10 Simple Daily Tasks Websites to Earn Money Online


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Gone are those days where you spend hours doing tedious tasks just to earn money online.

These days, it’s no longer the same.

Several simple daily task websites have spring up that pays you moderate cash for performing simple daily tasks without stress.

Interested in knowing these sites? Let’s check them out one by one below;

SPECIAL NOTE: If you want to invest in this BONUS WEBSITE that will guarantee you a life sustainable income full-time/part-time (earning thousands of dollars), then scroll down towards the end of this article to see it. You can use this table of contents below to go straight to it.

List of 10 Simple Daily Task Websites


Do you love taking exotic photos and videos?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to earn passive income online by selling your photos. And a great place to do such is at wirestock.

In collaboration with other image sites such such gettyimages, freepik, shutterstock etc., wirestock allows you to create your own space portfolio, upload photos and short videos. 

When potential clients searching for images land on your space and love your collections and place an order for any of your stuffs, you get paid.

Click Here for more Info: WIRESTOCK ACCESS LINK


If you have a flair for converting audio(voice) to text, then this service is probably for you.

Scribie is a transcription service platform that converts events, phone calls, podcasts, meetings, sermons, lectures, speeches, videos etc. or anything that involves audio into a transcript(written text).

To enhance its capability, scribie runs an AI automated technology that does 60% of the typing effort while yours is just to proof-read to ensure accuracy and correctness.

All you need do here is to apply as a transcriber and take a test, if passed, you can start working for them and making money online.

Depending on your skill level (beginner, intermediate, expert), you can earn as high as $1000 per month

You can also work at your convenience and earn between $5-$20 per audio hour.


As shown below, you have a variety of simple tasks to perform such as;

  1. Facebook posting
  2. Installing Apps on your smartphone
  3. Playing games
  4. Answering surveys
  5. Viewing funny slideshows
  6. And completing micro tasks

So, judging from the nature of these tasks, you don’t need any special skills or experience at all to partake for it is what anybody, even a teenager can do.

And one unique feature about this site is that they offer upto 6 different payment methods, so you can pick the one that suits you very conveniently.

For example, if you live in a country not supported by PayPal or any payment means, other choices are available for you.

So, why not sign up right now to get started?


This is another great site where you get to perform simple tasks right from the comfort of your home and earn money online.

And the unique feature about this is that you are trained on certain tasks using online quick courses or free hands-on training.
So even if you can’t get about a particular task, not worries at all.

Depending on the quality and quantity of the tasks you do, you get paid accordingly using paypal or Airtm.

So I suggest you give this a try and see how it goes by clicking on this button link below;


When it comes to testing websites and apps, I give it up to userfeel.

Here is how it operates;

A lot of websites and apps spring up every day and their owners come to this site to have their website and app tested for vulnerability, user-experience, errors and other issues that may require to be fixed before it goes into public domain.

So, this is where you come into play.

After registering your user account, you will be given these tasks to perform on behalf of userfeel.

Based on what the clients wants, your job is to evaluate the site/app, test the processes needed e.g., user registration, checkout etc. and give your feedback response based on your observation.

So, based on the nature of this task, you normally need a laptop, smartphone or tablet and a very good internal or external microphone (to speak into).

In addition to this, there are many other procedures and regulations that ought to be followed and if you are interested, the userfeel FAQs section is a MUST-READ.

After you are done, simply click the “start testing” to get started now as shown below;

After creating your account, you will be given a qualification test by the userfeel team where you will be tested on your capability on how you respond by sharing your thoughts and how audible and loud enough with a good microphone.  

And guess what?

This qualification test is FREE.

Just be very much prepared so you can get a very good rating as this will determine your chances of getting a paid useability task and how often.  

The better the rating from the userfeel management and clients, the more tests will be assigned to you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As I have said before, make sure you go through the FAQs section and note every detail on it before taking up any task.

Let me stop here on this.

Just navigate every section of the userfeel website for more info.

Let’s jump to the next which is ……………………………


If your hobby or talent is writing, you are highly welcome to clearvoice.

What is it about?

Clearvoice is a freelancer website where you generate contents such as articles, infographics, landing pages, case studies, Ad copy, Email copy, video scripts, product description, ebooks, whitepapers etc.

