gsa search engine ranker to build high quality backlinks

How To Use GSA Search Engine Ranker To Create High Domain Backlinks

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Why undergo unnecessary stress building backlinks when GSA Search Engine Ranker can create even better ones: High Domain Authority Backlinks, for you.

Infact, it is this tool that i used to create these backlinks from high domain authority websites for my website as shown below;

So, without delay,

Lets get down to business.


If you don’t have much time to read, feel free to click on any of these category of topics that interests you for quick access for it will take you straight to it.


There is this general rule that creating backlinks using automated tools is SPAMMY and Google itself frowns at it.
If you have heard so, you are very right as you can see below;

And Google and even bloggers have highly recommend that you avoid using tools to build backlinks, but instead create them MANUALLY so they look very natural before google eyes.

Infact, that is why i have put up this special article for you on how you can create them manually here: 14 WAYS TO BUILD HIGH DOMAIN AUTHORITY BACKLINKS (With Proofs)

So, if you are going for it, no problem.

But the downside of it is that it consumes lots of time and energy. Infact, you might lose focus along the way and feel disinterested.

But here is the kicker,

There is a way around using the tool, i mean GSA Search engine ranker, to build only high quality backlinks without appearing spammy.

Wanna know the way out?

lets continue reading.

The trick is very simple.

All you need to do is this: Target and filter out ONLY sites of High Domain Authority (from a Links List containing lots of websites) and make use of them in the tool.

Simple as ABC.

For easy understanding, let me show you the difference between spammy backlinks and high quality backlinks.

See below;

Spammy blog comment backlinks

Blog comment backlink from a high Domain site: Backlinko

As you can see, the difference is very clear.

The first image shows comments making no sense with indecent links while the second one shows a useful comment contribution with anchor text as backlink. In this case, the poster used his name (chris steele) as the backlink.

Now, back to our tool, it is the second image that we will try to achieve in terms of creating backlinks.

Now, aside using the tool for personal purposes, you can also commercialize it and use it to make lots of money for yourself simply by creating backlinks for other bloggers at a fee.

Though there are lots of freelance sites to do so, one good place is FIVERR.

Check out these sellers below who are use the tool to make money for themselves:

To get started, click here: FIVERR FREELANCING SITE to register an account.

To get a full knowledge of everything about fiverr, i have put up a comprehensive writeup exclusively for you and you can check it out here: EVERYTHING ABOUT FIVERR AND HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM IT

Feel free to read it anytime.


There are 3 key factor requirements of utmost importance needed to run GSA SER ranker.

The key factor here is to use a List containing High Domain Authority links commonly called a GSA Verified Links List.

When i mean “Verified”, it means the links has been scrapped out from the internet, tested and proven to automatically post blog comments(alongside its links) without awaiting moderation from bloggers.

There are several places to purchase a GSA Verified Links List but the cheapest of them all is on fiverr here: 1 MILLION GSA SER VERIFIED LINKS LIST ON FIVERR where you can get it for as low as $10 ONLY.

Very cheap?


Very cheap indeed when you compare it to other sellers.

So, back to our main discussion,

Other factors needed to run GSA Ser ranker are:

1. Premium Private Proxies
2. Email Packs that are Root-Domain, POP3-enabled and Anti-spam
3. A Good Internet Connection (preferably 3G and above)

4. Captcha Services

On where the proxies and email packs come into play, it will be treated as we proceed below.

Now, before we go to the core aspect of this article which is how to run the GSA tool to create backlinks, lets watch this short youtube video by the GSA team to understand more of this tool:

I hope you have been more enlightened about the whole generality about this GSA Search engine ranker tool.

The next thing now is to proceed to the nitty-gritty of this writeup by defining all the terminologies of the tool and how it runs.

Read on.


At this first stage, you need to purchase the software first before downloading and installing it

And there are 2 prominent places where you can buy the tool:

First, You can purchase the tool directly from their website using this direct link here below:


There is also the GSA Captcha Breaker that you need to purchase too for it is very important as well.


you can also buy from Asiavirtualsolutions website.

All you need you need to register to create an account by visiting their website link by clicking this link here: AsiaVirtualSolutions Link

After that, you locate and click the “Login” at the Right side of your computer screen as shown below:

Then, you will be taken to the registration page as shown below. Here, you will input your email address, password, tick captcha and click “register“.

Once done, you will be asked to verify your email address to activate your account. So, you need to check your email inbox and click on the verification link which should take you back to your login page as shown below.

