tips and tricks to promoting fiverr gigs

Tips And Tricks For Promoting Your Fiverr Gigs

by Editorial Staff

Last Updated on 29/08/2022 by Editorial Staff

Have you tried various tips, tricks and strategies to promote your fiverr gigs to get orders for months but none seems working?

Are you struggling to get new orders, either as a new or old seller?

I understand your plight especially because there is fierce competition among fiverr sellers nowadays.

But worry no more!

In this guide, we will teach you different tips, tricks and strategies of promoting your fiverr gigs and getting lots of buyers in no time.

In fact, these are the tricks that got me 484 impressions, 17 clicks and 5 orders within 30 days of setting up my new gig in the highly competitive fiverr market.

See proof below;

Hence, as you can see, i am qualified to be your best tutor on this.

So, what else are we waiting for?

lets roll.


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are you just hearing of fiverr for the first time?

Please visit this tutorial link to learn everything about fiverr here:

Learn Everything About Fiverr

I personally did it for you.

Now, lets continue with our main topic.

Promotional Tips and Strategies For Fiverr Gigs

When fiverr started in year 2010, early sellers enjoyed lots of orders from buyers with little competition and no promotion on their own and made lots of money.

Some, infact majority of them are now Top-Rated sellers.

But, nowadays, there are thousands of sellers selling over 1.7 Million gigs. ranking in over $107 Million in revenue according to wikipedia on fiverr as at February 2020.

This has caused fierce competition (for buyers) among sellers, hence the need for them to promote thier gigs online, both within and outside fiverr to get orders and sales.

At this point, we begin with our first tip which is

Social Media Promotion

This doesn’t only cover sharing your gigs online for social exposure but creating various social pages on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc and posting your gig links there.

You can even go extra by uploading your gig work samples too.

For example, see this seller’s youtube link to his work samples on his gig description.

He creates animation videos on fiverr and here are his work samples on youtube as shown below;

Here is another seller’s Facebook page with his gig link included there as shown below

You can do the same too on Facebook, YouTube, twitter, pinterest, Instagram etc.
The more the pages, the more the exposure.

Creating A Website Portfolio

This involves creating a website, showcasing your work samples there and posting your website link in your gig description for reviews by potential buyers.

Though web hosting might be costly but BlueHost is the cheapest of them all and offer excellent customer support.

I use them personally for my website:, so i highly recommend you check them out.

Aside that, you can use photo and video uploading sites (such as flickrbehance etc) to showcase your sample works too.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can upload your sample designs and share the link in your gig description or outside fiverr as shown below:

Below shows his graphic design work samples;

Invest in Advert spaces

A good place to search out for blogs and forums with vacant ad spaces is BuySell Ads.

All you need do is this;

– Visit the link above, select your niche and pick out your corresponding niche websites to place your Ads (in form of text links, banners etc) at a cost depending on your budget.

You can also join membership forums (e.g. blackhatworld, warriorplus etc) and put in your signature profile and/or as reference links when commenting positively during discussions

OR create your fiverr gig web banner and put it here. If anyone clicks on the banner, it will take the person to your gigs on fiverr

See example below:

There are lots of fiverr sellers who can create banners for you. contact them.

Create Backlinks For Your Fiverr Gigs

To get the most of this, you must create backlinks of HIGH-QUALITY.

Go for backlinks on High Authority websites such as TED, MOZILLA, Microsoft, Amazon, DELL etc can do justice to it.

Now, how do we do it?


Google search such websites out, create user profile and input your fiverr gig related keywords in the “website name/title” space and your fiverr link in the “website url” space all in your profile settings as shown below:

I have put up a tutorial on how to create High Quality backlinks here: How To Create High Quality Backlinks
You can check out fiverr sellers that offer backlinks services to help you out

With time, such backlinks will drive real traffic visitors to your gigs.

