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In this writeup, I will teach you how to do best email marketing alongside its tips, strategies, campaign and examples(case studies).

So, without any delay,

Lets dive in.

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What Is Email Marketing

When you hear email marketing, what comes to your mind?

The phrase consists of 2 words “email” and “marketing“.

Now judging from these 2 words, if you say it is about doing marketing using email, you are very much correct.

But putting it in a more comprehensive form, Email Marketing is the process of sending messages to group of persons using the email messaging platform.

Such messages can be commercials, advertisements, sales solicits, donations, product pre-launch, notifications, company policies changes, updates, brand awareness and many others

To better understand what I am talking about, see this image below;

As you can see above, this is an email massage [advertising a new product (New PLR package on focus)] sent to a person(subscriber) from a manufacturer/owner/advertiser.

That is “Email Marketing In Action“.

And such action is to definitely inform the person about the new product and make a sale from him if the person is interested.

Aside the sales angle, there are other reasons why a producer, marketer, blogger etc. must adopt email marketing as part of his marketing and information strategies to the outside world which leads us to our next chapter below;

Before we continue, i will like to familiarize you with the common terms that has to do with email marketing

Common Terms Used In Email Marketing

Email Provider/Service/Platform

These are the platforms where you host your email marketing campaign i.e. sending of emails, setting up optin and landing pages, doing A/B testing and segmentation, scheduling, drip-feed and many others.

is just one of them that i use personally and recommend you go for it too.

Without them, no email marketing at all.


This refers to the person who inputs their email contacts with aim of receiving messages about offers, promos, premium content etc.


This is a list containing the number of subscribers you have and to whom you blast your messages to.

Optin Form

Below is how one looks like;

It is where you will collect personal contacts of your traffic visitors who choose to subscribe to your business or blog. personal contacts such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses etc

Landing Page

This is similar to optin form except that it covers fully the entire area of a webpage as shown below;

It is designed to capture the whole attention of the traffic visitors viewing that webpage at that point in time.

Traffic Visitors

These are those who are viewing your website pages for various reasons. They are the people you target and turn into subscribers by presenting an offer beneficial to them.

Email Campaign

This refers to the whole activities that takes place while you are processing your message to when the message is finally sent to where your subscribers get the message and carry out an action to its final results analysis.

Open Rate

This refers to as the rate at which your subscribers open your messages sent to their email inbox. The more they check their inbox to read your messages, the higher the open rate.

Click Through Rate

This refers to as the rate at which your subscribers click on your links embedded in your messages to carry out specific action(s). It is usually expressed in percentage.


This refers to all the actions carried out by your subscribers that describes the real intent of that message you send.

For example, if you broadcast a “download file” message for your subscribers and they open your message and download the file, that is conversion.

Others are website click, filling a form, making a purchase, doing survey, opening email message etc.


This refers to the extent to which your messages get to your subscribers email inbox successfully.
it is usually expressed in percentage and recorded as a success if it is over 70%.

For a large list, it can never be 100% because some subscribers might have unsubscribed or their emails dead.


An autoresponder is a sequence of emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers on your email list and is triggered by a specific event, such as joining your list, cart abandonment, downloading a file, or buying a product, clicking, browsing etc.


This refers to the entire message that you send to your email subscribers. On the other way round, it is what the subscriber receives at his end.

Newsletters can be congratulatory messages(as you can see above), company policy updates, promos, discounts, announcements, event invitations etc.

Why Email Marketing

Statistics has proven that about 80% of persons check their email inbox on a daily basis, so wont it be wise for businesses to adopt this form of marketing to reach out to their customers, leads and subscribers?


And not only that, the chances of making sales from them are huge.

Lets check out the biggest reasons why you must go for email marketing below;

Most Persons Check Their Email First Daily

Checking emails acts complimentarily meaning they can check their inbox while watching TV, cooking, on bed etc.

And aside that, it is very easy to access and open especially with the email messaging App on mobile phones.

Infact, about 61% of persons check their email messages on mobile than on any other devices.

Email Converts Better

Because about 80% of subscribers check their email everyday, the chances of you getting conversions from them is high.

Such conversions can be in form of open-clicks, downloads, making purchases, reading info etc.

Aside the number(80%), the subscribers are those who willfully subscribe to your email platform meaning they were not forced to do so.

Hence, this shows that they liked your business in the first place and are ready to patronize you in any form if it is within their capability.

You Get Targeted Traffic

When you send an email message, it doesn’t just go out to a number of random persons out there but to your email list only who has voluntarily subscribed to join you.