After you have logged into your account successfully, look up and click “services” as you can see below:

Then, you will taken to a page containing all the products and services that asiavirtualsolutions are offering for sale as you can see below;

The product marked in RED box is the GSA Search Engine Ranker which costs $92.07 ONLY. This is the NUMBER ONE Main tool that you must purchase to get started.

You can also purchase other stuffs needed to run the tool such as email parks and private proxies as shown below:

Email packs

Private Proxies;

Back to our main tool,

After purchase, all information e.g your name, the GSA software tool download link, your sofware tool serial key, invoice payment, receipts etc, will be emailed to you.

Just simply check your inbox, you will see them there.

In some cases, you can download the trail version of the GSA tool, install it and input your name and serial key when prompted to do so.

The download setup named as “ser_setup” is in ZIP form.

NOTE: You will need the Winzip software to open it if you dont have any.

you can click this link here: DONWLOAD WINZIP to download and install the winzip on your system.

But if you have it, then no problem.

Now, Double-click the ZIP setup(ser_seup) which will open and show you something like this as shown below, then also double-click the ser_setup.exe file as shown below:

When you double-click, click yes on the next interface which will take you to this license agreement as shown below:

Choose “i accept the agreement” and click “Next”

After clicking “Next“, you will taken to the next page as shown below. Tick the ones circled in RED and go to “Next

After “Next”, click the “Install” button

At this juncture, The installation process begins.

The tool will begin to install itself in your computer and may take some few seconds, so just exercise some patience.

Once installation is done, click “Finish” to launch the GSA ranker

After some time, something like this below will appear. Or you can locate it on your desktop and double-click to launch it.
this is where you will input your name and serial key sent to you in your email inbox.

You click “Register” after which a page will appear where you will copy and paste or type your name and serial key from your email inbox or spam folder into it.

Then click “OK”

If successful, you will be asked to restart the program, so double-click the software tool on your desktop again and wait for sometime.

If you see something like this on your desktop interface as shown below,


You now have a fully functional GSA Search Engine Ranker to launch your backlinking campaign for your website, blog, YouTube videos, products etc.

So, feel free to party all day.

And have a cup of coffee to celebrate for you surely deserve it.


But hey,

Not so fast!

There is a new twist to this, maybe a bad or good news you may say.

Whatever, the news is that we are not done yet.

Infact, we just started.

Because we need to understand the terms, terminologies and modus operandi of how this tool called GSA Search Engine Ranker works.

Lets proceed below:


Lets familiarize with some terms and terminologies about this tool as stated below;

Project: This refers to the task you intend to carry out on the software. You can give it any name you wish to. Alongside it, we have status, priority, submitted and verified.

Now, let me explain these terms:

Status: It is the current state of the project be it active, inactive, active(verify only), active(verify emails only), active(use global sites lists only), active(search and verify), active(search only), active(search and verify), save, load.
for example, if you want the project to run, set the project to “active”, then click the green “start” button.

Note that the Active option comes with different options(verify only, verify emails only, search only, use global lists only etc) depending on the action you wish to perform OR you can set it to “inactive” if you don’t want to run the project yet.

Priority: This refers to the level of the project. It can be high (++), normal (+), low (-), lowest (–). The sign (+,-) signifies the extent of such level.

Submitted: this refers to the number of sites that your website link can be submitted to

Verified: this refers to the number of sites that you link has been submitted to. It is the much-expected backlinks that the software has created so far.
New:  used to create a project
Edit: used to edit the settings of the project
Delete: used to delete any project
Options: shows the configuration settings of the software
Start: used to start or schedule the project
Nofollow and dofollow: shows the number of nofollow and dofollow verified URLs (backlinks)
Date: shows the date the backlinks were created
URL: shows the verified backlinks created
Time, project and message: This region shows time, the project being run and any messages about the project’s operation.

Now it’s the time to intimate you on how to operate this software tool.

Let roll

Configuration of the project data settings


Click “New”. A project data setting will appear as shown below. On the Left-Hand-side (LHS) of the settings, tick the platforms (Article, blog comments, directories, document sharing etc) that you want to submit your link to.

You can also right-click on the white space and select your preferred options as shown below

Still on the settings, on your Right-Hand-Side (RHS), we have “Data”


URL: this is where you put in your website link. You can click on “edit” for more options. If you are putting in 2 or more links, you have the option to have the links posted randomly or one by one by clicking or ignoring the “use a random URL from above……” option
Leave other options

Keywords: This is where you input your keywords that are related to your link. It IS NOT that necessary, so you can leave it out.
Leave the options under the “keywords” option.

