoe below;

Lets go


High Package Prices: Their package prices are a bit on the High Side, i mean getting just ONLY ONE DA10+ Link for as high as $35 is much especially to an average blogger.

And the sad thing is that majority of bloggers fall within this average category.

Not too good news!

And if you ask me, i somehow agree to it. Honestly, i do.

But here is the real deal here;

The price, though on the high side, is worth it.

Let me explain.

A link of DA as high as 30+ can do amazing wonders to your website in terms of attaining higher google rankings thus driving in lots of organic traffic visitors to your website, products or services.

If you happen to sell a product, you can recover your money back if just a few of your traffic purchase your product, even if it is only 2 persons.

So the price shouldn’t be a problem here as long as the link carries weight before google eyes.

Nature Of Content Writeup: The type of content you expect may not be exactly what you want in terms of format, reader intent, purpose and message.
Content Writing is solely exclusive to the writer and cannot meet full expectations of the owner if it is written by another person.

But hey, there is a good twist to this.

If you are not satisfied, fatjoe allows changes or revisions within 10 days to your content until you are 100% satisfied.

See below;

So, you can see that when it comes to the negative angles, there is absolutely no loophole to it. Fatjoe has taken care of everything.


To be very honest with you, any SEO services, as long as it is made by man, can NEVER be 100% perfect.

That is a statement of fact.

If you want the best of blogger outreach, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this fatjoe service here: FATJOE BLOGGER OUTREACH.

Though it might appear like you are involving yourself in shady deals like soliciting for backlinks, link exchanges, ingenuine relationships and other fraudulent acts etc., it’s far from it.

Aside the advantages it comes with, majority of past clients have rated fatjoe 4–5 star positive ratings than negatives as you can see in the image below;

See positive statements of past clients below;

Aside that, fatjoe is offering a discount of 10% OFF your first order of any packages you buy.

So, what else are you waiting for?

This, to me, is also another good news.

Atleast, if you try them for this first time and aren’t impressed with the final results, you are free to try others.

FAQs: Best Blogger Outreach Service? Fatjoe SEO Review

Question: Does this service agency requires any skill on my part for it to produce desired results?
Answer: NO!. you don’t need any special skill to exhibit. Just provide the necessary requirements and you are good to go.

Question: What are the requirements to get started?
Answer: It depends on the package you are rooting for. But generally, what you need is just your website URL and keyword(s) where applicable.

Question: Is this service safe for my website in compliance to google rules and guidelines?
Answer: YES. It is purely a whitehat method and poses no risk to your website

Question: Why recommend fatjoe among others when it comes to blogger outreach service agency?
Answer: Simply check out what customers are saying about fatjoe services HERE It says it all.

Question: How do i place an order with Fatjoe?
Answer: To get started, you need to create your own dashboard account by signing up Here After that, you can go ahead, place and track your order till its done.

Question: I still have questions relating to a particular service. what do i do?
Answer: Each service rendered by this agency is covered under thier respective FAQs. All service-specific FAQs is covered under each service page.

Question: Is fatjoe only for website owners and bloggers?
Answer: NO. other seo agencies, resellers, marketers etc. are welcome.



Finally! Finally!!

We are done.

I hope this writeup has truly proven that Fatjoe is the best service for Blogger Outreach and other SEO services too beyond all reasonable doubts. But the final decision is for you to take.

The final choice is yours.

But i must warn you seriously; This is NOT a FIX-QUICK kind of business.

Ranking on 1st page is a gradual process and it takes time and effort,

So, do not think that you will just rank high within weeks of implementation of fatjoe SEO services .

The advantage is that you will start noticing positive results sooner than you expect.

Hence, don’t be discouraged.

Now, the table is yours.

What do you think about fatjoe?

Are you going to try out their services?


Do you have any questions to ask?

Either way, post them for i will try to respond to your comments, suggestions, questions, statements etc.

Thanks for your time and patience.

I await your responses.


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