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Which Solo Ad Provider is BEST For Marketing? Udimi or Herculist

Confused about which to pick between these 2 top solo ad providers; Udimi and Herculist, for your internet marketing purposes?

solo ad providers, udimi or herculist

Worry no more!

We will examine everything about these two thoroughly and leave you a better judge in choosing which is most appropriate for you.

But for better understanding, we will give a full definition of what solo ads means in clear terms and we will be looking at top 2 solo ads providers: Herculist or Udimi?

So without much ado, lets hit it off.

What Is Solo Ads?

Solo Ads is made up of 2 words; “solo” and “Ads” whereby solo means single while ads stands for advertisements, hence it means the advertisement and marketing of a single product or service.

According to opedia, Solo Ads are, by definition, advertisements sent to the subscribers of someone’s email list with the goal of promoting a single product, a service, or an offer with the aim of mostly generating traffic visitors, boosting sales and making profit or revenue.

Solo ads are not free but are charged based on performance or on a flat fee.

Are Solo Ads Legit and Viable?

Some might wonder if running solo ads is legit to do since it involves using a 3rd party email list but the truth of the matter is this: It is still very legitimate as long as you abide by its rules and standards.

All you need do is to ask yourself some relevant questions such as;

  • Is the list responsive enough?
  • Is the list large enough to convert?
  • Does the list fall within your niche?
  • Does the list contain prospects of your ideal audience?
  • Was the list scraped out using some kind of sandy software or genuinely collated with the subscribers’ approval?

These and other questions are what determines the final results of running a solo ads for your business, offers, products or services.

For example, if you observe a significant increase in traffic visitors and say 60%+ high click-through rate(CTR), that is huge success.

So you are very much satisfied with its responses to these questions above, then what else are you waiting for?

All that is left is to begin blasting your offers straight-away.

But the big question is this: where do such solo list exists? How do we locate them?

This takes us to our next topic which is …………………..

How To Access Valid Solo Ads Lists

There exist lots of solo ads marketplaces such as udimi, herculist, soloadsX etc. where you can connect with genuine solo ads sellers depending on the niche you belong.

Also you can get solo ads services from browsing through Facebook groups, on warriorforum and also on fiverr as well as you can see below;

But these other sources of solo ads(mainly private sellers), though cheaper, are NOT reliable or trustworthy and may even be operating illegally.

So what you need to do is to properly scrutinize and ask the necessary questions to avoid falling into low quality or spam.

But in choosing a solo ad vendor marketplace that has a greater chance of conversion, 3 main factors are involved;

– firstthe wide area of niche it covers,
secondlythe number of subscribers involved.
– thirdly, how credible are they?.

With these 3 factors in mind, the solo ads providers I highly recommend for you are;

a. Herculist Plus

b. Udimi

Now, you may ask: Why am i endorsing these 2 websites for you?

Lets check them out in details below;

The 2 Major Solo Ad Providers

Herculist Plus

Herculist plus has operated for over 20 years as a solo ads company which offers various subscribership platforms for its members who have signed up to be part of the list.

Such members are internet marketers, business owners and opportunity seekers from all over the world who are searching for opportunities to invest in online money making, MLM marketing, online advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing etc.

Features of Herculist Plus

They offer these features such as;

aReal Traffic Visitors: Their traffic are 100% real. No bots or software at all.

bNetwork Marketing Tools: Herculist offers FREE advertising email marketing tools to choose from to help build your business, including the new MonsterBLURB splash page builder. Others are PRIME Ads, theZONE, solo specials, hercubulb etc.

CFlexible Email Massaging Platforms: It offers 2 formats you can choose from: the web-based and the HTML (personalized) format of which the later is more preferred for upgrade members.

Below is the simplest web format which free members can use to broadcast their offers;

d. Real Members List: Herculist plus comprises thousands of members who have willingly subscribe and more still adding to the list day by day. As at this moment, the list is of over 178,947 members.
With this huge thousands, the chances of getting conversions e.g. traffic, sales, clicks etc. are very high.

e. Fees Affordable For Various Packages: To make this service affordable for all, Herculist offers various payment packages for everyone depending on their financial capabilities.

Herculist Plan Packages

They have the following paid packages;

1.Herculist PRO: this is a $15 yearly membership package which offers you access to the list every 48 hours.

2. Herculist Gold: this is a $25 yearly membership package where you get to blast to the full list every 24 hours.
In addition, you get 20,000 credit mailer/Blurb Credits & TWO FREE 81,500+ CONTACT email address solo ad submissions!

3. Herculist Gold Lifetime: This is the best package so far as it comes with features of PRO and Gold yearly packages above plus extra unique benefits on its own.

You get to only pay $50 only once and forever as you can see below.

For more details on all these membership plans, this image below summarizes all the features and benefits that comes with each plans with the Gold(Lifetime) plan the best of them all;

So what else are you waiting for?

If you are average on cash, I suggest you go for the Gold lifetime plan simply by signing up as a member and upgrading to the plan using this Link HERE:

CLICK HERE(Herculist signup)

But if you choose to go for the lower plans(Pro OR Gold(yearly)), it is still very much fine.

Lets check out the second option which is Udimi


Udimi is another very good quality solo service that directly connects buyers and solo sellers together.
Just like herculist, it offers guaranteed traffic visitors and clicks.