Anchor Text (Based on main keyword): This is where you put in your keywords (separated by comma) to act as Anchor text. These keywords should be the ones you want to get ranked for.
You can use the “import” button to import them from your computer.
But if you have input your keywords to use, then click on the “use keywords as anchor texts” option.
The various options below are for variations of your Anchor texts.

For example, if you want to use variations or just mentions or similar anchor texts or generic ones (e.g. click here) etc, then you can use make use of your preferred options.

Just hover your mouse pointer to see what each option is for just as it is shown below.

Image comment: This is where you input comments when the image comment platform is ticked.
Guestbook comment: input your guestbook comments here.
Website title: you can input your website name or anchor text here
Category: input the category you website belongs e.g. if your website is about football, you can select sports as your category. To select your category, click “edit”. A category creator box will appear, click suggested, another box will appear, then search and tick your preferred category.
Description: input the description of your website
Login: Tick “Randomize” option
Password: Tick “Randomize” option
About yourself: write a short info about yourself
Profile image: upload any image that represents you or your website e.g. an avatar, logo, picture etc.
Twitter URL: input or leave blank (if you don’t have)
Facebook URL: input or leave blank (if you don’t have)

Forum comment: input any comments here
Reciprocal URL: leave it as it is
Guestbook comment (german):
Blog comments: input your comments here for blogs.
Micro message: leave as it is
Forum Nick: tick randomize if not ticked already
Forum Password: tick randomize if not ticked already
Forum subject: already filled by default. Leave it
Video title: if you have a YouTube video, input its title. If you don’t have, just put in your website name
Video description: input your video description here if any.
Video duration: put the time duration of your video if any. If not, put any random time.
Preview image: upload any image of yours
YouTube ID: input your YouTube ID if you have any.
Address, City, Zip, State, Phone, country: leave them as it is or you can input your details in it if you wish to
Contact email: you can input your email here or any random email
Description: input any comments here
Company name: you can input your website name or anchor text here
Guestbook title: you can input your website name or anchor text here
Website title (German): you can input your website name or anchor text here
Description(450) German: input any comments
Description(250) German: input any comments
German title: input your important keyword or website name or anchor text
Image subject: input your important keyword or website name or anchor text
Document: upload a PDF file containing your main article. If you don’t have any, you can upload a msword or text file
Website title(polish): input your website name
Description(polish); post any comments as usually done above.
Contact name: input your important keyword or website name or anchor text
Description(450)(polish): post any comments as usually done above.
Contact name: input your important keyword or website name or anchor text
Description 250(polish): post any comments as usually done above.

We move to the next main Option, which is


Article title: Click “Add” A dropdown menu appears with several options. Just click on “enter manually”, an “article content” box appears where you can input your title, summary and body of your article. Once done, click “OK”.

NOTE: Your article must be unique and original to avoid copyright issues.

Select “sentence at a random location” in the “How to Link” option. This adds a sentence with your anchor link text and it makes your article sensible and real to any reader.
Now, going down, tick the “insert up to —– additional links…….” and put 1 or 2. This is necessary to make your article look natural before Google.

I recommend you put one (1).
On the “insert upto —— random images related to your article”, you can tick it to make your article look natural and understandable before Google. I recommend you input one (1).

That will be all for this Article Manager option.

You can decide to go through and tick the rest options that suit you but I recommend those options above ONLY to avoid giving the software too much load and consuming unnecessary resources to run.

So we move to the next item, which is “OPTIONS


How to Submit/verify:

a. ignore the “pause the project after …………” option expect you want to schedule the software to pause the running of the project after xxx submissions for xxx minutes per url.
b. Tick the Ask all services/users to fill captchas. Set custom retry to 2 times. 2 is moderate enough. 1 is too low and 3 is overkilling.
c. Tick “Enable custom mode” to avoid query info before content is submitted. Nevertheless, it is not that serious, so I suggest you leave it out.
d. Tick the “verified link must have exact URL” and set it to “Automatically”

How to Get Target URLs

Search Engine to use: By default, 4 out of 811 search engines are already checked and they are the INTERNATIONAL, MOST IMPORTANT ones e.g Google, bing, MSN etc. Nevertheless, cross-check to be sure.
NOTE that just as the name of this section implies, it is NOT necessary except you are scraping to get target URLS and NOT creating backlinks.

