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We will go straight to the main course of this topic: High Authority Backlinks: Link Building Techniques That works.

But before that, I have something VERY IMPORTANT that you must know.

Very Important Tips About Super Authority backlinks .

And they are as listed below:

1. Backlinks act as votes for a website, so sites with plenty backlinks (Votes) rank higher in Google search results.
2. Backlinks from high Domain Authority sites (like huffington post, Newyorktimes, businessinsider etc) are termed as High Quality backlinks and rank better.

And such tips are achieved through EFFECTIVE building

Thus taking us to our main topic: Link Building Services That Actually Works.

But if you are a beginner to backlinks, Watch this keyur Lalani Video from Youtube to get a better understanding of backlinks

So without any time waste,

Let dive right in.


If you dont have much time, simply click on your preferred category Link to go straight to your preferred option as shown below;

Publish An Ultimate Guide

The word “Ultimate” simply means “the best of its kind”.

In relation to this, an ultimate guide is one that covers everything about a topic including videos, images, quotes etc.

Infact nothing attracts a reader than ultimate guides.

No wonder, Brain dean is so influential and popular with his website, backlinko.

See images of some of his guides below.

And as you can see below, these ultimate guides has earned him a DA of 90 with average monthly traffic of over 730,000 visitors.

Even, thousands of readers has shared his guides on their respective social media accounts

Isn’t that mind-blowing?

See his website overall statistics below;

And even fellow bloggers and readers have linked his site to their website which has earned him over 809.247 backlinks at the moment.

Crazy indeed!

If he achieve such success, you can too!

Writing ultimate guide isn’t Rocket Science.

Just follow these guidelines of creating one and you are good to go.

Steps to writing an ultimate guide

First, Pick A Topic That Hasn’t Been Covered Before: Do a Google research on your proposed topic. if you cant find guide on your chosen topic, then write your ultimate guide on it.

Take an example of this topic; “how to burn belly fat”

From google results shown below, you can see that there isn’t any google results yet so you can ahead to write one on that topic for yourself.

Second, Outline Your Subtopics. for example, for the topic “how to burn belly fat“, it can be something as follows;

1. what is belly fat
2. Overview
3. causes of belly fat
4. Treatment of belly fats
5. Preventive tips
5. conclusion

These subtopics can act as sections of your guide

Third, add references, images, videos and even quotes where necessary for easy understanding.
We move on to the next which is …………..

Resource Page Link Building

Resource pages contain powerful links to superb contents on a given topic.

How do we find such resources?

How to find such resources

Don’t stress!

First, Use this search strings in google to find them with your keywords;

“Keyword” + inurl:links
“Keyword” + “helpful resources”
“Keyword” + “useful resources”
“Keyword” + “useful links”

Below describes how to search them out

Those links in Red are links to powerful webpages from fitnyc site as shown below.

Second, do a little research on the pages and go for the ones that are of high domain Authority (DA). You can use this link to find out:

Third, locate the very best of your content on your site to boost your chances of getting approval and also high traffic too.
I mean, something that will be of great value to your readers.
It is that content that you will send for addition to the resource page site.

Fourth, Send a personal message to the owner of that High DA site, commending him for a good site job and requesting that your link be added to the resource link lists.
Don’t appear like you are begging him.
Just be normal.
You can reach him via the contact form or his email address.

These message format below from Ahrefs site may help you out;

-Hey [Name]
-Just came across your resource page.
-Couldn’t help but notice the link to [x] no longer works.
-You might want to remove it.
-We just created [x]
-It might make a worthwhile addition to the page while you’re there.

Do Guest Blogging

Sometime ago, Google announced the ban of guest posts as a mean of link-building through their former head of web spam, Matt Cutts.

But guess what?

People are still using it and it has proven to be very effective till this moment.

And google doesn’t ban sites who indulge in it. Just go for high authority sites and make sure the article you are submitting is ORIGINAL and of GREAT VALUE.

Here is how it is done:

How to do guest blogging

First, do google research for guestpost sites in your niche (category).
use this string to achieve it; topic + intitle:"write for us"

Others are

[your_topic] “write for us”[your_topic] “become an author”[your_topic] “guest post”[your_topic] “guest article”[your_topic] inurl:contribute

Second, Do some Vetting.

