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Navigating around our website offers opportunity to many privileges to readers and advertisers such as advertisements(banners, texts), comments, 3rd-party links (for reference) and more.

Readers’ Comments Policy

We receive comments from our readers on our articles so as to build a form of community relationship with them.
But such comments, views, opinions and expressions from our readers are NOT representations of the opinions of Chetaweb blog. They are individually-based and solely exclusive to the readers only.
Hence, chetaweb will not be held liable for any misguided, insulting, insensitive, falsehood, misleading and unverified statements. Such statements are made at the reader’s risk.

Nevertheless, We moderate our comments to suit community standards and integrity of our readers. Comments that promotes hatred, abuse, racial, hurt will NOT be entertained at all.
We reserve every right to accept or reject comments based on rules and discretion. And comments, once approved and published, are solely exclusive property of chetaweb blog and subject to use in any form.

Emails Policy

Emails collected from readers who subscribe through our emailing platform and landing pages are treated exclusively PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. Hence, under no account are we going to misuse them by spamming, selling, giving out etc.

Advertisements Policy

Chetaweb blog offers promotions for products’ advertisements in form of banners, links, sponsored posts, presentations etc for companies and individuals.
Such adverts do leads to 3rd-party websites that are not connected in any form to us. Hence we will not be held accountable for any negligence, breach, infringements, disobedience to rules etc on part of our readers.
So we urge you to trade carefully. Read the terms of use & conditions of these other websites. Also, go through their privacy policy and disclaimer policy too.
Ignorance is no excuse.
Be warned!

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Updated 17/09/2020

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