And from them, you get real traffic targeted to your offer.

The subscribers are already aware of your businesses and will be willing to opt in into any of your offers if it interests them.

This is one genuine reason i personally love about email marketing.

You own your own List

On social media, your fans or members can get deleted or suspended for whatever reason but you see this your list – It is absolutely yours forever: Nobody can take it away from you.

You can copy and paste or download it and save it to another place.

Even if you want to change to another email platform, feel free to.

You can import it into your new platform and use it as you want.

Stronger Customer Relationship

Email marketing enables you build a very strong relationship with your list members.

Since the list is one that is very personal to you, you can send helpful advises, greetings, coupons or even a birthday gifts message(trust me, they will love it).

And they can even encourage them to interact back with you if it is necessary.

Build Your Brand

Through your email list, you can develop brand recognition by informing your subscribers about new products, policy changes, products updates etc.

And even arranging a feedback response mechanism to know what your customers think about your product.

This is necessary incase there are areas that needs improvements. Through this, you build credibility and trust with your customers.

Grow your list continually

There is no limit to the number of subscribers you can have on your list.

This means that if you want to grow your list to 200,000.500,000 1Million and so on, you are free to.

And you know what this means?

The higher the numbers, the higher your chances of getting conversions and the higher your sales and revenue.

The only issue here is that as your list increases, you might need to upgrade to a higher plan.

Low Cost

The cost of starting off an emailing campaign is very cheap that you can begin with as low as $10 per month to start with.

So, with this, the ground is open for everyone to give it a try.

Even some platforms or providers offer their first plan for free. For example, as you can see below, there are no charges from 0 to 500 subscribers.

Hence at this point, i strong suggest you give it a try and you can cancel at anytime if unsatisfied.

Create Awareness of Everything You Offer

Under normal circumstances, it takes time for new product or blogpost to gain momentum before you begin to see traffic but with email marketing, you can blast your message at a go and traffic flowing in immediately.

Even right on the first day, sales can begin rolling in.

You dont need to wait for weeks or months for that. It is instant.

Build Credibility

With the ability to organize feedbacks and surveys from your customers, you will know the areas that needs improvements and touch.

Thus improving your brand quality to meet the expectations of your customers on a larger scale.

And through this, you build your reputation and trust with your list and as you launch more products to them, they will be ready to patronize you at anytime.

I can go on and on as there are so many other advantages of email marketing but i hope these 10 reasons are enough to spur you into considering email marketing as part of your business strategies.

To aid in better understating of what Affiliate Marketing is all about, let us listen to what John Crestani has to say in his youtube video below;

Lets watch together,

I hope he did some justice to it to the best of your understanding

So, now, let us go into the nitty-gritty of email marketing which is how to set up one: Email Marketing Campaign.

How To Set Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

We will look at every step you must take in building up to your first marketing campaign and this is one aspect that you must take very seriously for it to come out successful.

Let check them out below;

Know Your Goals

Every task in life has its aims and final destination.

So, coming from that angle, you need to know the exact reasons why you want to venture into email marketing.

Why exactly are your reasons?

Is it for advertisement purposes?

Or to generate traffic visitors to your offers?

Or is it to create awareness about anything especially new products?

Or you want to have a small world of your own and dominate it?

For whatever reason you have, it must always be foremost at the back of your mind to avoid losing focus

Choose An Email Marketing Service/Provider

With the recent emergence of lot of email marketing services to choose from, searching out for the one that is most suitable for you can be tiring and confusing because each of them will appears to be the very best among others.

I understand that very much, hence i wont want to put you through such situation.

As a result, I have put up a very comprehensive tutorial for you on different types of email providers here: Startup Tools For Email Marketing for you to choose from.

But if i were to recommend a suitable one for you, GetResponse Tool is the best choice for you.

Why do i recommend Getresponse tool for you?

The following unique features are why getresponse if the most suitable for you here:

1. Landing Pages: Getresponse has over 100+ landing pages where you can choose the ones that suit best for your niche campaign and lifestyle. And they are SEO-optimized
2. Marketing Automation: It is an mail autoresponder tool with inbuilt marketing automation workflows based on customers’ data and behavior. In other words, you dont need to carry out specific task manually to respond to potential customers actions. This tool does it for you.
Such tasks include the following; cart abandonment emails to recover lost sales, visitors tracking, product recommendations etc.

3. Web push notifications to notify and bring people back to thier offer.
it comes with various conversion funnels such as sales, lead magnet, list building funnels etc.
5. Paid Ads: you can run paid ads such as facebook, google ads
6. And many others as well as shown below;

To learn more about this tool, let us watch this video together below;

And finally why I personally went for this tool is its Most Unique Feature which is webinars which other email tools do not have.