I mean scrutinize carefully these sites and pick out the ones that stands out from others in terms of traffic, backlinks and DA. Use ubersuggest to do that.

Some high DA sites that accept guestposts are listed below;

Those in the blogging/marketing category are Huffingtonpost, daily blog tips, copyblogger, Huspot, outbrain etc.
Social Media: socialmediatoday socialmediaexaminer
Technology: Readwrite, shoutmetech
Design: webdesignledger, skyje

These are few ones that i personally researched out using ubersuggest and manually.

– Third, Go through the guest-post site and browse through the site to get some ideas of the kind of articles there.
Visit the guest-post section and read the guidelines on how to guest-post to avoid disapproval.

Fourth, contact the website owner, informing him of your intention to submit an Article on his site.
Liaise with him until your article gets approved and published.

Important Notice: When scraping out guest-post sites, make sure you operate with your niche. for example, if you are in the “music” category, you CANNOT be writing within “religion” category.
Its not possible at all.

Now, listen

This is very Important.

There have been cases where negotiations takes so long, Or your awesome article gets rejected Or your link removed.

To avoid such setbacks, follow these simple Hacks

Hack 1. Make your content be of High Quality
Hack 2. Contact more guest-post bloggers as possible. Should in case your article get rejected by the 1st one, the 2nd might accept you.
Hack 3. Link to your other published guest posts.:

Sometimes, your article links might be rejected because they don’t want too many on-going links for fear of google ban. You can use this to your advantage by linking to your other guest-posts elsewhere and not to your main site.

Even you can inform them that you have awarded them a juicy backlink from a quality blog. This will surely boost your chances of getting published.

Also by doing this, you create tier 2 links to your other live guestposts thus increasing the power of tier 1 links to your main site
If you want to use hack 3, dont inform them about your main site.

Hack 4. Diversity your guestpost jobs across numerous bloggers: Links from different sources are more juicy and powerful than liks from same sources. Though it may be hard to get another site approval, do your very best.

That is all on guest posting.

Though whole process seems tedious, i strongly believe you can do it.

Yes, you can.

Now, to obtain maximum results with guest blogging, High Authority sites (which commands lots of online visitors) should be your target.

But its is NOT easy because such sites are bombarded with guestpost request message from bloggers.

But Niel patel, in his video, offers tips and tricks you can use to target them especially CNN, Huffingtonpost, Entrepreneur etc and come out successful?

Watch below!

Broken Link Building

This is also know as DEAD link building

This tactic is more of a WIN-WIN situation.

Most webmasters are, most times, unaware of a dead link on their site.

– You search out for such dead links until you locate one. They are mostly 404 pages
– You notify the website owners about it and suggest that it get replaced with your own link
– The site owners feel happy and reward you by agreeing to your suggestion.

That is all.

the onus here is this:

How do we locate dead links?

Tools! both free and paid

1. Broken Link Builder: this is a effective paid tool that browses through thousands of webpages in your niche, fishing out dead ones among them. it is much better with premium features. You can start from here Broken Link Building to learn more.
2. Install this chrome browser extention: CheckMyLink or LinkMiner.
After installation, you can click on that red arrow pointing button to search for dead links in any site.

See images below for better understanding

An experimental check on site shows that that it has 2 broken dead links as indicated by the Invalid Links:2 as shown below.

After that, you check around for the dead link. it will be in RED color as shown below

Then you check out the dead link, if it is something you have a substitute, contact the webmaster and seek for replacement with yours.


A message sample is as shown below. Use it to personalize your own and send.

Additional Tips: To fully utilize this method, search for webpages with lots of external backlinks for there will be certainly be some dead links among them.

Now, how do we locate such webpages?

Make use of the search strings to search out for resource webpages because they are more susceptible to own dead links.

You can find resource pages using these search strings in Google:

“Keyword” + inurl:resources
“Keyword” + intitle:links
“Keyword” + “helpful resources”
“Keyword” + “useful resources”

Now, to scale this process up, you can find all other persons that has linked to the dead links. To do this, input the deal link in any link analysis tool like Ahrefs, ubersuggest, moz etc. From there, you will get a list of persons that linked to the dead links.

