DoodleMaker Review: Video Animation Creation and Marketing


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Heard of Doodlemaker?

It is the latest software trending in the world of video animation creation and marketing used for creating doodle videos.

Without time waste, we will do a doodlemaker review critically and come up with some findings.

Lets go.

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Doodlemaker is artificial intelligence doodle video creation engine with various templates in different niches with over 60+ languages to choose from.

You can operate it directly from your web-browser, meaning you don’t need to download it or install it as a software application meaning it is simply Cloud-Based.

Here is how it is done.


You purchase the software.

After purchase, you will be given a special link to your doodlemaker dashboard and a username and password to get access to the dashboard.

Then, from there, you can start create your video.

Simple as ABC.

The cloud-based software was newly launched on the 1st September 2020 by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar into the video marketing space.

And this offers an new opportunity for internet marketers, bloggers, online agencies, webmasters etc, to leverage on this product to boost traffic visitors, convert prospects into buyers, market your products and services on a whole new scale and many others.

Below is a general overview of the doodlemaker analysed by VIDsociety



you may ask, what is so special about Doodlemaker?

What special features does it possess that makes it stand out from other similar software?

Why should i go for it?

Lets check them out below;

Below is a graphical view of the basic features of doodlemaker

For better understanding, let us briefly go through these features one-by-one;


To utilize this feature, you input any text and the software converts it into speech of any language (available) and sex (male or female).

AI Translation Engine:

This feature translates your old videos with voice into a different language using text-to-speech and Artificial intelligence. Such videos are mainly YouTube videos.

100+ Male and Female Voices:

You have these voices to choose, from the available languages.

Record Your Own Voice:

You can make use of a microphone, attached to your system and record your own voice to be used as a voice-over.

Icon Finder and Pixabay API:

Just as the name implies, it can be used to find icons of various niches for use as images in your animation video.

Built-in Library of Images:

You can get access to a number of pre-installed images already made for you. You can upload your own image too. they are in the library section.

Colour Image to Sketch Converter:

This feature converts images of any color into a sketch-like form.

Board Switcher:

As you create your video, you can slide from one screenboard to another e.g. 1 to 2,3,4,5 etc. This switcher does that for you.

Add Your Own Watermark:

This option allows you to add your brand image at the video background to wade off theft and copyright infringements.

It is for protecting your video.

 Built-in Transitions:

Here, Backgrounds can be transited from one shade to another stylishly e.g. fade, wide, slide, smooth, circle, dissolve, radial etc.

Aside these features listed above, others are

– Element Speed Changer: This allows you adjust/change the speed at which the video is played with respect to the texts, images and vioce.

Colour Changer: If you do not want a white or black background, you can use any other color of your choice.

Export in 720p or 1080p HD quality: After creating your video, you can export it in high resolution HD quality (720p or 1080p)

Youtube and Vimeo Publisher: The videos you create are in full compatibility with YouTube and Vimeo, meaning you can upload to them without any issues.

 –Create UNLIMITED Videos: There is no limit to the number of videos you can create. If you want to create 1,000,0000 videos, it is up to you.

 -Freehand Editor: You can choose from a number of freehand to sketch and write your images and words respectively.

300+ Ready Made templates: See below:

 –Intuitive text to image finder:

With all these features, what else can one ask for?

Honestly speaking,

To me, it is overwhelming.


With these amazing features, one may simply assume that the software will cost $500+ or something.

if you thought so, you are justifiably right.

Infact, that was exactly what i thought too until i scrolled down and to my greatest surprise, it will far beyond what i taught.







Then how much?

Just $67 ONLY

But hold on!

There is a good news attached to this price.

Read on,

It is a $18 OFF Coupon.

Meaning that if you buy it NOW NOW, You will get a discount of $18 OFF the main price.

This image below is from the salespage and it confirms that i am saying the truth;

Meaning that you are getting the software for just $49 ONLY

Click Below Now to claim it;

That is the launch price ($49) and make increase within few months time


why delay?

Hurry NOW and go grab yours FAST!

And the sweetest part is that it is A ONE-TIME PAYMENT ONLY.


And that is not all, once you buy the software, you will have full exclusive access to the following bonuses as shown below;

They are 4 in number

– Royalty free images
– Royalty-Free Music files
– Commercial License
– Unlimited Video Renders


Remember what i promised you at the beginning?