To get started, visit the freelance section of clearvoice, register an account and create a CV portfolio of your samples writeups for the management team to examine and vet.

If they feel you are good at what you do based on their observations, you get admitted into the freelancer talent network.

Then, assignments will be given to you and after assessment approval, you get paid via paypal accordingly.

To start off, visit their homepage website and click “freelance for us” as shown below;

After that, scroll down and click “start my CV profile” and follow the prompts afterwards

If you wish to take your freelance writing career to the next level, this fantastic opportunity is here for you.


This is also an article writing site just like clearvoice.

The only difference is that wonderslist focuses more on categories such as people, animals, travel, sports, entertainment, technology, history, health, literature, humor etc. unlike clearvoice that focuses mostly on writing about brands only. 

Examples of topics you will see are “top 10 most beautiful women in the world”,  “Mark Zuckerberg New worth: 10 interesting facts you never knew about him”, “The best 10 vacation destinations to visit for your honeymoon”, “Lionel Messi: strange truth about his upbringing and caeer” etc.

Infact, this site offers a much wider range of niche opportunities for everyone who wish to write his/her interests.

Before you start writing, there are laid-down rules and guidelines (as shown below) that govern article writing and submission, failure to comply of which might lead to your article been rejected outrightly.

So, if your article is scrutinized and accepted for publication, you get paid $5 per article.

The payment reward might not be much, but atleast it is something worth 1500-word writeup.

Branded Surveys

Surveys is one of the numerous ways branded companies carry out market research about their products and services as a strategy for efficient customer satisfaction and competitive advantage and they need people for such research

So what do they do?

They register on sites like branded surveys where such persons exist and source for their opinions.

And this is where you come in.

All that is required of you is to give your honest answers to questions asked, earn points and get rewarded in cash or gift cards right from the comfort of your home.

The more surveys you do, the more points you make, thus the higher the earnings.

Your earnings go straight to your PayPal or bank account.

What I like about Branded Surveys is that it also has a program called Branded Elite.

This pays you with bonus cash every month if you complete enough surveys, making it higher-paying for consistent members.

For more info about how this whole process works, this video below does justice to it. Let’s watch;

Wanna check them out;


This is more or less like an online marketplace where individuals and businesses seek the services of freelancers for certain tasks to be done online.

For example, if a individual wants real views and likes on his YouTube videos for higher visibility search rankings, you can offer that if you can.

So also, if a company wants to create quality backlinks for its website, you can render it to them.

All these in exchange for a fee.

Your job here is to open(register) your account profile, set up such services(called gigs) alongside its cash charges(from $1 to over $100), deliver your orders when booked and get paid accordingly.

That is what sproutgigs (formerly picoworkers) is all about.

Other simple tasks that freelancers are offering are as shown below;

And you know what, sproutgigs offer such services across various niche categories such as digital marketing, SEO, digital writing, photos and videos, graphic designs, web development, presentations, mobile apps and many more.

So, whichever category you are, you are covered.

Interested?; Why not.


With appen, you can perform flexible, part-time jobs to people across the world.

And such type of jobs that you can apply for including the following;

  1. Transcription service
  2. Search engine evaluation
  3. Surveys
  4. Data collection and analysis
  5. Social media evaluation
  6. Internet research

Infact, these jobs are divided into 3 major categories;

  • Long work projects
  • Survey and data collection
  • Microtasks (small jobs)

So whichever that fits you, feel free to go for it.

Appen pays between $3-$20 per hour task and remits payments monthly via payoneer.

The more the tasks (microworks and projects) you perform, the more money you make.

They don’t use PayPal.

Have access to Appen website below if interested;


PROS of Simple Daily Task Jobs Websites

  1. Quick Side Hustle: If you wish to earn extra to complement your main earnings, these sites are good for it.
  2. Free Startup: To setup an account is FREE. No subscription fee or hidden charges at all.
  3. Wide range of jobs: No matter the career you study, the probability of getting micro jobs is very high.
  4. Easy payout: A good number of these sites pay weekly and via the most widely accepted payment platforms e.g., PayPal

CONS Of Simple Daily Task Jobs Websites

  1. There is no guarantee you might get lots of job projects depending on your demography.
  2. These micro jobs can be boring and monotonous.
  3. If you are expecting these sites to replace your main job, then you are wrong.
  4. The cash payments may not be high enough to sustain you.
  5. These job sites cannot boost your career in a reasonable way.