With this webinar tool, you can arrange online Live meetings with your subscribers and potential customers on updates, new products launch etc.

And secondly, you can try this tool for 30 days for free (30-day Free-Trail) to test the tool and if satisfied, you can go ahead and buy a plan.

This is the very tool that i use personally for my email marketing campaign, so you are free to check it out by clicking this button link below:

So it is up to you to use getresponse tool just like me.

After choosing getresponse tool, the next step is to start building our email list.

Build Your Email List

Building a list is the most important step here because it is through it that you achieve your main aim of running a particular email campaign.

It is an ever-growing process meaning your list keeps growing endlessly unless you choose to stop it yourself.


How do you convince traffic visitors to subscribe to you and not to another business?

What do they stand to gain if they choose you?

What do you have to offer?

Is your business worth subscribing to?

These and more questions are what should guide you into building up one successfully.

Simply put, An Email List is a individual email addresses who has opted to receive messages from your email campaign.

Now here is the kicker; email addresses are personal private contacts and no one would want to give it out anyhow for free.

In other words, you have to offer them something that will make them drop their email addresses for you.

That “something” is called incentives or more like a Bait to entice visitors to drop their email contacts.

They are also known as lead magnets too

Such incentives can be price discounts, coupons, gifts, free eBooks, first-hand access, promotions, great content, free software, post notifications etc.

Few examples of such are as shown below;

Great content: A good example is Brain Dean offering his powerful guide: SEO in 2021 in exchange for email as shown below;

Post notifications: Here at shoutmeloud, you get notified if a new blogpost is published as shown below;

These subscribe boxes are usually located at various strategic positions of a website: top headers, bottom, side bars, pop-ups, center, slidebox, end of blogpost, exist-intent popup etc. all to capture the attention of the visitors though depending on the site involved.

Exist intent popup shows up at the precise moment the user is about to leave your website.

Create Opt-In Forms or Landing Pages

The 2 images above are examples of opt-in forms and landing pages. From the word “Opt-in pages”. it is where you opt in your private contacts(first name, email addresses) in exchange for a juicy offer

And to create one is now very simplified and easy.

For example, Lets take a look at getresponse email tool below;

To get started, we need to follow these steps below;


Visit thier website here: Getresponse site or simply click on this link button shown below to sign up with your email addresses.

input your email address and hit “sign up free


You can be taken to a sign up form where you input your email address(it should show automatically), name and password. then hit “create account”.


A page appears where you can do the following;

a landing page: it covers the entire area of a full webpage
an opt-in form: it covers just a part of a webpage and located at strategic positions.
create a newsletter: if you have a list already and want to broadcast message to them.
Add contacts: If you have a list already, this option allows you to add it.
Create Autoresponder: As the name sounds, it allows you create a response message that automatically sent to your list contacts if any action is done. e.g. “thanks for your purchase, we will get back to you shortly”, “thanks for signing up” etc.


Optin forms: If you are creating an optin form, you will be taken to a page where you can make use of the list builder wizard to choose a template of your choice and create an opt-in form from there.

From here, you select the template that you want but it must reflect your niche.

There are lots of templates there to choose from.

So even if you don’t see your spec, you can go for one that is similar.

Landing pages: This option offers you the opportunity to create one but it will be on a full webpage unlike the opt-in form.

As seen from above, our landing pages can be a registration form, download, video, promotional, thank you or just general pages.

There are alot to choose from depending on your motive of setting it up.

The major benefit of both of them is to collect email addresses.

But as a starter, setting up an optin form maybe a good point to start off but if you wish to go for landing pages, it is fine.


After choosing your template from the optin-form templates, there are several fields to include in addition to the ones already there(name, email).

Fields such as phone, address, last name, birth date, gender, company, fax, mobile etc.

Once done, you can “save and exit” or click “publish right away”.


After clicking publish, you will be taken to this page below where you can choose any of these 3 options.

If you design and own your website, option 1 is cool.

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Install Your Opt-in Page Or Landing Page Into Your Website

What you do next is to install it into your own website by doing the following;

– Login into your website WordPress admin dashboard (through by login in with your admin username and password given to you by WordPress when you were installing it.
– Once you are in, click “Appearance”
– Login into your website WordPress admin dashboard (through by login in with your admin username and password given to you by WordPress when you were installing it.
– Once you are in, click “Appearance”

– then click “widgets

– Look for “custom HTML” and click on it.