Fiverr Gig Keyword Tweak

This has to do with getting on 1st page of fiverr search engine rankings for your keyword.

it is somewhat similar to that of google in the sense that if a visitor input a keyword in fiverr “search” box, your gig will be among those in fiverr search results 1st page.

Now, how do we do this?

Not so difficult.

Here is how below:

Re-edit your gig title and description by adding keywords related to your gig.

First, in your gig title, include most of your keywords there.

for example, if you are a graphic designer, input keywords (that related to what you can do) in your gig title.

See below;


Include your keywords in the first 50 words of your gig description as shown below

That is all.

As simple as ABC.


I can hear you say “Yeah”


Just study the title and description of gigs that are ranking high up in fiverr 1st pages to get some ideas on how they did theirs.

Though this keyword tweak works well, there are other factors that you must consider too.

And they are status levels, ratings and quality of service gig.

For example, if you observe very well, aside the keyword tweak, those sellers that rank high are mostly level 2 and top-rated sellers with good star ratings of 4.9-5.0.

This image below explains for better understanding.

But no-level and level 1 sellers still have a chance as you can see below also.

A level 0 seller by name “messiya99” is also ranking on top 1st page for the same “logo design” keyword beating other top-rated and level 1 and 2 sellers as well.

So don’t give up.

There is hope for level 0 sellers too.

That is all on this.

Through these groups, 2 sellers can buy each other’s gigs and give each other positive reviews.

Always Be An Alert On Fiverr

Being alert on fiverr, i mean the following:

1. Response Rate: Respond to notification messages as QUICK as possible to boost your response rate to 100% level
2. On-time Delivery: When you receive an order, do not hesitate a second to start work on your buyer’s job so you can deliver on time.
3. Order completion: Too much cancellation of orders can affect you negatively and bring down your ratings. So do your best to minimize cancellations and deliver more.

Instead you can instruct potential buyers to message you before ordering.

If you are able to keep up their 3 parameters close to 100%, your gigs will be ranked much higher and boost chances of getting promoted to upper levels.

Now, the question is this:

how do i get notifications messages from fiverr?

2 stuffs can help you out as follows

a. Fiverr Mobile App
b. Email/Gmail Notification settings

Fiverr Mobile App: This is a user interface application that mimics fiverr website where you can do your normal operations as if you are on computer on your mobile phone.
in this case, you need to set up notification settings so you receive alerts on new orders, messages etc direct on your android mobile phone and respond quickly.

To start with, visit google play-store on your phone, search for the fiverr App and install it. After installation, go to the notification settings and configure it to send you alerts automatically

Yahoo Mail/Gmail Notification Settings: If the fiverr App isnt working, this is another good alternative or you can even set up the 2 together.

Just install the Yahoo-mail App from playstore and configure it to notify you of any inbox messages on your mobile and computer desktop.

Do same for Gmail App too.

So finally, I believe these 2 Apps can help you to be online at all times.

And the last but not the least is ……………….

Promote On Online Communities

They are Yahoo Answers, Quora, Reddit, Medium, Answer the Public and HARO.

The key to successful promotion on these content sites is post relevant comments and articles that are useful for readers and online visitors while inputing your fiverr gig link in the process.

For example, lets look at Quora.

It commands a large number of visitors daily so its an opportunity for you to get a taste of them to your fiverr gig.

Now, all you do is this:

Lets say you are a fiverr seller who creates high quality backlinks for websites

Look out for questions or discussions that relates to your gig service and respond with useful comments thus inserting your link which leads back to your fiverr blog or gig.

Reddit is a network of over 1 million communities of different interests(called subreddits) with a over 15 Million users.

Statistics has proven this.

So, wont it be sweet to get a slice of them to your fiverr blog or gig?

Look for the subreddit community that matters to you, join and begin commenting on topics and discussions.

For example, if you offer traffic gigs on fiverr, then you can partake in this discussion as shown below and input your fiverr gig link straight away

But be warned!

Reddit dislike promoters with passion. if you want to join them, dont begin posting any direct fiverr gig or affiliate links for traffic.

