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General Disclaimer

by ichet
DISCLAIMER Navigating around our website offers opportunity to many privileges to readers and advertisers such as advertisements(banners, texts), comments, 3rd-party links (for reference) and more. Readers’ Comments Policy We receive comments from our readers on our articles so as to build a form of community relationship with them.But such comments, views, opinions and expressions from our readers are NOT representations of the opinions of Chetaweb blog. They are individually-based and solely exclusive to the readers only.Hence, chetaweb will not be held liable for any misguided, insulting, insensitive, falsehood, misleading and unverified statements. Such statements are made at the reader’s risk. […]

Affiliate Disclosure

by ichet
Every content, products and services stated in this blog is done with the main purpose of offering our readers the best of experience in terms of quality, time and knowledge and not necessarily for promotional purposes to the advantage of the owners of Chetaweb blog. Hence, some content in this blog might contain affiliate links that may take you to 3rd-party websites of which we might earn any of the following as stated below: 1. Affiliate commission2. Free giveaways3. Gift cards4. Special discounts5. Sample products6. Any other kinds But we make sure such links are from trustworthy sites and of […]