14 amazing ways to get High Quality Backlinks for high traffic and Google rankings (with proofs)

2shares Facebook0 Twitter1 Google+1 Pinterest0To get lots of traffic visitors, 2 things are of utmost importance; Great content (100% unique) Backlinks Backlinks is one of the TOP 3 ranking factors that determines the search engine rankings of a webpage or any link. …….And not just any backlinks, but High Authority Backlinks that actually works. Now, Here is the real question; How does one create such backlinks? Seems difficult? Nah! very simple. Why? Because I have drawn out comprehensive tutorials, with descriptive images for better understanding and implementation, on how to create such backlinks from top quality sites like TED, CNN, Microsoft, Disqus, HP, DELL, Lastfm, Mozilla etc.  These top sites possesses high domain authority (D.A) numbers (close to 100) as...

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