Instead, engage yourself positively with useful comments and post your fiverr blog link instead. then when they visit your blog, it will lead them straight to your fiverr gig.

That of medium is simple and straight-forward.

Create a user account profile and post an article on any topic about your niche, inserting a link leading to your fiverr gig or blog. Simple!

For example, A user(shishir204) post an article on fiverr promotion:

and include his link to his fiverr gig as shown below

Check it here to see for yourself:

HARO(Help A Reporter Out): 
HARO is network community of more than 55,000 bloggers and journalists connecting with over 800,000 sources.

This has to do with connecting with journalist and offering them contents that act as reference in thier publications.

You may not be able to post your direct fiverr link but can do with your fiverr promotion blog.

Summarily, it works as thus: You register as a source as shown below.

While journalists send you email pitches that relates to your niche, you respond with useful content, adding a source link.

Such source link can be your fiverr portfolio blog acting as a backlink or source of traffic visitors.

Include your Work Samples(Portfolios) in your Gig Description

If there is one thing you must not miss, it is adding work samples to your gig for it can make or mar your fiverr business.

It is the work samples that will judge your professionalism and quality of your job based on the buyers’ discretion. If you dont include your samples or is not impressive enough, you will lose the buyer out to another seller.

For example,

Take a look at this top-rated seller (careportal) below. He is into video animation and included a sample video in his gig as shown below;

Below is another seller who is into graphic designs

Upload the very best of your work samples portfolios for it is the first time a potential buyer will see first even before reading your gig description.

Take It Seriously!

Lets move to the next which is

Add Description Videos To Your Gig

Description video?


What exactly do i mean?

This image below will explain better.

Descriptive videos are meant for explaining your gig to potential buyers in VISUAL form.

According to fiverr, adding videos boosts your chances of getting orders by 40%. Such videos can be your work sample videos too.

But one thing is critical here. Make sure the video content is EXCLUSIVELY YOURS to avoid copyright issues and choose video no longer than 75 seconds and less than 50 MB

For more info about adding videos, visit this link from fiverr: Adding A Video To Your Gig

Finally! Finally!!

We are done.

These tips listed above are the common ones that every tick, dick and harry knows out there and have carried out to boost chances of luring buyers and getting sales.

You can implement some but i recommend you do all to get a strong competitive advantage over other sellers for more sales.

But before we continue, lets hear from a Top-Rated seller (articulateasian) in voice-over category on his 5 top tips to get orders fast.

Please Watch below:


We may be done but not yet.

This article won’t be complete without notifying you about these blackhat tricks to give you an added advantage over others.

Lets check them out one by one.

Fiverr Gig Promotional Tricks


Aside these tips above, there are some TRICKS we cooked out that has proven to be effective in getting orders.

Without time waste,

Lets check them out.

Buy/Exchange Reviews

Aside the level status, Customers’ reviews are another big factor that compel potential buyers to order your gigs.

for example, A level 1, 2 or top-rated seller is more likely to get orders than a level 0 sellers.

Even most times, due to stiff competition, it takes months for a newbie seller to get his 1st order.

So what do level 0 sellers do to boost their chances?

Buy exchange Reviews!

Look for fellow sellers or anyone who you buy your gigs and give you positive reviews.

And one good place you can get them is in Facebook groups. Search out for them and join by typing keywords such as “fiverr promotion, fiverr gigs, fiverr reviews exchange etc.

See image below:

Charge Very Low Price for High Quality Job

In this highly competitive fiverr market, one trick to lure buyers is to by charging a much lower price that what is expected for a high quality gig.

Why this trick works is this:

1. Most buyers will be more willing to order from you than high-level sellers if you charge low price for high quality job.
2. It serves as an opportunity to get positive reviews which is KEY to getting higher gig rankings.

For example, here is a seller with NO level offering high quality video animation services, having 4 orders with 24 reviews already.