We move to the next section, which is Scheduled Posting.

Scheduled Posting

leave this section untouched. Do NOT TICK anything at all

Filter URLs

a. On the “Skip sites with more than —- outgoing links on a page” option, you can choose to post to URLs that contain more or less xxx number of out-going links depending on you.
This option is to enable you pass more link juice to your website link for better Google rankings.
Therefore, you can choose any number or leave it unticked.
b. The “skip sites with a PR below — and a PR more than —” option is necessary if you want to create backlinks from high domain authority sites. So it all depends on you but note that you wont create much backlinks as your website will be submitted to lesser target URLs

c. Types of Backlinks to create: If you are using all the platforms, then tick all the types of backlinks (e.g. Anchor-text, article, article-wiki, bookmark-anchor text, bookmark-URL, comment-anchor text, comment-anchor text-domain etc)

That is all for this section.

We move to the next section, which is E-mail Verification.

Email Verification

a. This is where you do all your email verification settings. In the 1st option, you input the emails you bought into this place by clicking on “Add”. A dropdown menu appears, then you click on “import from file” or you click “buy accounts” to purchase emails if you don’t have any.
After importing them, you can test the emails to ensure they are working well or not.
b. Tick “time to wait between 2 logins —- seconds” option. Also tick “per account (else per pop3 server)” option
c. Click “delete messages if older than —- days” option. Set the days to 5


Nothing much to be done here except you want to write anything about your project.


Leave this as it is. Do not click on anything.

TEST Button

This provides you a PREVIEW of your website URL, keyword, anchor-text, website title, category, description, login, password, about yourself, profile image, twitter url, facebook url, reciprocal url, blog comments etc.
If you happen to submit multiple URLs and keywords/anchor texts, clicking “test again” button will view them for you.

TOOL button

Clicking on this button gives you options of autofill, spin convert, footprint studio, import, export, show URLs, import target urls, delete target urls, delete target urls cache, verify all links, delete unused accounts etc. depending on the actions you wish to carry out.

Once you have input and fill up all the necessary details and everything, you are good to go.
Just click “OK


We start with submission


a. Threads to run: Threads refer to the number of processes the software uses to run its operation on one or more projects.
The number of threads depends on the number of proxies in input and your computer resources (CPU and RAM memory). For example, you can run 10 threads to one premium proxy, which is the ideal format.
Also if you use a computer with a high RAM and high CPU speed, you can increase the threads further.

The “Automatically decrease threads on ……………” option should be left UNTICKED unless you are using a low-tech computer (whose CPU speed is less than 2HZ and RAM of 2GB and below)

b. HTML TIMEOUT: The ideal time to set it is 120 seconds but if you are using a large number of threads, say 500, increase it to 180 seconds and above.

c. Use Proxies: Tick it.
Search engines” and “custom time to wait between search queries” options are used when you are using the software to scrape out target URLs. If not, leave them out(do Not Tick).

d. “Submission”,PR checking”, verification” and “Email-checking” should all be ticked  alongside all their corresponding “private” options too just as shown below.
Stop projects on no active proxies” and “restart projects on active proxies” should all be ticked.


We move to the next, which is CAPTCHA


This is where we input our captcha service details for the software to resolve captchas automatically.

Now, how do we input captcha?

You can input your captcha details (username and password) or you can tick “GSA captcha breaker” option if you bought the GSA captcha breaker.

There are many captcha websites where you can buy and subscribe for captcha services e.g.,,, endcaptcha, imagetyperz etc.
Press “Add” to see a number of them as shown below. If you bought the GSA captcha breaker, just search for it and choose it. Set “Retry” to 2. Press “delete” to remove any selected captcha.
Press “Test” to check your capcha balance and test out if it is working.
The “Homepage” button is for taking you to the websites of the selected captcha service.

Now looking down, we have the “bypass hostfile and use real IPs……..”, “save successfully solved captchas”, “save unanswered questions to file”, “flash windows for attention”.

LEAVE THEM UNTICKED. They are NOT necessary.

That is all with Captcha, We move to INDEXING…………


a. Tick “submit backlinks URLs to blog search engines” and tick “submit all types” options. Clicking these 2 options will notify search engines about your backlinks for possible indexing.

b. For premium indexing services, click “Add” to see a number of them and select the ones that ones you have registered with. If you purchase the GSA SEO indexer, select it.

