13 Startup Tools For Email List Building And Marketing


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In the world of email marketing, technology has given rise to various startup tools and software to aid digital marketers in building email lists using landing pages as well as marketing in form of sending messages using sender tools.

Such messages include policy updates, donations, product awareness and promotion, solicit sales, business requests, news, press releases etc.


In the early days, sending mail massages was done manually and it consumed so much time and efforts, hence it was less effective in terms of reaching out to a large number of prospects.

But with the help of these 14 startup tools and software, you can blast to hundreds, even thousands of persons in your email subscribers list within seconds just at the press of a button.

So without time waste, let check out these tools

Before before we check them out,

Which Do I Recommend Best For You?

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you don’t have all the time to go through these software one-by-one and you want to know which one will be the best for you based on recommendation and merit.

Then, I will strongly advise you go for this amazing email tool called Getresponse.

Why do i recommend Getresponse tool for you?

The following unique features are why getresponse if the most suitable for you here:

1. Landing Pages: Getresponse has over 100+ landing pages where you can choose the ones that suit best for your niche campaign and lifestyle. And they are SEO-optimized
2. Marketing Automation: It is an mail autoresponder tool with inbuilt marketing automation workflows based on customers’ data and behavior. In other words, you don’t need to carry out specific task manually to respond to potential customers actions. This tool does it for you.
Such tasks include the following; cart abandonment emails to recover lost sales, visitors tracking, product recommendations etc.

3. Web push notifications to notify and bring people back to their offer.
4. it comes with various conversion funnels such as sales, lead magnet, list building funnels etc.
5. Paid Ads: you can run paid ads such as Facebook, google ads
6. And many others as well as shown below;

To learn more about this tool, let us watch this video together below;

And finally why i personally went for this tool is its Most Unique Feature which is webinars which other email tools do not have.

With this webinar tool, you can arrange online Live meetings with your subscribers and potential customers on updates, new products launch etc.

And secondly, you can try this tool for 30 days for free (30-day Free-Trail) to test the tool and if satisfied, you can go ahead and buy a plan.

This is the very tool that i use personally for my email marketing campaign, so you are free to check it out by clicking this button link below:

So it is up to you to use getresponse tool just like me.

Building An Email List: Infographic Presentation

For better understanding of how to build your email list successfully from scratch, this infographic presentation showcases list-building tips that every blogger and internet marketer can adopt to generate his own list within a record time.

Credit goes to Getresponse blog team for putting up this amazing full guide on how to build an email list from scratch that explains all the steps, best-practices, and tools you need to build an engaged email list.


For more information about Getresponse, you can access their website HEREAccess the Getresponse Email Website to learn more.

I personally recommend you use Getresponse because it comes with a 14-day free-trial period and user-friendly features and premium functionalities.


lets check out the 14 tools below;

SPECIAL NOTE: If you don’t have much time to read, feel free to click on any of these tools that interests you for quick access.

Startup Tools For Email List Building and Marketing


This is a powerful tool that incorporates lots of special features to meet your email campaign goals to its fullest, most importantly converting customers into sales.

Special Features of OptinMonster

These special features such as the following;

1. Campaign Types: These offers various attention-grabbing displays to engage the visitors most for maximum engagements.
2. Drag and Drop Builder: These covers yes/no forms, mobile-friendly pop-ups, custom success messages, canvas and monster effects. All these sub-features enables the email marketer to choose their suitable templates, customize them as well as include sound effects and animations to boost sales and conversions.
3. Campaigns Triggers: As the name implies, this feature detects visitors’ actions and display the necessary campaign at that point in time for maximum conversion.
4. Targeted campaigns: This feature takes notice of new and returning visitors from various sources and presents products to them via precision targeting.
5. Seamless Integrations: Create campaigns that react and adapt in real time so you can easily personalize, segment, and target for incredible conversions.
6. Action Insights: Get the stats that matter and the tools you need to take action and improve your lead-generation strategy.