So, even though it means putting extra efforts for low price, see it as a sacrifice for a better tomorrow.

After you have gotten some reviews, you can re-adjust the price to its normal justified cost.

NOTE: There is still no guarantee that orders will start pouring in even if you charge at $1 but the potentials are high.

So don’t be fooled.

Offer Extra service to your Gig

Just like the trick above, you can offer additional service to the ones you have already to lure buyers to your side.

For example,

if you are in logo design, you can choose to design 2 extra logos at the same price of $5.
Take a look at this seller(saeid_designer). he is a level 0 seller doing 2 logos within 24 hours delivery time for just $5.

As you can see above, he is processing 2 extra orders despite being a level 0 seller. if he can do it, you can too.

Good for him! we wish him well.

But NOTE that despite adding extras and bonuses, you might still face challenges getting orders but do not give up hope.

Patience is KEY.

Offer Unique Services


Due to high volume of competition, if you are planning to start off with little or no skills, do a very intense research of services across board and offer one that is less competitive or unique or completely different.

It is not a MUST that you execute skills that are good at especially if it is a highly competitive niche.

Lets do a little experiment on this.

Lets look at the logo design and infographics design categories in the graphic design niche below;

The logo design category has over 166,000 sellers while infographic has 3,576 sellers.

Of course, you dont need a soothsayer to tell you that the logo design will be highly competitive and your chances of excelling is slim.

Investing in Infographics is the best option for you.

And the sweetest thing about it is this:

You dont need to learn any graphic design skills to be professional in infographics.

How do i mean?

There are websites that offer lots of templates designs you can use to design customer jobs.

All you need do is to register an account, pay a monthly or yearly subscription to have access to hundreds of them.

A good number of them are freepik, canva, infogram etc.

So, it is up to you

Check and choose the ones most preferable.

Lets move to the last but not the least trick.

Drive FAKE Traffic to your Gigs

Though not important but very necessary.

Here is what i mean.

There is something we call impression in fiverr gigs analytics.

We access it by clicking the “gigs” option in the seller dashboard

See below;

Which will take us to our “gigs” area

Impressions are counted when your gig is accessed by different IP addresses from traffic visitors.

So would it be nice if you send in fake traffic to boost up your impressions?

And the higher the impressions, the more likelihood your gigs appear higher up in search pages and the more likely you might get orders(sales).

As per driving traffic, you can do it 2 ways;

1. You can website traffic from sellers here on fiverr
2. You can buy traffic software. I recommend you buy this: Traffic Demon.

it is what i use personally and it is good.

NOTE: Do NOT Share This Secret To Anyone. Kept it Exclusively to yourself.

At this juncture, lets round up by listening to what this fiverr seller(Mike Nardi) has to say about gaining promotions. He accumulated over 140,000 impressions, almost 5000 clicks, over 9000 views, and over 110 orders in the last six months.

Lets watch how he did it below;

Come, follow me.



Finally, we are completely done.

We will continue to update this article with new tricks once we try and confirm them.

But those listed above have been TESTED and CONFIRMED.

So you can try them out.


But i must warn you.

Implementing these tips and tricks does not guarantee orders immediately.

Just like any other businesses out there, it will take some time for you to see positive results.

It might happen with days, weeks or even months before your gigs begins to get traction.

So don’t rejoice yet!

if orders begin rolling in fast, congratulations!

If not, dont freak out.

And i must semphasize strongly here that it is NOT a GET-QUICK-RICH syndrome.


I wish you all the best.

Now The Table Is Yours

Are you starting off on fiverr?
Are you a seller already, wishing to try these tips out?
Do you need clarity on any areas at all
Do you have any comments, questions, recommendations or suggestions that you would like me to know?

Feel free to post them in the comments section below.

I am 100% available to respond to your comments one-by-one.

Thanks for your time, patience, attention and endurance

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighbourhood spiderman.

Oppp sorry!

Your friendly neighbourhood SEO tutor.


Bye for Now.

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