Check the image below.


a. Tick “skip submission if the URL/Domain is appearing on one of the ……….” option. Tick all the URLs in the URLs box as shown below.
b. Going down, set update interval to 1440 minutes and set “maximum size of a website to download” to 30 MB.

We move to the last one which is ADVANCED


Under “build site lists that can be used globally by each project”, the most appropriate to tick is the “Verified” option because it offers a better chance of getting good results (backlinks) easier, faster and more efficiently.

Once done and you want to access the verified sites, click its corresponding “open folder” option.

If we want to know the Page rank of the verified sites, we can tick the “save PR with URLs” options. If you want to view the verified sites in different platforms, select the (type)-(name).txt. if not, select the other one.

Now, for more options, make use of the “Tools” button

Tick “enable important messages for projects”. This is very important in case of any issues that arise during operation.
Tick the “detect internet connection problems…..…’’ option. This is necessary to ensure your projects runs only when there is Internet.
Tick the “minimize to tray” option if you want the software minimize to the taskbar of your computer during operation.


Finally, once you are satisfied with everything, click “OK”.

The LESSER the options ticked throughout the software, the MORE the software runs more effectively(less CPU and RAM consumption) and the BETTER the Results (more quality backlinks).

We are done with all the settings that matters to running a successful operation of this software for the purpose of creating backlinks.

But we are not done yet.


Lets explain some functions of the options of the STATUS of a project as shown below:

Active: this is to set the software in a GET-READY mode so once you click “start”, the software starts running immediately.
Inactive: this is to tell the software that you are NOT-READY to run the project for now.
Active(verify only): Use this option only if you want the software to search out for the verified sites where your website link is and confirm it.
Active (verify emails only): use this if you want to check if the emails you input into the software are working or not.
Active (use global sites lists only): this is to instruct the software to use the selected lists(identified, submitted, verified, failed) in the option settings of the software as shown below

Active(search only): this is used to search out the target URL sites where your website link are. In other words, to search sites that most likely contains your backlinks.
Active (search and verify): this is used to search and CONFIRM the target URL sites where your website links are. In other words, to CONFIRM websites containing your backlinks.
Active(remove links): You can use this option to remove all the backlinks for your site if Google happens to penalize your site for creating spammy links.
Active (re-verify): This is to RE-CHECK and CONFIRM again if your website links are in the verified sites for the creation of your backlinks.
Load: this is to upload any configuration settings you have saved for a particular function [e.g. active, inactive, active (verify only), active(verify emails only, active(search only)] into any or all of your project.
Save: this is used to save any configuration settings into the software and apply it to any existing or new projects in the future using the “upload” option.


What a writeup.

I am sure we have been able to touch almost everything on this tool atleast 90%.

So, if you are still interested in the tool, feel free to click the image below to buy one for yourself to get started.

So, how do you see the writeup so far?

What is your take?

The writeup is quite long and may be confusing to you, i understand very much.

But i had to do it so as to cover every length and breadth of this tool to avoid confusion afterwards when you begin running the tool fully.

To round up this part, let me summarize on how to operate this tool below step by step:



Open the tool by double-clicking it on your desktop or anywhere you have stored it.


Create a new project by CLicking “NEW” or the down-arrow to select and name your project as shown below:


After clicking “New”, A new settings comes up as shown below where you select your platforms(blog comment, images, indexer, pingback, video, microblog etc ), input all your details (URL, keywords, anchor texts, article, image etc) and customize its configuration settings (data, options)


Once done with step 3, It is time to import your GSA SER Verified List.

To do so, right-click on your project, select “import target URLs” and select “from file”.

At this point, you locate your GSA SER links list in your computer and import it into your tool. The location could be your desktop or somewhere in your hard drive(The PC)

For example, if i store my GSA links list on my desktop, i will select “desktop“. locate and select the List.

For better understanding, take a critical look at these 2 images below:

NOTE: The GSA SER Links List MUST be in SL Format as you can see above. That is why i said earlier that when you buy the List, it MUST be extracted first before using it.

I hope you now understand what i have said so far.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me in the comments section at the very bottom of this writeup and i will reply promptly.

Lets check out the next step: step 5


After importing, cross-check all your input details and settings to make sure they are in correct order and grammatically spelt before taking the final step.

This is compulsory to avoid unnecessary shutting and re-starting of the tool which can adversely affecting the smooth-running operation and affect results negatively.