With all these features, you wont be wrong to go for optinmonster as it has proven to be 100% capable of meeting your marketing needs.

And it goes for as low as $9 per month with upgrades to enjoy more premium features.

Unique Feature: The Exist Pop-Ups is what i love most about this tool because with it, you can detect when a visitor wants to leave and at that point, throw up a tantalizing offer for him at that point of leave.

You can check out this tool here

Check Optinmonster Tool Here


This tool is free for upto 2,000 contacts of which you can upgrade as the subscribers increases and enjoy more premium features.

It is an all-in-one integration emailing platform suitable for small and medium scale businesses and covers marketing channels, A/B testing, customer support, Audience insights, Automation, templates, domains etc .

One unique feature i love about this tool is its LOW cost (for 50,000 subscribers) unlike other tools and the ability to build websites and monitor its analysis (new feature).

If interested, you can check it out here below

Try Mailchimp Tool


Some important features about moosend are as listed below;

  • Email Templates: With hundreds of up-to-date templates to choose from, your email marketing campaigns will be dressed for success any time, any day.
  • Automation Workflows: With the click of a button, the tool does the majority of the job for you while you relax and take your coffee
  • Personalization: You can design and create custom forms and present to visitors based on relevance
  • Tracking: The tool allows you to monitor your target visitors behaviors and offer the right choice package to boost conversion
  • Lead Generation: With branded landing pages and subscription forms tools, you can gather leads in no distant time.
  • Real-Time Progressions: With this, you can track opens, clicks, social shares, unsubscribes etc of every visitor. These will act as a guide to make changes to boost conversions.

As shown above, It offers free plan for contacts below 1000 alongside other features but as it increases above 1000, you upgrade for $8 per month and enjoy additional premium features such as landing pages, SMTP, transactional emails, account manager etc.

Honestly, it is worth it.

But depending on your budget, the choice is yours to make here:

Try Moosend Tool Here


They offer 1-month free trial of which its plans are based on the number of contacts starting from $20 per month and well suitable for small businesses.

Just like other tools, they come with customizable templates and pop-ups with email automation, A/B testing, tracking and reporting.

In the area of automation, this is done by:

– Resending emails to non-openers
– Welcome messages for new subscribers
– Triggered email series and many others.

In the area of Tracking, this tools monitors visitors’ activities by seeing who clicks, opens, unsubscribes, subscribes etc. all in real-time.

In the area of social marketing, you can see the performance of social campaigns in terms of Social Posting, Inbox, Scheduling, and Analytics

You can even create social ads (Facebook, Instagram) to further drive brand awareness, conversions and sales.

In addition, ecommerce tools are provided to help find customers, keep them engaged, and keep them coming back for more with segmented and automation emails.

This tool holds a unique feature of organizing an Event Management and Marketing.

To give it a try, you can get access through this link below;

Constant Contact Tool Here


This is great for small and medium scale businesses.

With their free plan, you can send 300 emails per day with unlimited contacts of which you can upgrade to enjoy more emails sending and premium features such as landing pages, A/B testing, multi-user access, automation, priority support etc.

Below shows more of these features alongside their plan upgrades that goes along with them.

In addition to all these, you can view visitors’ statistics in real time in terms of visits, clicks, open rates, subscribes, heat-maps, deliveries, click-through rates etc in metrics report.

One unique feature i love about sendinblue is SMS Marketing which allows you to send SMS messages to your contacts as well which guarantees more opens and clicks, hence more conversion and sales.

If you are interested, you can act fast now just for a limited time, you get to save 30% on the yearly Premium plan with the discount code “SendinblueHoliday” using this link below;

TRY SENDINBLUE HERE (30% Discount Yearly Plan)


For testing, this tool offers a 30-day trial with no credit card required for you to assess the tool and make up your mind to go for it or not.

And just like every other tools, the tool offers email marketing tools, marketing automation, over 500+ landing pages templates (some outdated), sign-up forms, autoresponders, analytics and many others.

