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10 Cheapest SEO Services Companies For Small Businesses

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For small businesses to succeed online, 2 steps are a MUST.

  1. First, create a website for it and host it on the internet.
  2. Secondly, carry out Search engine optimization(SEO) to boost search engine rankings and generate organic traffic.

Carrying out the first step is easy as i have written a very comprehensive tutorial specially for you on how to set up a website or blog online. Second step is to consult individuals or companies that offer SEO services for small businesses, website, blogs etc.

Now, imagine you(who is just starting up a fresh business with little capital), google-search them out, check their costs one-by-one only to discover something similar like these below;

Very expensive right?


Honestly these are crazy prices.

I mean where the hell are we going to get atleast $1000 to begin with especially when we are just starting fresh?

But don’t lose hope for there is a way out.

Infact, I am going to show you a list of SEO companies where you can get affordable and cheapest SEO services for small businesses for as low as $1 or less. And that is the main reason why i am putting up this article for you right now.

So what else are we waiting for?

Join me along.

9 Cheapest SEO Services Companies For Small Businesses


There is one big reason why i choose to start with fiverr.

It is because it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest company that houses thousands of services in various categories such as graphic design, programming, digital marketing , writing & translation, video & animation, music etc. including that of Search engine optimization which falls under the “digital marketing” category as you can see below;

After clicking on it, it will take you to this image below showing different types of SEO services offered on this fiverr platform such as on-page seo, off-page seo, keyword research, technical seo, competitor analysis etc.

And they are of over 51,000 of them.

So how do you get started?

  • First, Sign up by clicking on this link HERE: Fiverr Signup Link to create your user account. Input your email address and click “continue”.
    Setting up your fiverr account can be a bit challenging but don’t worry. I have written an article which will guide you on how to create one successfully here: How to create a fiverr account
  • After creating your account, click the “digital marketing” category ,
  • As shown in the 1st image, A drop-down menu appears, click “search engine optimization(SEO)”
  • Choose the kind of seo services you need.

So, the big question is this; How cheap are these seo services on fiverr?

They are as cheap as $5 and above depending on your financial capacity and kind of service you want.

For example, if you are interested in off-page seo(i.e. creation of backlinks), see a few of them below of $5 and above.

So it is up to you to make maximum use of these services to boost your business online, achieve your objectives and set-goals.

Below are resources to read to learn more about fiverr;

Complete ACTIONABLE guide about Fiverr
How to operate fiverr successfully as a buyer
How to make money on fiverr as a buyer
Tips and tricks on how to promote your fiverr gigs


This company strictly deals mainly on SEO services. Infact 80% of its services are under search engine optimization. Maybe that is why it contains “seo” in its word: seoclerks. Who knows!

But there is one special feature about seoclerks that distinguishes it from others;

Enter: They offer the cheapest services for as low as $1

Sure, you hear me right. $1 dollar. see below image that proves this;

Infact with this, you have absolutely no excuse for not meeting at least 60% of your core objectives and targets through patronizing seo strategies and techniques for your business.

To get started, all you need do is to carry out the following steps below;

  1. create your user account by signing up by clicking this link HERE: Sign Up On Seoclerks
  2. After that you will be taken to seoclerks homepage, click “join” at the top right corner of the page.
  3. A fill-in box shows up. input your username, email address, password and click “continue”
  4. Follow the instructions as prompted.

For a thorough step-by-step guide on how to set up an seoclerks user account successfully, this link below does justice to it:

How To Create your User Account On Seoclerks

Now, aside its 1 dollar services, you can patronize top-quality premium services that are always featured on the seoclerks homepage by high-profile freelancers and top seo sellers though such premium services comes at moderate prices but they are very much worth it.

To access seoclerks website, visit this Link below;

Seoclerks Access Link

Back to its minimum price=$1, because of this price, there are several insinuations flying around that majority of seo services offered on seoclerks are of low quality hence making it an seo company of low reputation.

But do you really want to know the real truth about this?

This link HERE: Are seoclerks Services Of Low Quality or Not explains everything about this issue as i have personally done my research and come up with a logical conclusion on it.
But If you don’t have time to go through but want the verdict straightaway, I will say seoclerks services are of very good quality and worth trying out.

So i strongly recommend you go ahead and patronize their services.


This seo company focuses 100% on SEO services ONLY.

Unlike seoclerks and fiverr, it is one platform that operates on its own without any dependency attachment on third parties and they offer the following services below;

  • SEO Campaigns
  • Press Release 
  • Backlinks
  • Backlinks collection
  • Link Pyramid
  • Drip Feed

And they offer the cheapest service ever for as low as $0.001 especially for its backlinks services.