For example, from the image below, we can say that over 142 persons are linking to it. That is a massive opportunity for you if you are smart enough.

backlinko broken link building

The best way to find broken link building opportunities is with Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker. Here’s how:

Site explorer -> Pages -> Best by Links -> filter for HTTP 404 errors.

ahrefs broken link building

If you have enough time and energy, you can contact the persons (linkers) one by one at time-intervals to inform them about the broken link.

The higher the numbers, the higher the chances of getting links from them.

Now, solving process of finding broken link and their linkers is on one side.

On the other side is the mode of reaching out to them.

Do we just use any email addresses we see on their site?

Or we dip deep to search for their personalized email addresses?

Even there are cases where you come across 2 email addresses attached to the website, leaving you confused about which email address do we use.

Honestly, this is what i called email outreach and its another topic entirely on its own, but we will briefly resolve this logjam.

There are ways to go about it.

First, you can reach them through the email addresses they use to broadcast messages to their subscribers list.


For example, I receive mail messages from brain dean and i replied to one of his broadcast messages on an issue and guess what,……HE REPLIED.

What does this tells us?

It tells us that we can reach out to website owners through the email addresses they use to broadcast messages to their list subscribers.
Second, we can contact them via their social media accounts.

if you can’t locate their personalized email address on their site, simple message them through their social media accounts

Finally, While reaching out to them, make sure your message is simple, short and straight to the point.

Don’t be pushy.

And if no reply, send a reminder message ONLY ONCE. It helps out.

Obtaining Links Through Link Reclamation

In some cases, existing links are lost due to various reasons.

It could be that;

They updated their content
The page got deleted by mistake
they deliberately delete the content or the link or both


So how do we fish them out?

Ahrefs also can do a good job too. just follow these steps;

Site Explorer > enter your domain > Backlinks > Lost

Once done, you can contact the site owners, with the link for re-insertion.

But while messaging them, please don’t appear bossy/pushy. Humbly appeal.

In some cases, it could be that your link was there initially but got removed for whatever reasons.

To find out why? follow these steps; Site Explorer > enter your domain > Backlinks > Lost > look for instances of “link removed”

For whichever reason, treat them accordingly with understanding.

See below, credit to ahrefs for this image.

Tuning Unlinked Mentions Into Backlinks

In some instances, you may see your name or brand in a content on another site. Just mere “word”, not “link”.
For example, look at this brand “Nestle” a famous food company. it was mentioned but not as a link.

If you are lucky to find yours, consider yourself EXTREMELY LUCKY.


it means that the writer likes you.

And chances are bright that he will surely insert your link if notified.

The issue here will be how do you locate them?

Doing it manually will be very difficult but there are tools to aid you out.

The easiest way is to use Ahrefs’ Content Explorer.

For example, Ahrefs, a very popular link analysis site, conducted a research on its brand name “Ahrefs” and discovered over 17,216 mentions.

To find those unlinked mentions, it first select the “one article per domain” filter in Content Explorer.

Then it used the “highlight unlinked domains” feature to highlight all websites that were never linked
Finally it exported the highlighted unlinked webpages by hitting “export” and checking the “only highlight unlinked domains” box.

See image below:

Finally, it now have a list of webpages containing Ahrefs words that can be turned to links’

Aside this tool, there are others you can use too:

1. Buzzstream
2. Free Link Checker in Scrapebox
3. Steaming Frog SEO Spider

Of the 4 tools, Scrapebox freelink checker is the easiest of them all in terms of cost and ease of use.

Back to the discovered unlinked mentionss, you can contact them via this message format, courtesy of backlinko


It is not all mentions that you take seriously.

For example, lets say you have a brand named “Telkom” and you come across this sentence; Multilinko and Telkom are most likely causes of skin cancer among the white people.

It will be VERY FOOLISH for you to want to turn it into a link because it passes a negative message.

So, before contacting, go through the context around your mention. if its worth it in terms of value, go ahead.

If not, DUMP IT and move to the next mention.

