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by ichet
For a business or brand to grow online, one method it must adopt is Email Marketing which has proven overtime as one of the most effective means for generating leads or list(contacts of persons and organization) and turning them into sales.Though there are various ways to generate a targeted email list,¬†Uplead¬†services proves to the easiest and effective way in targeting the right prospects, thus launching a successful emailing campaign. But building up an email list of leads is no easy task at all. You need to convince your prospects that you can offer something valuable in exchange for their private […]


by ichet
What you are seeking for is simply called ONLINE BRANDING.And boosting a brand online is NO easy task. But you may ask, what truly is online branding? WHAT IS ONLINE BRANDING Online Branding is the process of exposing your brand on the internet using various promotional methods and on all levels of internet marketing be it through social or search engines.A brand can be anything: be it name, logo, tone, sound, emotion, reputation, personal trait etc.For example, in the food industry, coca-cola is a big brand that has established a very strong reputation over the years making it widely acceptable by almost all […]

Startup Tools For Email List Building And Marketing

by ichet
In the world of email marketing, technology has given rise to various startup tools to aid digital marketers build a subscribers base into email lists using landing pages and sending messages using sender tools Such messages include policy updates, donations, product awareness and promotion, solicit sales, business requests, news, press releases etc. INTRODUCTION In the early days, sending mail massages was done manually and it consumed so much time and efforts, hence it was less effective in terms of reaching out to a large number of prospects.But with the help of these tools, it can blast to hundreds, even thousands […]

DoodleMaker Review: The New Face Of Video Animation Creation And Marketing

by ichet
Doodlemaker is the latest software trending in the world of video animation creation and marketing used for creating doodle videos.Hence, without time waste, we will do a doodlemaker review critically and come up with some findings. Lets go. OVERVIEW: DOODLEMAKER Doodlemaker is artificial intelligence doodle video creation engine with various templates in different niches with over 60+ languages to choose from.You can operate it directly from your web-browser, meaning you don’t need to download it or install it as a software application meaning it is simply Cloud-Based.Here is how it is done.Listen,You purchase the software. After purchase, you will be […]

Master The Art Of Ebook Writing And Making Money From It

by ichet
You are here to learn how to write an ebook Or you have explored all forms of content formats except ebook writing Or you want to learn how to make money from it?Whichever reason, You are at the right place.Here, we will teach you everything about ebook writing and how to earn cool cash from it Without further waste of time, Lets roll. WHAT IS EBOOK WRITING For the sake of newbies, what is Ebook Writing? Ebook is short-form for “Electronic Book”. It makes use of computer, mobile, application (in PDF format) to display long-form texts in book form as […]

How To Start A Blog (2020 Updated)

by ichet
Easy Steps To Starting A Blog in 2020 You are here because you want to learn how to start a blog.And it could be for any reason(s) Be it passion for writing to start a blogOr Financial gainWhatever it may be, you are surely at the right place because i, myself run this very blog where you are reading right now.Hence, i will show easy step-by-step ways to start a professional blog that meets your demands. Without time-waste,Lets get started. Choose A Category (Niche) Your niche is the general topic that all your contents will be focused on. It can […]

Internet Marketing And Its Types: Ultimate Guide

by ichet
An Ultimate Guide To Internet Marketing What is INTERNET MARKETING? From the 2 words, “Internet” and “Marketing” Anyone even a layman can have a slight idea of what it’s all about if given a deep thought. Internet marketing bears similar names such as web marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, e-marketing etc. But without waste of time, In simplest terms, Internet or Online or Web Marketing is all about marketing of your products and services using the internet. Simple as ABC In other words, it is the process of advertising of your website, products and services using various internet promotional methods […]

30 Free Ways To Generate Traffic Visitors To Your Website

by ichet
In this Guide, i am going to show you up to 30 FREE ways to generate lots of real human traffic visitors to your website or blog In fact, some of these methods are what i used to drive in a sizable number of traffic visitors to rank google first page for my keyword: “Dollar SEO“ See Proof below; Care to know them? Lets roll. Build High-Quality Backlinks Backlinks are one of the top 3 most important parameters that Google uses to rank websites in its search engine rankings. Simply put, a backlink is a link that leads from a […]