You remember?


I am a good promise-keeper, ask my girlfriend. Lol

Lets continue

Aside using it to create videos for personal reasons, you can monetize it by making lots of money online for yourself.

Ask me how?

Here is it below:

There is an numerous online marketplaces like fiverr, upwork, seoclerks, peopleperhour etc but the most prominent is Fiverr.

On fiverr, you can create videos for clients at various costs

Check out these sellers on fiverr below;

Lets examine this seller (nollygfx) on fiverr who sells whiteboard videos below;

If you observe the above image very well, you can see that he has created and sold over 604 video jobs, meaning he has earned over 604 X $10 = $6,040 and still have 28 jobs still in queue to process, all at a lowest price of just $10.

Pause a moment and just imagine yourself in his shoes?

How does it feel?

You will definitely feel on top of the world.

Even selling just ONE video ALONE will pay off the entire price of the doodlemaker software!

Isnt that amazing?

So if he can achieve such feat, you too can as well.

How do you get started;

To get started,

You can register on fiverr here: FIVERR HOMEPAGE to create an account and get started as well.

But, If you are new to fiverr, i have put up a comprehensive and well-detained Article exclusively for you here: HOW TO OPERATE FIVERR AND MAKE MONEY


One thing i love about this software is that almost every person from various fields of career can make use of it for their businesses, to make money online, for promotional purposes and many more.

The list below are just a few of them;

content creators: Doodlemaker can be used to create content in video format and upload across all video and social media platforms. 
-affiliate marketers: It can be used to create videos to advertise their affiliate products and upload across the internet to boost their commission
-people with a day job:
They can use it to as a side hustle business to earn more money by creating videos for clients.
-bloggers :
They can use it to create videos for their blog posts
-teachers :
they can use it to enhance their teaching techniques for better understanding.
-digital marketers:
They can use it to promote their digital products in video form 
they use it to create instructional videos
– youtubers :
They can use it for YouTube marketing of their products or services
They can use it to promote thier products or services in video form 
They can use it to give a summary of thier books in video form 
it can be use by them to learn how to create videos
: They can use it to create videos to promote thier products and services


PROS(advantages) of Doodlemaker

No Monthly or Yearly Charges: Once you pay the $67 fee, that is absolutely all. you dont need to pay any extra fee again FOR LIFE.

Just $47 only and you are good to go.

Make Money Online: Just as we have already stated above, you can use it to make money online over and over again by adopting it as a side-hustle or as a main job.

Either way, the choice is yours to take.

Easy To Use: It comes with a user-friendly interface dashboard where you can interact with features, settings and other functionalities with ease.

Even if you are having issues, the video tutorials and customer support are available to help you out.

Have a look of how the inner interface looks like below:

The first image lets you choose if you want to start new or from already-made templates or you want to translate a video into another voice video using TTS

While the second image shows you how the cloud-based software looks like;

CONS (disadvantages) Of Doodlemaker

To be honest with you, they may not really be disadvantages afterall, it all depends on individual choices and motives.

Lets check them out;

UPSELLS: Though optional, these are like UPGRADES or ADD-ONS to the main software itself for premium features and full utilization.

In other words, they are also known as One-Time Offers (OTOs).



Take Note Of It Please.

It is Very Important!

The Upsells are as shown below:

Lets briefly examine them one-by-one;

UPSELL1: DoodleMaker WhiteLabel: With this package, you can brand the software as you own and sell for as many unlimited copies as possible.

It comes in agency which offers 50 sub-accounts and Enterprise which offers unlimited accounts.

This image below says it all(features):

The agency goes for $97 to sell to $50 persons at any price of your choice and you can make profit from it.

Permit me to explain further,

For example, if you sell each sub-account at $10 each to 50 persons, that is $10 X 50 persons gives us $500.

$500-$97 gives $409.

Meaning you can make a profit of $409.

Over $409 profit all to myself,

Isnt it sweet?

Off course, it is.

To view more about this agency package, visit this button link below:

As for the ENTERPRISE package, it costs only $497. with this, you can see to as many persons as possible.

NO LIMIT at all.

Though expensive, but if you have the cash, you can go for it and make Unlimited Profits for yourself

You can check more about it via this link below:

Also see this video below;

Lets move to the next Upsell.