One Unique feature about this tool is the Conversion Funnel (formerly known as Autofunnel) it comes along with. With it, you can create ready-made and automated sales funnel, build landing pages, recover abandoned orders, covert your customers and sell your products.

Another unique feature is the Webinar software integrated inside getresponse tool(unlike other tools) that allows you to run virtual meetings with your prospects and customers for marketing reasons. Hence, no need to buy/subscribe webinar software from any 3rd party.

You can save between 18%-30% if you go for the annual plans.

To try out GetResponse, below is the button link to access it.

This is best for webmasters and bloggers who wish to gain more email subscribers for product and service marketing.

Their features that defines this tool are;

Email signup forms: With this, it aids in collecting email addresses from your website’ visitors.
Landing page templates: From these templates, you can choose and create webpages that suits the type of products you are marketing to boosts your chances.
Integration: you can connect to your favorite tools with ease.
Email designs: this enables you to craft out simple, attention-grabbing mail messages that will compel the visitors to click the “Order” button.
Email Automation: which allows the tool to schedule and send messages automatically.

One Unique Feature about this tool is the Ability to sell your Digital Products by creating a sales page with a “Buy Now” button where you can sell and deliver digital products on the go

You also get to automate your sales funnel to pitch your products at the right time.

More details on this are as shown below;

There is NO Free plan but they offer a 14-day free trial and plans starts from $29/month and above.

You can give it a try with the 14-day trial first to see how the tool works or you can go straight for the upgrade plans by using the link below;

Try Convertkit Tool


With Aweber, it deliver powerfully-simple email marketing for small businesses that does 90% of the work for you.

With the Free plan, it comes with email marketing, automation, integrations, sign-up forms and 24/7 customer support as you can see below;

Its awesome features that simplify email marketing include;

Custom email templates and landing pages which include smart designer, drag-drop creation, auto newsletters and free template library
Email campaign Automation: Through this, you can target the right persons via tagging, deliver the right message to them automatically, thus saving time and energy.
Pre-built analytics and reporting: this enables you analyze your marketing efforts and take informed decisions based on statistics reports(key performance indicators) to boost conversions. Even you can view reports in your mobile phone anywhere.
More Engagements: you can segment your lists contacts collected via sign-up forms and deliver messages categorically. Even if you have a list, you can import it into aweber too.

But one drawback about this tool is its reduced delivery rates about 10-15 percent lower that other competitor tools.

But one thing i love about aweber is that it comes with over 700+ design templates compared to other tools like mailchimp with 80 and getresponse with 500.

If interested, you can enjoy a Free monthly Plan if you go with one of its paid plans for the following month.

But i will advise you go for the yearly plan to save 14.9% of the total annual cost through the link available below;

Get Aweber Tool Here


One Unique feature i like about Mailigen is that ability to do online surveys to understand customers wants and expectations and also the ability to do SMS marketing in over 190 countries worldwide.

Generally, Mailigen is a cloud-based email marketing solution suitable for small and medium size businesses.

And it offers different types of content blocks such as video, images, RSS content, title, button, social profiles & sharing, horizontal divider and dynamic content.

Aside these, it comes along with the some special features such as the following;

Unbeatable email automation (targeted email sequences or perfectly-timed campaigns) based on triggered responses.
Intelligent email builder: this helps designs a beautiful, attractive emails that will leave a lasting impression and compel them to take action.
Multi-user account: This feature enables multiple users to login to the same account to do their job according to permissions granted to them by the account owner. Such permission can be list manager, account manager, watcher, collaborator etc.
Powerful Integrations(API): you can connect with livechat, wordpress, sumo, zapier, twitter, zoho, stripe, facebook, joomla, pipedrive, googledrive etc. all to provide a complete marketing solution.
Effective Online survey: this allows you to get feedback responses to make informed decisions and offer much-better services now or in future.

Other features are as shown below;

Its prices are based on the number of subscribers you get.