Despite the disadvantages that accompany these sites, it still remains a very fantastic ways of making money online especially in your spare time and on holidays.

And one unique feature that is common among these sites is that no work experience or skills is required to perform these micro jobs.

It is something that virtually anyone can do and earn some cash by the side.

But if you are expecting to earn thousands of dollars on a monthly basis, I don’t recommend these kind of job sites.

But if I were you, I will give them a good try.

Atleast, few bucks can help take care of little expenses at home such as bar soaps, food seasonings, tooth paste, detergents etc.

Or if you are a student in school.

So why not?

BONUS WEBSITE (If You Want to Earn a Sustainable Income for Lifetime): FIVERR

On the flip side, if you wish to partake in such kind of jobs that pays really good life-sustainable income, there is a particular website I recommend you go for which is Fiverr.

Why Fiverr?

I will give you 3 reasons;

FIRST, just like sprougigs, it is a very common online marketplace that allows freelancers to post their service gigs but can charge as high as $10,000 per order maximum (with $5 as the minimum charge).

SECOND, the niche category section is very wide as you can see below;

And each of these niches comes with lot of such-categories to choose from.

So whichever area you specialize on be it digital marketing, graphic design, video creation, data processing, article writing etc., this is always an opportunity for you.

THIRD, Fiverr commands a very huge number of traffic visitors. A traffic statistics study by Similarweb shows that fiverr witnessed a traffic flow of over 58 million visitors online as at June 2023.

Isn’t that massive?

No wonder sellers like Moon S who is into logo design has over 817 orders in queue to process as you can see below.

Images don’t lie.

And she charges a minimum of $25 per order. Do you know how much she will be making monthly from her logo business?

Your guess is as good as mine.

So, what else are you waiting for?

Visit the Fiverr Link to get started.

FAQs Section: Simple Daily Tasks Websites to Earn Money Online

Question: Are these sites free to open or do I have to pay to create an account?
These websites charge no fees to operate

Question: Can I run these sites as a side-hustle or full-time?
These sites are best for side hustle incomes

Question: Then, what if I want to make an income that can support me lifetime?
As I have already stated above, Fiverr is your best bet here

Question: Do I need a skill, former training or previous experience to make money from these simple daily tasks websites?
Answer: No, you don’t. Even a novice can perform the simple tasks effectively. Besides, there are step-by-step instructions to assist you.

Question: What is the expected range that one can earn from these sites
Though depending on certain factors, cash earnings are in the range of $1-$200 on a daily basis. It depends on the level of work you put in

Question: Are these sites legit or just few of them?
I have taken time to review them and I can boldly say all of them are NOT scam at all.

Question: So, how do I start?
Visit any of the websites and click “sign up” or “register” or any similar to create your new account.


There are lots of other websites that truly pays for performing simple daily tasks to earn money online but these few websites I have listed above are the very best among them and its a heads-start to catapult your journey to financial freedom and stability.

But i must give you one advice;
– Make sure you browse go the website of your choice very thoroughly
– Read the terms of use and conditions very well.
– Go through the FAQs section as well as the community rules and guidelines.

I say this so you don’t risk getting suspended or banned for infraction or non-compliance to rules.

Best of still, if you have any questions or in doubt of anything, reach out to their customer support.

Take this very seriously.

And my last advice before i sign off;

Few stages of startoff, you might not make much. It is normal.

For you to get it right, you have to put in the work; Consistency, Hardwork and Dedication provided you are doing it the right way. No room for lackluster at all.

Don’t wait for client to come to you(in some cases), go after where they are(promotion). A good example is fiverr.

Depending on the modus operandi of some task websites, explore and utilize areas that you feel can maximize your chances of earning a reasonable amount of income worth the effort.

Its not going to be easy atimes but I believe you can make a breakthrough.

If i can, so can you.

Now, its over to you: Simple Daily Tasks Websites

Are you giving any or all of these sites a try?

Do you have any questions about anything related to this topic at all?

Feel free to drop your comments; questions, recommendations, suggestions, criticisms, analysis and advice

I am 100% available to respond to your comments anytime, any day.

Thanks for your time, patience and attention.

Bye for now.

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