But one special feature i love about Udimi is that you only pay for clicks that are delivered by your solo vendor(the seller) and its $5 discount that it offers for new sign-ups.

To get started is very simple.

All you need do is to visit their website and sign up by clicking this link HERE: UDIMI Sign Up to get your $5 discount.

And secondly, inputting your name, email and password as shown below;.

That is all.

After signing up, the next thing is for you to find sellers that suits your niche by clicking on “find sellers” located at the right side top menu of your screen.

To guide you through the intrigues of searching for a solo ad seller, this 6-minute video below does justice to it below;

Lets go watch it together

Alternatively, after clicking the “search sellers”, a list of solo ad sellers’ details(sales ratings, cost, nature of solo ad, reviews etc.) will show up of which you can scroll through, examine each of them and go for the one that suits your niche perfectly.


As said earlier, udimi operates on pay-per-click and the cost of a click goes for as low as between $0.35-$0.95 per click

The reason why every solo ad cost varies is because each seller sets their own pricing on a per click basis.

But I want you to note one thing: The unit cost for each click depends on the level of quality of the solo ads list meaning that the higher the chances of getting conversions(such as sales, traffic, clicks etc.) from a list, the higher the cost-per-click rate.

The level of results depends on your budget.

Other factors are also involved too especially in terms of location and countries. For example, Solo ad lists that comprises Top Tier countries such as USA, Britain, Germany, Canada, Russia, UAE etc.

Aside the basic membership, there is a premium membership called Prime where members can upgrade their account Here: Prime Membership Upgrade and get access to all udimi premium features such as advanced opt-in tracking, visitors recording, heatmaps, attention maps, double affiliate payments, profile badge, prime filter and many more altogether

But if $148 is much for you, then there are prices set for each of the features that you can go for.

So depending on what you want exactly, udimi is very flexible for all.

Generally, in addition to all these, Udimi uses Javascript, IPv6 and HTML5 to kill even more useless visits and save your money. Furthermore, it helps them to identify potentially bad sellers and to prevent click fraud in future.

So what else are you still waiting for?

Give Udimi a try and see if it goes well for you by clicking HERE: UDIMI WEBSITE to get started.


Herculist and Udimi?

Right now, you might seem confused with this burning question on your mind: “Which do i finally go for?”

Worry less! let me briefly break down each of them so you can clearly choose the one that suits you generally.

Both of them are among the best solo ad marketplaces, no doubt about this especially in terms of generating traffic but i will be judging them based on 2 key factors: Cost and Conversions


On the aspect of Cost, Udimi might seem more expensive especially thier premium membership(prime) as compared to herculist but one thing is that they operate on cost-per-click basis so you get reward for each penny spent.

On the other side, Herculist offers its Pro, Gold and lifetime membership plans on yearly and lifetime basis depending on your budget and they go for shown below;

Yearly PRO membership package for $15 per year

Gold membership package for $25 per year

Gold membership package lifetime for $49

If i were you, i will go for the Lifetime membership plan since i pay once and don’t have to bother about any future payments again forever and ever.


Udimi offers guaranteed clicks and sales for as high as 50%+, which is very impressive for internet marketing purposes because its solo lists consists of real subscribers looking for business opportunities and are of high quality from 1st and 2nd tier countries.

See below;

As per Herculist, even though its membership plans are cheap and cost-effective, you will surely get traffic and clicks but the chances of getting sales are not as high as compared to udimi.

Surely you will get sales but it depends on your niche offer in that if it is very juicy and attractive, chances of getting sales is high.

FAQs: Which Solo Ad provider is best; Udimi or Herculist

Question: Does choosing a particular web hosting platform for my online business/website affect my choice of solo ad providers?
Answer: No. It is independent of it.

Question: Does these 2 solo ads providers guarantee sales?
Answer: To be very plain with you, Though, you will surely get traffic, investing in these ads does NOT mean you will make sales right-away. It depends on what you offer and your audiences’ preferences.

Question: Why am i recommending these 2 solo ads marketplaces among others out there?
Answer: Well, I have done a diligent research on them and from my findings, discovered that these 2 are best among others because of their outstanding features, low price and specifications. I don’t want you stressing yourself researching unnecessarily.

Question: I am still confused over the two. Which of them will you recommend for me?
Answer: This is a very tough question to answer. Whatever be the reason, maybe you do a thorough appraisal of these ads via their websites for better knowledge and understanding, maybe it will help you out. If possible, you can contact their support staff for clarity sake.

Question: Does these solo ad platforms covers all niches?
Answer: The mailing lists from udimi and herculist comprises contacts from all walks of life. Though herculist blast ads to its huge list of subscribers, Udimi comes with a set of filters to help laser-target your campaign to the right persons.

Question: How credible are these lists from udimi and herculist?
Answer: These email contacts in these lists were NEVER scrapped from the internet randomly. They were carefully selected with series of confirmation and re-confirmation messages between the vendor and subscribers.


Be it starting an online business and the need to start promoting your offers to your preferred audience without an atom of delay, whichever solo ad provider you go for is your best bet.

Trust me on this!

Finally, i hope i have been able to convince you on the option to pick to try out.

Even if possible, you can try the 2 out and finally go for the one that produces better results.

If you have any questions, issues, recommendations, advice etc, feel free to drop your comments in the comment section below and i will be available to respond to each of them.

Thanks for your time, attention and understanding.

Till i see you again in my next post,

Bye for now.

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