For example, 500 subscribers will cost you $10 per month, 1000 subscribers cost $15, 10,000 subscribers cost $60 and above as you can see below;

But for a start, you get a free-trial for 30 days to test and assess the tool

And if satisfied, you can go ahead and start with the minimum price depending on the number of subscribers you have collected so far.

Feel free to check out the tool here using the link below;

Get Mailgen Tool Here

Lets move to the next which is ………..


Mailerlite offers the opportunity to sign up for a free account to try the tool before taking a decision to upgrade.

But just like Mailigen, the upgrade costs depends on the number of range of subscribers you have amass.

For example, a subscriber base within the range of 1-1000 subscribers for unlimited emails costs $10 while 1,001-2500 costs $15 and so on

The image below explains it better;


Looking at the features, they are just similar to the ones we have discussed for the other tools above.

Lets run through some of them below;

Design Templates: you dont necessarily need to hire a designer. The drop& drag editor, you can create eye-popping and attractive newsletters that will compel the visitor to open and read your offer.
Tracking and Analtytics: with the help of surveys, click maps, campaign reports etc, you can monitor your visitors activities and take informed decisions based on your observance.
Message Delivery: this covers email automation, targets(tagging), promotional pop-ups, segmentation and personalization. with all these, you can personalize your campaign and deliver messages automatically to all or group of persons at the right time under seconds.
Gathering Leads: website builder, landing pages, pop-ups and embedded forms help you get new opt-ins (subscribers) from your website visitors.

Aside these special features stated above, others are as shown below;

So what else do you need?

Everything is right there for you to launch your email marketing campaign.

All you need do is to click the link below;

Check MailerLite Tool Here


Although its pricing is based on the number of subscribers, Pabbly appears to be the cheapest(up to 70% savings of all bills spent) when compared with other similar tools as you can see below;

Below is a graphical representation of its features;

Of all these features, 2 Unique features that i love about this tool is its integration capability with over 300 applications and secondly, its connectivity with over 50 SMTPs (such as Gmail, postmark, amazon, mandrill, mailgun, sendinblue, SendGrid, mailjet etc) for successful email deliveries.

So, with all these features alongside its comparison low cost, you don’t need to blink twice before going for this tool.

TO have a look at it, you can click on this link below;

Check Pabbly Tool Here


This tool is one that is specifically designed to improve open rates. This is one unique feature about atomizy.

it does so with the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI).

How does it achieve so?

It does so by testing various subject lines that see the one that visitors respond most.

It also carries out 4 versions of email messages and optimize them to send the one with the highest open rates.

Aside the subject line tester, it also comes with a email subject line generator to help suggest various lines for you for testing.

Starting with a 14-day free trial, no credit card is required for it.

But after the trial, the cost depends on the number of subscribers you have.

For example, 200 subscribers and below costs $9 per month, between 200-500 cost $18, between 500-1000 subscribers cost $29 and so on.

To see more about the plans, here is the link below;

Check Atomizy Here


I urge you to give it a try.

Who knows?

It could be the best of them all.


This tool operates on a cloud-based platform.

One Unique Feature about MoonMail is its capability to integrates with several other messaging channels such as whatsapp, Facebook messenger, SMS, Voice, Email, Amazon, Baidu, Apple etc.

And you know what this means?

You get to connect with more and more visitors all across the internet globe.

And this will help boost conversions and sales.

Just like the other tools we have discussed above, Moonmail comes with email templates with drag & drop builder editor.

With the help of CSS and HTML, you can add/change any features such as fades, hovers, colors, menus, transparency and many more.

Their initial plan starts at $59 per month and comes with unlimited contacts, domain names, GraphQL API, dedicated IP, A/B testing, Event based Segmentation, Advanced segmentation, Fully GDPR Compliant, Event based Automations, Custom events, send email optimization and many more.

For more of these features, you can check it out through their link as shown below

Check Moonmail Here

If you are looking to expand your customers’ outreach to earn more revenue, then you need to go for this tool.