Do Community Link Building

When i mean community, i means places that brews with lots of activities on a daily basis. Such places include forums, reddit, Quora, blog comments etc.

As you can see in the 1st image, it is Reddit showing over 2700 comments from a topic and a CNN link. this shows that the engagement there is MASSIVE.

And 2nd image (from yahoo answers) shows a link placement there, though you MUST be a level 4 user to be qualified to place links.

Infact, this method allows for diversification of backlinks profile from different sources which increases your link juice.

The trick is to ensure you post useful comments and contributions that will make visitors want to visit your website for more.


On Quora, it is a community of people where a large number of persons interacts via discussions, questions and answers on a daily basis.

Leveraging on this opportunity, you can get High quality backlinks for your site while posting comments within safety standards as explained in this video by tech issues below;

Make Use Of HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

From its full meaning, HARO offers journalists a huge sources of upcoming news and stories for media coverage and its being utilized by big media companies such as wall street journal, Times, New York times etc.

Hence, it commands a large amount of traffic visitors daily, so getting a link from it will be very sweet.

How HARO works

How is here it works:

– To start with, you register as a source and create an account.

– Then, you select a plan, be it free or paid.

Getting a paid plan comes with 3 added advantage like :
1. filling your “Bio” data which stands you out from others.

Also fill up your areas of expertise and recent and past publications and others if you have any.

Adding a bio stands you out from other sources like you and it offers the journalist an opportunity to include your bio in their media write-ups.

2. In addition, you can also set up “Alerts” which is next to the “bio” button (as shown in the image above) so you can receive mail messages according to your chosen keyword(s).

3. With paid plan, you are offered an online platform where you can browse and respond to queries directly from journalists as shown below;

Hence, with these 3 advantages, you stand a greater chances of landing a POWERFUL backlinks for yourself over others. if on low-budget, you can start with the $19/month plan.

Finally, you keep an eye on your email messages, about 3 on a weekly basis. image example shown below.
Now, it is up to you to monitor your emails for topics that conform with your qualifications.

if you find an interested one, reply back with a pitch (A response with your link).

If your pitch gets accepted, the journalist will take it up and put out its article (news, stories) with your link.

WARNING: Please and please, make sure you read the terms and guidelines of HARO carefully to avoid violating any term of rules and getting banned.

Useful Tips: During reply, be QUICK. make sure your response is grammatically correct, concise and straight-to-the-point to stand a chance of getting accepted.
No long-form paragraphs at all because journalists have a lot of responses to read from others like you.
Proofread everything before final submission.

HARO is a very fantastic way to get HIGH-QUALITY backlinks. infact it’s one of the best ways.

And the unique advantage is that you just sit and wait for them (journalists) to approach you with their requests, not you going to them first.

Finally, though the whole process may be tedious, it is worth trying out.

Infact, getting a backlink (especially High Quality ones) isn’t an easy job at all anywhere.

Getting Links Via Content Repositioning

Sometimes, performing a simple tweak on your content can miraculously turn for the positive for you.
What i mean is restructuring your content by adding infographics, videos, images etc to

-Make your content tantalizing
-Being up-to-date
-Removing outdated stuffs off it.

Trust me, this act will generate more traffic visitors and even backlinks for your site. It is one secret that top bloggers like ahrefs, moz, backlinko, smartblogger etc use to make thier content outstanding, thus pulling in huge traffic and backlinks.

See example of an ahrefs webpage of how it looks like below:

As you can see above, picture don’t lie at all. video, images and links (both internal and external) are included in this content.

Also check out his traffic and backlink statistics.

I can only say one thing;


To round up,

As the saying goes; the only constant thing in life is change.

And as the world changes, you must flow along to be on top of your game or else your competitors will knock you down the ladder beyond recovery.

Be very smart and sharp!

Using The Skyscraper Technique

Does that word “skyscraper” ring a bell in your ears?
If you are familiar with the internet world, you may have heard about it.
Anyway, with no time-waste,

It simply involves the following steps;

1. Find a content that contains lots of backlinks and ranking on Google first page.
2. Create a superior content way better than your found content
3. Ask those who link to your found content to link to your superior content instead.

