UPLEAD REVIEW: Sure Way To Generate Leads For Email Marketing?

For a business or brand to grow online, one method it must adopt is Email Marketing which has proven overtime as one of the most effective means for generating leads or list(contacts of persons and organization) and turning them into sales.

Though there are various ways to generate a targeted email list, Uplead proves to be the easiest and effective way in targeting the right prospects, thus launching a successful emailing campaign, hence the review of its services (uplead).

But building up an email list of leads is no easy task at all.

You need to convince your prospects that you can offer something valuable in exchange for their private contacts (be it names, email addresses, phone numbers, location addresses etc).

But worry less for Uplead has all the logistics needed to create awareness of your brand products and services to the right contacts, thus boosting your business online.

The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web

Wayne Davis

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Before we look in critically to what it is all about, let us briefly check out other various ways to generate leads and build a targeted email list.

Lets check them out below:

Create a landing page

Host a giveaway

Offer high premium content upgrade

Run a survey

Do webinars

These strategies are tested and proven methods of gathering lead contacts to form up your email list for marketing and other purposes.

But let me tell you something.

These strategies are 100% MANUAL and NOT instant.

What exactly do i mean?

What i mean is that you have to put in lots of time, cash and efforts to gather as many contacts as possible.

But why worry so much when there is an easy way out.

Infact, it is at this point where UPLEAD Review comes into play.

What Is UpLead All About

But you may ask; what is Uplead all about?

Uplead is a lead generation platform that connects you to the right contacts for business, products and services campaign purposes.

It comes with search filters in terms of industry, revenue, title, location, technology, type and others, to make it easy for users to find prospect targets.

It comes with a huge database collection of over 46 million+ contacts, 45 million+ global company profiles, 21 million+ USA company profiles across over 200 countries.

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With this massive database at your disposal, the opportunities is huge.

All you need do is to subscribe to their service by clicking this blue button link below:

After clicking the link above, you will be taken to thier homepage.

So to sign up and create an account, click “Start free trial” button as shown below;

Image for post

One sweet thing thing about uplead is that it offers a 7-day trial to test their service of which if you are satisfied, you can go ahead to book their full package.

But if you wish to discontinue their service for any reason, you can cancel at anytime.

Uplead offers you such privilege too.

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To get a better understanding of what Uplead is all about, join me in watching this Uplead YouTube video below;

Lets check it out together

Why Go For Uplead

Now, what makes Uplead so special?

Below are its special features that makes Uplead the best choice to go for below:

High Click-Through-Rate

 Here, Uplead does not just broadcast to all contacts generally.

Instead, it targets specific contacts in accordance to your campaign requirements which guarantees over 95% accuracy with low bounce rates and high open rates.

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Browser Extension

 Live and direct from your browser interface, you can get any information about your prospects. info such as phone numbers, emails, location address etc.

All you need do is to just visit their website to download and install the extension into your Google chrome browser right away.

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Uplead API:

 With this feature, it offers you the privilege of updating your company and individuals’ contacts information anytime anyday.

All that is needed is for you to get your API key and you are good to go.

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Aside that, you can also extract individual and company data from a business email database via a combined API.

Email Verification 

Before broadcasting your message to your contacts prospects, you can verify your contact email addresses to ensure they are still active.

This helps avoid your messages seen as spam, boost up your open rate and lessen bounces.

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So what else are you waiting for

Save yourself financial and physical stress of growing an email contact list

Instead, explore this advantage of Uplead to get instant access to millions of prospects at very cheap and affordable price here: UPLEAD LEADS SERVICE

But if you wish to grow your email list by yourself, it is a very good idea.

Infact, it will be best if you choose to utilize Uplead service in addition to your self-grown personal contact lists.

The advantage is very huge.

So, without any delay, below are the strategic steps to follow if you wish to build up your own list by yourself from scratch.

Steps to Building Your Own Email List

Lets go through them below one-by-one;

Create A Landing Page

Just as the name describes, it is where visitors “land” their email contacts in exchange for something more valuable often called lead magnets or content upgrades which could be guides, ebooks, videos, giveaways or anything useful etc.

All these for the sole purpose of achieving a specific purpose(s) be it purchase, share, sign-up etc.

For better understanding, below is how a landing page looks like

Image for post

As you can see above, hubspot is offering tips on expert marketing in exchange for email addresses.

In some cases, such landing pages can show up as a pop-up or a webpage or even a side banner.

It depends on the taste and purpose of the blog involved.

Host A Giveaway

Organize special giveways regularly to engage your audience more often to create a sense of belonging and trust.

Such giveaways can be a physical item, digital product, special privilege etc

You can make use of kingsumo to arrange one for yourself.

A good example of a typical giveway is as shown below;

Image for post

As you can see above, all that is needed is for your audience to input their email address and carry out further actions to qualify as a potential winner for the iphone 12 pro max.

I mean, who wont give out his email address to quality for a high luxury product as iphone?

I mean who?

Offer High Premium Content Upgrade

See this image below;

Image for post

From the above, brain dean of backlinko puts up a awesome exclusive content (“How to build awesome backlinks in 2021(9 proven strategies)”)

And for you to have access to it, you need to exchange your email address for it.

But i want you to note this: The content MUST be VERY OUTSTANDING and of GREAT VALUE to those who has subscribed thier email contacts to read it.

Or else if they are unsatisfied, they may hit the “Unsubscribe” button and opt out from your list.

Run A Survey

On this aspect, you can set up a quick survey on performance or perception of a website, product or services from the view of your readers, customers and visitors.

Here is what i mean.