– A drop-down menu appears as shown below. Depending on your website setup, select where you want the opt-in form to appear (e.g. footer, sidebar, header etc.)

– After you have selected your choice, click “Add Widget” as shown above.
– After clicking Add widget, go to the custom HTML area and paste the javascript code that you copied from your getresponse settings.

Also give your optin form a title name.

– Once done, click “save”.

Your Optin Form Is Now Ready On Your Website

Big Congrats!

Your Optin Form Has Been Installed Successfully.

That is all.

As simple as ABC

If there is any area you do not understand, you can reach out to me in the comments section at the end of this blog post and i will clarify it to your understanding.

So you have nothing to worry about. OK yeah!

The main job has been done already which is to show you how to create optin page.

Maybe we close this writeup here.

Do we?


The job is not yet completed.


Creating an Optin form is on one hand, On the other hand, does the optin form contains what it needs to convert successfully?

This will lead us to our next chapter which is ………………….

Characteristics For An Optin Form To Convert Well

Originally, the real intent of an optin form is to collect leads(email contacts) by presenting an irresistible offer(lead magnet) that a potential subscriber be left with no option than to drop his contact in exchange for it.

That is when a conversion has taken place and to boost its chances, there are certain features an optin form or landing page must possess of which we will be treating a few of them below;

1. Captivating Headlines/Titles: Take a look at this optin form from j.crew factory store below;

It contains an attractive offer: “extra 15% off ” for its visitors who is interested in shopping for an item.

Such an offer is very inviting and irresistible.

What such visitor needs do is to input his email address.

That is all.

Hence the owner will gather such emails and form a list of which he can send messages about promos, discounts, new products etc. to them in future.

Below is another one;

Infact the offer of FREE Tool alone can force even the hard-hearted to input his email contact straightaway without blinking a second.

So, why wont you implement such for your optin form too?

2. Attractive designs: The design must be attractive but simple with the right blend of color combinations. Infact, this is one reason why i love Getresponse.

Check out some of their designs below;

As you can see, you don’t even need to hire a graphic designer to create one for you because there are lots of ready-made templates to choose from.

3. Simple Description: The text description must be simple as ABC. In other words, it must be concise, precise and straight-to-the-point. Using the image above as case-study, the texts are on point in conveying its message across.

The description must be written in a way that even a novice can understand and grips the meaning within few seconds.

4. Simple Requirements: Remember that it isn’t easy for visitors to drop thier private contacts for fear of compromise. So while requesting for them, be very prudent.

Just asking for thier email address only is OK. Name can be included but anything beyond that will turn turn your visitors off completely.

5. Compelling Subscribe button: To persuade your visitors to hit the subscribe button, it must also be easy for them to locate. So make sure they are sharp and different from the general body color.

See these 2 examples below;

In these 2 optin forms above, the subscribe button colours(red and lightblue) are different from the general body color.

And secondly, a trick of the subscribe button is this: Avoid use of generic words such as Buy Now, Click Here, Download, Add To Cart etc.

These generic words puts the visitor in a mental state of losing cash in from of payment which they don’t like.

Instead go for customized, non-generic ones as these: Get more Tips, send me the 10 steps, Get this offer, grab free consultation etc.

Getresponse tool has taken care of all these.

6. Size Of The Optin Form: Sometimes, optin forms can be annoying especially if you are browsing across web pages.

Imagine reading something very important and it just springs up from nowhere, blocking your view just like this below;

Very annoying!

To me, the next thought on my mind will most likely be to hit the back button to check other similar articles elsewhere.

That is a loss and am sure you wont want that to happen.

So what do we do?


Simply go for a reduced optin popup form and ensure it is one that doesn’t show up multiple times.

Take this feature very seriously if your aim is to gather good quality leads.

7. Don’t Go Overboard: While offering promos, discounts, special offers etc, don’t use words that are too good to be true. I mean, words that are too juicy, too enticing and sounds unrealistic.
For example, if you see an offer that says “Make over $500K within 2 weeks” or “Become an SEO expert in 6 days” etc. Definitely even a novice will know that it is impossible to make $500K in 2 weeks no matter what.

So be truthful and real in describing what potential subscribers tends to benefit short or long term.

Though there are other features but these 7 are top characteristics that are necessary for an optin form/landing page to possess.

Now, thing thing called email marketing is like a coin.

One side of the coin is attracting visitors to input their email address, another side is for them to open their email inbox regularly to read your message.

So, the question is this: How do we boost the chances of subscribers opening and reading our messages i.e. increasing open-rate and click-through-rate?