And the last but not the least step,….step 6


Finally! Finally!!.
After all cross-checking and protocols has been followed, the final step is to hit the “Start” button and watch as the tool runs by itself.

At this point, you can go do other things or sip a cup of tea.

Here is how a GSA SER Search Engine Ranker looks like while running as shown below:

Running the tool depends on the number of backlinks you want to create, be it 100, 300, 500, 1000, 4000, 5000, 10,000, 30,000 or even 100,000 etc.

It all depends on what you want.

And what you need to check is the VERIFIED backlinks as shown below:


After you are down with the number of verified backlinks you want, hit the “Stop” button to stop the tool immediately.


After you have stopped operation, you can view your backlinks by right-clicking on your project, go to “show URLs” then click “Verified”

See image below:


After clicking “Verified”, a similar image as below will appear:

Export: The “Export” option allows you to export the backlinks in various formats in text or excel form.
Verify: This allows you to re-verify the backlinks to ensure they were actually created with the keywords/anchor-texts.
Stats: The “Statistics” button allows you to the following info: Text listing, Diagram/Chart, Anchor text report, Link URL report and country report.

PR Update: This is is used to check the Page rank or domain authority of the backlinks either at the page domain level or the homepage domain level.
Index Check: Indexing is the process by which search engines organise information before a search to enable super-fast responses to queries. So, if you want to, feel free.

You can use Google to index your backlinks.

Though it is optional.

Finally, we are done with everything that has to do with GSA SER ranker tool in terms of its configuration settings, parameters, terms and operation.

I know you are feeling so much relieved now as per how long the writeup is.

AS i have said before, it is not intentional but to leave no stone unturned as far as this tool is concerned.

But just one more last thing and the very last subheadline.

This tutorial will NOT be complete if i do not show you some tricks about how to attain maximum efficiency with this tool so you can get good value for your money.

Lets roll them out below;


PRIVATE PROXIES: Though you can use both private and public proxies but we strongly advise that you go for PRIVATE proxies ONLY even if it is only 10 which costs about $10.

Public proxies burn out quickly and are of less premium bandwidth unlike private ones.

USE 2 CAPTCHA SERVICES: Captchas are used by bloggers to block out automated bots from assessing their websites by solving queries(to prove you are human) and this may limit your chances of getting more verified backlinks.

So, to help solve them out, though one may be OK, we recommend using 2 captcha services either you buy the GSA Captcha breaker alongside any of these services such as imagetyperz, deathbycaptcha, de-captcha, endcaptcha, captchasniper etc.

You can assess them here by clicking “options” to “captcha” to “Add

You must register an account on thier websites and buy some credits to use those captcha services.
USE HIGH QUALITY GSA LINKS: What do i really mean? When you purchase the GSA Links list, locate the Low OBL-PA-DA file, extract it and import the text files of your choice of platforms into GSA SER ranker tool.

why the Low OBL-PA-DA type of links? It is because they offer more link juice, relevance and more authority to your backlinks than the other types of lists.

HIGH RAM SIZE AND CPU SPEED: This is super important. GSA SER ranker consumes lots of resources while running, so a low grade computer can slow down your tool and produce abysmal results.
Hence, we suggest you go for a computer with RAM Size of about 8GB+ and a CPU speed of 2.0HZ+ and preferably a minimum of corei3 type.

SET NUMBER OF THREADS WITH PROXIES: The ideal setting to use here is to set 10 threads to 1 proxy. For example, if you are using 10 private proxies, set the threads to be 100 per project.

This necessary to avoid overworking the proxies beyond its limit.

We are finally finally done.

We just hope we have done our very best to cover everything that concerns GSA SER ranker to death for your utmost satisfaction.


Though the tool alongside its partners might cause much to purchase, atleast it will save you lots of money, efforts and resources in creating backlinks and you can even recoup your money back in no distant time if you choose to monetize the tool.

So what else are you waiting for?

Feel free to hit this link NOW here: GET GSA SER RANKER TOOL HERE to grab your own copy of GSA SER ranker.

Now, The Table Is Yours

So, Now it is time to hear from you.

What do you think about GSA Search Engine Ranker?

Are you planning to get one or you have purchased already?
Are you having any issues with the tool?
Do you have any related questions, comments, suggestions, recommendations, advice etc?

I am 100% available to reply to your comments one-by-one.

Thanks for your time, patience and understanding.

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighborhood spiderman.

Oppp! Sorry.

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