UPSELL 2: DELUXE UPGRADE: This upgrade comes with the following:

1. NEW Ready-Made Video Templates(whiteboard, glassboard, blackboard) each Month for a full year.

2. You get additional 56 Ultra Premium Life-Like Male and Female Text-To-Speech Voices (Unlimited Usage) for more engagements, sales and results.

3. You get 50 New Doodle Characters Each Month to your account (No Monthly Fees). Only Deluxe members get access to these character assets so you will always be on the cutting edge and create unique videos.

4. You will get Premium Royalty-Free Background Music Files with will maximize engagements and keep your viewers glued to your videos.

5. You will get  25 ready made video scripts, along with professionally recorded male & female voiceovers.
You can use these voiceovers and video scripts inside DoodleMaker to create professional videos.
These voice overs and video scripts include some of the hottest topics and niches!

6. Priority VIP Video Rendering: While processing, your videos goes straight to the front-of-the-line so there’s NO WAITING for renders.
Thanks to an ultra-secure, PRIVATE Amazon Cloud rendering server exclusively for Deluxe members, your videos get priority attention.

7. you get access to all new software updates and new features BEFORE other DoodleMaker users at no extra cost.

This is a huge deal because our expert developers are continually rolling out new updates & features and you never have to pay extra for future updates.

Ponna puts up this video below to summarily explain everything about the Deluxe package:

So, if you want to have an edge over your competitor sellers, get access to premium features and wow your clients overboard, then you should be going for this package.

It is just $49 ONLY.

You can get access to it in this button link below:

UPSELL 3: TOOL VIDEO APP: To learn about tool video App, watch this video below;

Video Toon App is a brand new software on its own that can create animated videos with ease.

It contains 125 dynamic TOON characters, 15,000 animations and graphics, 34 HD backgrounds, 200+ royalty-free music tracks and so much more. 

Additionally, Toon Maker supports converting text to speech voices from Microsoft and Google.

And guess what?

You can use it to make money online by creating 2D animation videos for your clients.

A good place is fiverr where you can render such services there.

See examples below;

From the above images, you can see how much these sellers are charging to create just one animation videos.

And guess how much is the toon maker?



Just $39 ONLY


NO HIDDEN Charges! NO MONTHLY or YEARLY Subscription.

To confirm the price yourself, you can check it out Here:

Honestly, with this toon maker, you can also be smiling to the bank too.

Or combining Toon Video Maker with your DoodleMaker Enterprise license, you’ll be able to even earn more from more clients!

The toon maker comes with lots of tutorials to guide beginners and first-timers. You can become an expert of toon video creator in MINUTES with Toon Video Maker.

And the last but not the least which is …………….

UPSELL 4: CLIENT ENGINE APPLICATION: What exactly is this too all about?

Let hear what the original inventor says about the application below;

From the video, we can deduce that Client Engine aids you search out for top-paying customers and buyers across freelance websites such as freelancer, peopleperhour, craigslist, guru, project4hire etc.

No need to stress yourself and waste time visiting these websites.

Client Engine does the job for you.

And at a cheap, give-away price of just $29 ONLY

Check it here for yourself below:



That is all

Only 4 UPSELLS all for you.

But take note of this below;

Take Note Of It Please. It is Very Important!


There is a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE placed on the software.

Meaning that if you are unsatisfied or do not like the software, you are 100% free to return it and get your money back.

So, you have nothing to fear about as well as we have nothing to hide.

Final Takeaway

Practice makes Perfect

Becoming an Expert in video animation is NOT a day’s job. It takes lots of time and practice to be near-perfect at it.

But with the help of step-by-step video tutorials, your dream of becoming a video animation expert is nearer than you can imagine.

It is just a matter of time.

So, from start of this article to finish, everything has been made available at your doorstep to achieve success in video animation.

Hence, you have no excuse to fail.

So this is the best time to take this life-changing decision

Just click this button below to get started right now;

Click below:

Get DoodleMaker HERE


Have you finally check out the software?
What else is delaying you?
Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions, recommendations, advice etc?

I am 100% available to reply to your comments one-by-one.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance, attention.

Till I see you again in my next post,

See you at the top

Bye for now.

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