A blogger can offer his new product for test for free and then finally run a survey where the testers answer questions on the general performance of such product.

While along the line, the tester inputs his email address to get a discount of the product if he is interested or not.

For instance, see an example of an email i got about a product discount for accepting to review such product.

Image for post

This is not for everybody but exclusively only to those who offer to test the product for free and give their honest feedback review on it.

So wont it be a good choice for you to test the product in exchange for such an amazing discount offer whether your feedback review is positive or not?

Of course, it is a good choice indeed.

Do Webinars

In this case, webinars are used for product launch where the producer enlightens viewers on everything about his new product, create a sense of artificial scarcity of the product.

And along the line, offer a very special discount for first-timers for a limited amount of time.

Now, how do such producers collect email addresses here?

This can be done in 2 ways;

First, you can offer an invite link which takes one to the webinar invitation page where he gets to input his contact details including his email address as part of requirements for entry to the webinar live.

See what i mean below:

The image below shows info about a product launch webinar with free software giveaways as bait to entice visitors to register for the webinar

Image for post

This second image shows the requirements needed to fill up to qualify for the webinar. Your first name, last name and email address are needed for registration.

Image for post

Optimize For Mobile

It is no longer news that mobile browsing is taking over the internet space as more internet surfers access the web with mobile devices as compared to those who still use desktop computers and laptops.


So, lets ask ourselves,

Wont it be nice if you optimize your website for mobile browsing experience?

Of course, yes!

Even Google has switched it algorithm to favor mobile users first as you can see below;

And if almighty Google has made such declaration, who are we to object?

It will only be logical to begin restructuring our website to suit Google-mobile-First.

And how do we achieve that?

It can be achieved by simply making your website mobile-responsive alongside other options.

That is all.

Briefly, the following steps are ways to make website mobile-friendly;

Use Responsive Web Design: Most themes being sold today are mobile-responsive, so when setting up one, go for them. Wpbeginner has put up a list of best responsive themes for any website.

Below is an example of how this site(chetaweb) looks like in mobile view:

Compress Images: large images can hinder free navigation of websites through mobile devices.

So the best thing to do is to optimize images to suit mobile and desktop compatibility.

There are several plugins to help achieve this of which one good one is imagify (an image optimization WordPress plugin).

Implement Schema Markup: Schema is all about restructuring your data to suit mobile search. It doesn’t cost an arm or leg to set it up as there is a WordPress plugin to help you set up one here: Schema App Structured Data

Simply download, install and configure it.

Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) markup: By implementing AMP, you are making a duplicate copy of your website strictly for mobile devices only.

And it can be done in 3 major components:

AMP HTML – This redesigned HTML uses custom AMP-related commands for more dynamic mobile content.
AMP JS – Asynchronous loading is the goal of the AMP Javascript structure.
AMP CDN – A Google-hosted content delivery network with cached content
AMP is meant to load only the most important parts of a website with lesser images and faster load time.

Boost Up Your Website Load Time: Internet surfers are the most impatient set of people, so if your website is slow, you will definitely lose out in terms of open-rates and click-through rates.

How do we achieve this?

A plugin: WP Rocket, can do the job for us.

With it, you can minify codes, optimize images, Optimize database queries, lower server response time, use a CDN, use RFPL caching etc

Studies have consistently shown fast page load times can even lead to higher google rankings.

Exist-Intent Pop-Ups

This aspect is very technical due to the circumstances that surrounds it.

What exactly do i mean?

From the word “Exist intent“, it is meant to mean target traffic visitors who are somewhat disinterested and want to leave the site for whatever reason.

And if they leave, they leave forever.

But who will be the biggest loser? We, the bloggers and webmasters.

Now, what is the way out?.

How do we win them back?

Enter: Exist-Intent Pop-ups.

See how one looks like below:

The pop-up shows up at that instant the visitor wants to leave the site.

It is about offering something very enticing and juicy(often called lead magnet) to restrain the visitors from leaving and forcing them “stylishly” drop their contacts (as you can see in the second image above) in exchange for it.

What a trick!

Yeah, that is what exist pop-ups does.

That will be all for now.

We hope these few strategies, to the best of our knowledge, will see you through in your journey to building your personalized email list successfully.

As time goes on, we will kept updating this article with more info about lead generation

But for the time being, we offer you this youtube video by Marc Wayshak where he shows us over 15 additional ways to generate leads to build up contacts list.

So, as you can see, i have very much being fair on both sides.

I mean, on the side of carrying out manual methods to build your list from scratch and the other side of using Uplead Service to instantly get access to your contact prospects and blast at a go.

The choice is all yours.

But if you want to get results quickly from already-made lists, the uplead service is still available for you by clicking the link below:

UPLEAD LEADS (7-Day Trial)

It is up to you.

Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service

brain tracy

CONCLUSION: Uplead Review

Building up an email list by collecting leads takes time and lots of promotional strategies.

In other words, to convince your traffic visitors to part with their email addresses, you must offer them a good reason to do so.

Either by giving out something special for free with a promise to offer incentives regularly or promise them valuable stuffs on a daily basis or whatever.

But aside that, if you dont want to go through these difficulties of creating your own list, you can still leverage the opportunity of Uplead if you are still very much interested by clicking here: Uplead Lead Database

Finally, The Table Is Yours

After undergoing this uplead review, the ball is now in your court.

What do you intend to do?

Are you planning to create your own list?
What do you think about these strategies of generating leads?
Which of these methods are you trying out?

Free free to drop your comments, recommendations, suggestions, advice etc.

I am 100% available to respond to your comments one-by-one.

Thanks for your time, patience and understanding.

Bye for now.

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