And one trick behind the success of this method is that humans are generally attracted to the best

I mean who wouldn’t want to link to the best content?


That is why this technique works out so perfectly for those who know their way around it.

Now lets get into the Nitty Gritty of this skyscraper technique.

For you to understand this, we will go the practical way using a typical example;

Lets use this topic “methods of creating webpages”

we input it into Google and it shows us the webpages on its search results as shown below;

From the image above, we will make experiment of the 1st webpage “”

If you go through it, you will observe that the content lacks images, well-detailed writeups, infographics, videos and internal backlinks.

You know what this means?

This offers us a golden opportunity to explore and knock it off its 1st position on google 1st page result.


This takes us to STEP 2 which is…………..write a content that is far better than the 1st webpage.

How do we execute that?


First, by making your own content much longer. for example if the content lists 15 ways to bla bla bla,……make yours 150 ways. Describe everything in more details.
Second, Make sure you do a research on the latest to ensure your content is up-to-date. Include text examples, quotes and case studies (if any). Make references to other sites by inserting external links. Include internal links as well to make your content SEO-friendly.
Third, Make your content design more attractive, eye-popping and understandable by add images, infographics and videos to aid clarity.

STEP 3 : Reach out and inform your competitor webpage linkers.
Reach out to those who linked to the 1st webpage content you are competing with.

To do that, we fish out the backlinks of your competitor webpage, visit and inform them about our new content.

Here is how we go about it;

First, visit ubersuggest by neilpatel and input the competitors webpage into it. then, locate locate “backlinks” under “seo analyzer” at the right side of your screen and click on it.

Scroll down to see the webpages that contains Link linking back to competitor content. See image below;

After that, you can pick up on any source URLs that contains the Link linking back to your competitor content and for me, i choose to go for “” which i displayed below.

And as you can see below, the anchor text that is linking back to the competitor content is “create a website using HTML” as shown below;

Next is to contact the owner of and inform them about a similar content that is more superior to the content he is linking to on his website.

Trust me, if you do a very good job on your new content, he will have not choice than to drop down the initial link and input your own there

And viola….

You have won yourself a Good Quality Backlink.

Below is a message sample from backlinko that you can use to contact the site owner:

NOTE that you must tweak and personalize the message sample above to boost your chances of getting a positive response.

And also to increase your chance of getting a good number of backlinks, you have to email as many persons as possible because not everyone will response promptly to your request due to different reasons.

For example, if you message to over 100 persons and about 17 persons replied back and do as you request…………

That is over 11% Success Rate.

Believe me, that 17 backlinks can go a long way in increasing traffic and rankings.

For video explanation of this skyscraper technique, watch this video below as the originator, Brian Dean does justice to it.

Additional Tips:

—- It is not easy writing a new fresh content, to make things simpler for yourself, browse through your contents, pick out the one that is similar to the content you want to replace and do some editing by adding extra text, videos, images etc and removing any inferior, outdated stuff.

—The ULTIMATE success of skyscraper technique is the Email Outreach.

You must develop the ability to craft your message in a perfect way that will compel the site owner, (even your sworn enemy) to agree with you no matter what.

It is another Skill entirely on its own.

That will be all for now.

Aside this Simple Link-building techniques that i have mentioned above, I want to take you through the advanced ones that you can implement to get backlinks too.

This Neil patel video by Neil Patel breaks it down for you.

Watch below!

Final Thoughts

My advice.

There is an adage that says

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

For you to achieve a success breakthrough, you have to give each tactics a shot to see the ones that works best for you and stick to it.

Building Good quality links takes lots of time and effort, even you might feel discouraged if you arent seeing any improvements in your rankings but dont give up.

One thing you must know is that it takes months or even about 2 years to begin seeing increased rankings from your backlinks.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


What do you think about this tutorial?

Which of the methods are you trying out
Which is your favorite of them all
Do you have any questions about anything at all?

Feel free to drop your comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, analysis and advice

I am 100% available to respond to all your comments anytime, any day.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance and attention.

Till i see you again in my next post, i remain your friendly neighborhood spiderman



Your friendly neighborhood Internet SEO tutor


Bye for now!

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