And the last but not the least is ………….


This is an All-In-One email platform with analytics, email builder, STMP replay, documentation, Email API, contact management etc all incorporated into the tool.

A brief description of these features are as shown below;

One Unique Feature about Mailjet is the WhiteLabel email solution it provides.

With the whitelabel, you can easily offer a custom-branded email builder, contact database, template management, and sending infrastructure right in your product and service.

In addition, the solution allows you to pick the features you want to offer to your customers, including Advanced Statistics, Segmentation, Multiple Languages, Templates, and Contact Management. 

On the pricing, as you can see below, you can start off on a free trial plan with 200 sendings per day giving us 6,000 email messages you can send in a month of which you can upgrade to a $9 per month (BASIC) plan which offers a NO DAILY SPENDING LIMIT and 30,000 emails per month.

As shown below, you can have a view of all the plans and pick out the ones that suits you based on certain factors.

To begin with free trail with credit card not needed, you can get access through this link below

Try Mailjet Tool Here


That will be all for now.

But wait,

We are not done yet.

Having a good knowledge about these email marketing tools is NOT just enough.

Nowadays, It isn’t just about inputting your details into a tool, setting it into automation and blasting to a number of subscribers while you sit and cross your legs with a cup of tea.

No, it is not longer like that anymore.

Or else, you may never achieve your goal of getting conversions and sales.

So, with that, I have come up with some guidelines and practices that an email marketer must observe for a successful email marketing campaign.

Lets check them out below;


Build up your Subscribers’ List

Do NOT for any reason purchase an email lists even if it is given to you for free.

How will you feel if you wake up one morning, go check your yahoomail and see strange messages in your message inbox.

What do you think will be the next action?

Definitely hitting the “DELETE” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” button.

Or the person could even go as far as blacklisting/reporting your email address as a scam.

You wont want that to happen to you, so i highly recommend you build your own list yourself by giving out useful info in form of ebooks, landing pages, pop-ups, access to premium content etc all in exchange for thier email contacts.

Avoid Sending Messages Indiscriminately

This is a very bad practice in email marketing. Infact, it is Pure SPAMMING in clear terms.

Now, imagine yourself,

How will you feel if you check your email inbox regularly and what you will see is “Buy At Promo Price Now “,”Buy At Promo Price Now”, “Buy At Promo Price Now” all the time?

Trust me, your subscriber base will drop like pack of cards.

So, do NOT broadcast multiple times, instead send messages only when necessary and of utmost benefit to the subscribers.

Or better still, organize an automated email messaging schedule and set it to broadcast AT MOST 2 messages a week.

Include The Unsubscribe Button

Sure, you heard me right,

Give your subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe if they want to.

YOu know what this means to you?

It means you have nothing to hide and even at that, few subscribers might no longer want to be part of your team anymore.

See what i am talking about below;

This boost your relevance and credibility among your customers and even create a sense of freedom/liberty in the mind of the subscribers.

Include Curiosity Gap In Your Subject Lines

This has proven to boost your open rates significantly. it is more like a Click-Bait compelling the reader to open to read your message.

Infact, this is where copy-writing comes into play.

See some messages i got recently below;

Definitely, these subject lines especially the 1st and last ones will prompt the reader to check out what your offer is.

Do An A/B Testing Of Your Emailing Campaign.

Wring an ordinary email is okay but writing one that has been tested and guaranteed to work is even better.

This is where A/B testing comes into play.

It is a process of testing 2 styles and modes of email campaign to know which one works best in terms of open and click rates.

You can carry out A/B testing on various subject lines, body of the message, email provider etc.

Though it seems complicated, but its worth it.

Maintain Simplicity

In email marketing, it is common knowledge that not everyone would be interested in your product at that point in time for several reasons.

Hence the click rates will always be less than the open rates.

So the main goal here, should be to grab the readers attention and force them to take action via CTA (Call-To-Action).