SEO campaign

Now, starting with its first service: SEO campaign, they offer services starting from $5 and above depending on your budget(finance), the kind of business you run and your choice of seo service.

The seo campaign are made up of 2 forms;

  • campaign details
  • order details

The campaign details consists of various seo tasks such as web 2.0, tier projects, Domain Authority(DA+) backlinks etc. The more the price(as you slide), the more the seo campaign tasks to execute and the more positive impact(more seo juice) it has on your website.

While the Order details is where you input what you want to promote in details e.g. webpage links of your website, its keywords you are targeting and finally select your niche category(optional). You can fill up the advanced options if you wish.

Finally, after cross-checking your details correctly, click the “submit campaign”


Secondly, on the creation of backlinks, seoestore offers various types of backlinks at different prices for as low as 0.07 dollars per backlink starting with a minimum quantity of 10.

This image below shows the various types of backlinks services alongside their prices.

So for example, lets say you are buying a quantity of 20 DA50+ backlinks at unit price of $0.15, it gives us 20 X $0.15 = $3.

So to get 20 backlinks for your website, you have to pay just $3.

What can be sweeter than this?

Due to the nature of this service, this goes for as much as $120.

Link Pyramid

This link pyramid service is very much similar to that of backlinks services. Just as i have explained in the backlinks service section, they offer various forms of backlinks services at unit prices and quantity.

The only difference is that it offers the opportunity to create backlinks back-to-back. That is first, building main backlinks for your website and secondly, creating another backlinks linking to the main backlinks you created earlier.

Press release

This is a special kind of service that costs as much as $120 for a start.

It involves creating backlinks by getting featured in News sites of very high DA such as Fox, NBC news, USA today, SNN, Digital journal, CBS news, Daily herald and many others. Over 200+ to be precise.


By writing articles, embedding your links in them and getting these articles published on the News sites.

And because these sites possesses domain authority as high as 92, they command a huge number of traffic visitors and readers.
It will be very wise to invest in this service if you wish your website to build brand awareness, get substantial amount of traffic visitors and go viral.

Yes, the cost might be somewhat on the high side but i strongly recommend you go for this press release service if you have the cash.


Starting off initially on Fiverr as a small team, they have metamorphosed as a stand-off company on their own with a team of seo specialists, developers, digital marketers etc. all working together to deliver high-quality services at very cheap and affordable prices to customers across the globe.

Such categories (mostly on SEO) alongside their various prices ranges are as follows;

  1. SEO packages: prices ranging from $8-$95
  2. Local SEO: Prices at $25
  3. Web 2.0: prices from $3-$75
  4. Backlinks: prices from $2-$150
  5. Social Media: prices from $1.8-$150
  6. PBN Guest posts: prices from $3-$200
  7. Youtube: prices from $1-$35
  8. Traffic: prices from $5-$20
  9. Content writing: price at $3
  10. SEO tools & service: prices from $3-$45

To see the kind of services offered under each of these categories, this image below is yours to view;

So, depending on what you want, the services comes in various forms beginning with the cheapest to moderate prices depending on your financial capability and that of other customers.

So, what else are you waiting for?

If interested in any, the following steps below will guide you through;

Steps to launching Crork service

  1. Visit crork website HERE: Crork Link
  2. On the top right side of crork homepage, click “sign in” to start creating your account.

3. After that, fill in your details; username, name, email, phone number(optional) and password. once done, click “submit”

4. After creating your account, you will be taken to crork homepage as shown below where you can select the kind of service you want under each category to place your order.
Also you can view your exiting order, cash balance, settings, messages, notifications, reports, cart etc. in your user-profile account area.

Aside being an SEO agency, crork also offer affiliate system and reseller packages for those who wish to outsource SEO services to clients without necessarily owning their own team, hence availing you the opportunity to make money online for yourself.


Similar to seoestore, this company offers one of the cheapest seo services for small businesses and individuals and deal specially on backlinks of which the least cost is at $0.00033 per unit backlink.

Such services include the following;

  1. DA 30+ backlinks– dofollow(mixed platforms)
  2. Forum profile backlinks
  3. Wiki article backlinks
  4. DA 50+ backlinks
  5. URL shortener backlinks
  6. SEnuke campaign: The full monty premium edition(High DA list)

And most importantly, the prices of these services are as shown below;

Launching an Seoeshop SEO Service

All you need do to get started is by following these steps below;

  1. Visit this link: SEOeshop to visit their website
  2. Click the “FREE SIGNUP” to create your account by inputting your username and email address. Note that an activation email will be sent to your email inbox. Go there and click on it.
  3. After that, you will be directed to the homepage where you click on the dashboard box to visit your membership dashboard area.

4. As shown below, you can carry out the following 4 actions by adding your website first, followed by others.

5. Next, you will be taken to the “Create Campaign” area where you select your Service, choose the number of backlinks you want to create as in Quantity and finally in the “Input Data” section, input your links(it can be your homepage website and/or its webpages) and keywords

6. Finally, cross-check all your details and once you are done, click the “create campaign” button. That is all.

One Unique Feature about seoeshop service is that it offers a wide range of payment platforms for you to choose from such as payoneer, paypal, stripe, coinbase, visa, bitpay, paytm, tazapay, instamojo and many others. So the chances of placing an order is very high.



This is not about the Latin-American rapper by the name fatjoe but an seo agency that offers various services on these categories such as SEO, link building, design & Video and content writing for individuals and businesses.

And under each of these categories are services that various kinds of services under them as they are shown below;

To have a brief understanding of what fatjoe seo company is all about, lets watch this video together as shown below.
Please click the “play” button.

Going further, FATJOE was founded in 2012 and are one of the largest Outsourced Link Building and Content Creation Services Agencies in the World.

They are made up of a team of over 100 members who specializes on 2 major campaigns: Link Building and Content Marketing campaigns for over 5000 Agencies across the globe.

Steps to launching Fatjoe SEO service

Now, how do we get started?

These following steps will guide you through;

  1. Click this link: FATJOE SIGNUP to create your account by inputting your first and last name, email address, country and password. After that, click the “create account” button

2. After creating your account, you will be taken to your account area as shown below. Here, to place an order for any of the services, you click on the “Place Order” button.

3. After that, you will be taken to your order page showing the various type of service you can order under its various category. This is where you will select the service you want and place order on it.

4. After selecting the kind of service you want, scroll down and click “place order” button to start off.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Though majority of these services under each category are neither cheap or expensive, the least price goes for £10 or approx. $12. (for website copywriting service). At best, the prices are just Moderate.

To dig further about this SEO company called Fatjoe and have a proper review of it in all ramifications, this article does a good justice to it: Fatjoe Review: Are they Good for SEO and Marketing?


Blackhat what???

Don’t let the word(Blackhatworld) scare you for it is not what you think.

Yes, blackhat in SEO might mean doing something dubious to trick google search engine for higher rankings but that is not the case here.

Infact, one unique feature about this company is that any products and services marketed by freelancers undergo scrutiny and very moderated, thus ensuring they are of high quality.

So you have nothing to worry about.

Now, what really is this seo company called Blackhatworld?

it is a company that operates as a community forum where bloggers, webmasters, freelancers, email marketers , newbies etc. interact on various topics through discussions, questions and answers under each its respective niche categories and in the process, market their products and services for sale.

So, how do we get started?

Steps To Accessing Blackhatworld

1. Visit this link here: blackhatworld which takes you to the homepage

2. At the top right side of the homepage, click the “Register” tab to sign up.

3. After that, a registration form appears. Here, you input your username, date of birth, email address and password. tick verification and terms & privacy policy box. Finally, hit the “register” button

4. That is all as per registering your user account.

So how do we access the products and services?

It is just by clicking on the “Marketplace” tab as shown below;

This will take you to the Marketplace Section which offers various products and services under their respective categories such as the following;

And they are as shown below;

To access the services under any category, simply click on any of the category that wholly represents what services you are looking for. For example, if you want to set up a new website, you need to buy a web-hosting service and clicking on the “Hosting” category is your best bet.

Now, lets deal with the most important which is the COST of these services.

How far the cost of these services?

Lets take a look at the costs offered under web-hosting services under the “Hosting” category

Lets check out another category: images, logos & videos

Using these 2 categories of services above as samples, you can see that the cost ranges around $3 to $20 of which you will agree with me that it is somewhat inexpensive for clients interested in such services.

Hence, just like other seo companies, we can deduce that blackhatworld offers its own services at prices within affordable limits for newbies and agencies.

Warrior Forum

Warrior forum falls into the same class as blackhatworld, just that the later commands more traffic and engagement than the former(warriorforum).
Aside that, they are the same in almost every aspect such as user-account setup, mode of operation, theme settings, threads arrangement, products and services offered etc.

Steps to accessing warriorforum

1. you need to visit the forum site by clicking on their Link HERE: Warriorforum Access Link. this will take you to the homepage.

2. After that, click the “sign up” button, a fill-in registration form appears of which you input your username, email address and password. if you wish to sign up with your facebook or google account, fine!. After that, hit “sign up” to finally create your user account.
Dont forget to tick the verification box.

3. After creating your user account, just like blackhatworld. you click on “Marketplace“. A dropdown menu appears as shown below. Then click “Evergreen marketplace

IMPORTANT NOTE: Aside the Evergreen marketplace, you can assess others such as web hosting offers, warrior special offers(WSO), Other website products & services etc.