And secondly, internet surfers are impatient set of people. Writing a long text will piss them off and this will surely affect your campaign

So, here is what you do:

– Keep your message precise, concise and straight-to-the-point.
– Use paragraphs, bullet-points, spaces etc to make your message eye-scannable and easy to read.
– And finally, include a Call-To-Action(CTA).

See an example of such below;

Limit your CTA to two as shown above or a main one so it wont look as if you are forcing them.

Make Your Campaign Drip-Feed

What is drip feed all about?

In simple terms, it means sending sequences of email messages at intervals be it once or twice a week or month depending.

It shows that you respect the readers right to space and time and not bulging them all the time unnecessarily.

A typical example from coschedule article on email marketing is as shown below;

You can make yours every 2 or 3 days or even weeks, depending on the type of products or services you are marketing.

Do Mobile Optimization

It is no longer news that more than half of email newsletters are read on mobile because majority of internet surfing is now done on mobile.

So it wont be out of place to ensure that structure your writeup to make its convenient and easy for mobile users to read and grab the information.

How do you do it?


– Make the text much bigger
– Use sharp images of high resolution
– Thicken(bolden) links with a different attractive color
– Use large fonts to aid readability.
– Keep your message as short as possible and straight to the point. No ambiguous words.
– Limit the width of your email body to 650 pixels so it displays nicely on most phones.

See an example below;

This message above can definitely be readable easily on mobile phones.

That is the point you should aim at.

There are steps as well but these are the main ones to follow to help boost conversions and sales.

Let move on to the next

Analyze Your Email Campaign Results

After carrying out an email campaign, always assess your feedback results by checking the following;

– Open rates
– Click rates
– A/B tests
– Popular content
– general assessment

This will give you an insight of which type of campaign works better or worse, thus makes you take an informed decision going forward on the style to adopt and use in future.

For example, if you carry out 2 email messaging 2 weeks apart of similar products and you observe that the first one brings in more conversions and sales, then it is obvious that the first style is the best to adopt in your future email campaigns.

Reward Your Subscribers

When a visitor comes on a landing/opt-in pages, they have 2 options.

To drop in their contact details or not.

And while some will do that, others wont.

Now, dont you think it will be reasonable to reward them once a while as sign of appreciation for their trust and confidence they have in you?

Dont you think so?

As for me, i do.

Though one may argue that it is not compulsory since they were not forced.

But to me, maybe not compulsory but necessary.

Now, how do go about it?

Not that difficult.

It simply by offering something of high quality value.

Such can be

In form of freebies or bonuses
– Offering them special discounts
– Giving them a first-hand info about any latest news or updates before it gets to others.
– Offering them special status among other readers.
– Inviting them to special events, meetings or programs
– Inviting them for provide feedbacks after surveys

Trust me, if you do any of this occasionally, you have glued them for life.

And they will much happier to deal business with you since you recognize, appreciate and reward them.

Honestly speaking, this will sell you more in the internet world as they will likely promote your products and services to others.

It is more like a WIN-WIN case.

CONCLUSION: Tools for email list building and marketing

Finally! Finally!!

We are done.

But let me state some notes to round off this article.

It might be confusing when making up your mind to finally choose an email tool but it all depends on

what you want- your goals and expectations.

For example, if you are low on budget, you can go for moosend or atomizy.

If you need an advanced tool with more premium features, you can go for convertkit or moonmail.

But if you want a tool that is in-between, you can go for aweber, constant contact or getreponse.

But that is not to discredit other tools, they are also good as well too in their own space.

So finally, optimize your content, test subject lines, do A/B testing, send to yourself to see the outcome.

Test, double-check everything, test-again before blasting out the final message.

So, taking all these principles seriously, you will surely conquer the world of email marketing.

Good luck to you.

Now, The Table Is Yours

What tools for email list building and marketing are you trying out
Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions, recommendations, advice etc?

I am 100% available to reply to your comments one-by-one.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance, attention.

Till I see you again in my next post,

Bye for now.

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