4. After clicking the marketplace, it will take you to another webpage as shown below. To access its services, click the “Product Categories” to view the categories of services such as

5. you can now visit any of the categories to access the services under it.

What about the Cost of these services?

If you navigate across the various categories to assess their inner services, the prices are listed alongside their services and are of cheap to moderate costs.
A good example is Lead Generation of which its products’ costs revolve around $20-$30.

Maybe it might not be extremely cheap for some persons but atleast it still within the limits of tens of dollars which might be affordable to others.

Feel free to check the prices of other category of services as well for information purposes.


This is one company that is very similar to blackhatworld and warriorforum in terms of how to create user account, types of services offered, threads set-up, theme etc.

So do i need to explain anything again?

If you are interested, registering to create your user account is just same steps as that of warriorforum.

After creating your account, next is to visit the marketplace which in this case is called the “sell, Buy & Trade Area

Then, you will be taken to a webpage where you can assess these various categories of services such as content, link & SEO, Design & development, Data sales- email/zip/phone, Miscellaneous products, software & services as shown below;

So feel free to click on anyone that encapsulates the offer you are looking for.

That is all.

The ONLY difference between this forum site and its counterparts is that it commands few organic traffic and less visitors engagement unlike others.

Which Do I Recommend For You?

This question is a tough one, but definitely not to me.


Because i come with wealth of experience in the world of digital marketing and SEO, thus i am your trusted fellow on this.

To be honest with you, these SEO companies i have listed above are 100% worth trying depending on the features these companies possess and exactly what you want.

So going straight, I strongly recommend Fiverr.

Fiverr website Link

And it is for the following reasons;

1. Fiverr commands a HUGE amount of traffic visitors, that is over 58 million. A study analysis by similarweb says so

If over 58 million internet users troll fiverr on a daily basis, what does that tell us?

It means fiverr is a strong brand to deal with.

2. Secondly, its services are highly patronized out there. I mean it parades over 4.2 Million+ active buyers from about 160 countries across the world according to fiverr press release statement.

3. If not 99.9%, almost all its services on fiverr are of HIGH QUALITY. How do i know of this?

Do me this special favor.

Open about 5 of any services randomly under a particular sub category under a category. For example article and blog posts(sub-category) under writing & translation(category) etc.

You will observe that majority of these services are of HIGH positive feedback responses in terms of star reviews and statements.

Below images is just a tip of the iceberg.

positive feedback statements below;

4. Fiverr has the HIGHEST number of category of job services when compared to other seo companies. check out the “Graphic Design” category alone;

Massive, isn’t it?

5. Very Good Customer Care Support: When it comes to responding to queries, messages, issues from buyers and sellers, fiverr is fast, quick and professional at it because it has over 787 staff and employees working for it.

6. Its user-interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. This means that you can locate any services you want without clicking unnecessary step-by-step links to get there.

I hope with these few reasons, i have been able to convince you on why fiverr is the best seo company to go for as this is my own personal opinion and recommendation. And besides i have even bought a service from it before.

You might be a bit reluctant, i understand because i was in the same shoes too but you have nothing to lose if you give it a try and see what happens.

Simply click the link below;

Fiverr Access Link

I will be waiting to hear your experience.

8 Cheapest SEO Services Companies For Small Businesses

Final Thoughts…..

At this point, we will drawing the curtain on this list: 8 cheapest seo services companies for small businesses.
To conclude, if you are interested in any of them, i appeal you do a deep research analysis of any company you are interested in before committing your cash into it.

But one thing i can assure you is that they are proven-tested, credible and committed to customers needs and satisfaction.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please i want to strongly warn you about seo agencies who are promising you guaranteed search rankings, the keyword; “guaranteed“. No SEO agency can guarantee you that.
You know why?
It is because there are other factors involved in the SEO process of attaining higher search rankings. Factors such as algorithm changes, technical SEO issues, web-hosting, website infrastructure etc.
Infact Google has a message for us on this.
lets hear it out below;

You see! If almighty Google can make such a disclaimer, then who am i go say otherwise.

But nowadays, this issue has generated some form of controversy where we have seen webpages dominate top positions on google rankings till this moment, hence to address this issue, this content on guaranteeing search engine rankings does justice to it.

Now over to you….

How do you see this list? Any additions to make?

Are you going to try out any of these cheapest seo services companies for your business, website or blogs?

Which of them is your favorite

Do you have any questions about anything related to this topic at all?

Feel free to drop your comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, analysis and advice
I am 100% available to respond to your comments anytime, anyday.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance and attention.

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Oppp! Sorry.

Your friendly neighborhood SEO and online wealth tutor.


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