Here are some of the tips to follow;

– Build Your Subscribers List: Do not buy for any reason
– Avoid sending messages indiscriminately
– Include the unsubscribe button
– Do mobile optimization
– Maintain simplicity
– Include curiosity gaps in your headlines
– Do A/B testing of your emailing campaign
– Reward your subscribers
– Analyze your campaign results
– Make your campaign drip feed.

To expatiate more on these tips, i have put up a well detailed article on it here: EMAIL MARKETING BEST PRACTICES TO BOOST RESULTS

I strongly advise you go through it very meticulously and implement them to the fullest or else your marketing efforts will be a total waste.

CASE STUDY: How Adam Enfroy Got 43K Subscribers in 2 Years

As the name “Case Study” implies, we will study the case of blogger and affiliate marketer by the name; Adam Enfroy who within 2 years of blogging was able to rank over 43,000+ subscribers into his email network.

Honestly, that is very impressive and a huge success in the world of email marketing.

[He runs a blog:]

Adam enfroy didn’t just achieve this feat by magic overnight, it took him lots of hardwork, smartwork and consistency to gather that huge number of email contacts at his disposal.

So, without time waste, let check out the strategies he used.

Strategy one: Traffic Visitors

Email subscribers were once traffic visitors who made up their mind to optin their email contacts for various reasons.

This means that for you to get subscribers, you must focus on generating traffic visitors first.

And that was exactly what Adam enfroy first did.

From his story journey of blogging, he started by writing GUEST POSTS in High Domain authority(DA) websites that commands lots of traffic visitors.


Guest posts achieved the following for him and can for anyone too

1. Through guest writeups, he created High Quality Backlinks by adding his website keywords/anchor links.
2. Because of that, he was able get a chunk of traffic from the high DA sites where his guest posts are.

From january 4th 2019, he wrote over 80+ guestposts for one year and was able to generate over 300,000+ visitors for his website;

After meeting his traffic visitors expectations of over 300K+ to his blog monthly, he executed strategy 2 as stated below

Strategy 2: Two large landing/optin pages On His Homepage

Why 2 landing pages on his website homepage in the first place?

FIRST, he made them very large to boost the chances of traffic visitors seeing them very easily and subscribing to receiving his email newsletters.

SECONDLY, he made them two, should in case if any of his visitors misses one, he will see the other while scrolling and navigating around his website homepage.

And the 2 optin forms (or landing pages if you wish to call it so) are center-located and occupies the entire width of the homepage

See them below:

The first optin form is located at the upper part of website homepage as you can see below;

The 2nd Opt-in form is located at the very bottom of his website homepage as shown below;

You get it right?


You can go check it out yourself

Strategy 3: Juicy Irresistible Offer

This is probably the most important part when it comes to creating an optin form or landing page.

It is at this point where “you dangle the carrot” in the eyes of your traffic visitors by offering them something very tempting, juicy, enticing and just impossible to ignore.

For example, take a look at what Adam Enfroy is offering for anyone who subscribes to his email messaging platform by input his email address.

As you can see in the image above, he is giving out the following offers;

– Free WordPress blog launch checklist
– 2 free blogging eBooks
– Access to private Facebook group
– Membership videos
– And even promising more.

Definitely, with these free offers coupled with his high quality contents, it will be difficult for traffic visitors to hit the back button without dropping their email contacts.

Even me, myself, I fell for it too


To prove it, see some of his newsletters i have received so far;

But honestly, I didn’t regret my decision at all for I have gained a lot from him.

And if you even check out bloggers out there, they don’t offer these much that Adam enfroy is offering to his visitors.

No wonder he was able to capture as high as 43,000 subscribers within a space of 2 years.

That is massive achievement.

Strategy 4: Providing Something Valuable To Subscribers

One thing is for subscribers to opted in, another thing is to retain them for as long as possible.

How do we retain them for a very long time?


By offering valuable stuffs that will be of great benefit to them.

Using me as a example, here below are the latest of what i have gotten so far from Adam enfroy himself (as at the time of typing this)

Going through these, you will agree with me that they will be of useful content to subscribers especially these aspiring to be a successful blogger and affiliate marketer.

I myself have gained a lot from him.

So wont it be wise if you also opt in to enjoy his packages too?

It is up to you.

On a final note, If Adam enfoy can achieve this number within this short period of time, you too can and even achieve a higher number.

All you need do is to get started by registering for an email marketing tool called GETRESPONSE TOOL and following all these strategies that he used.

If you follows these steps, then you are good to go.

Building An Email List: Infographic Presentation

For better understanding of how to build your email list successfully from scratch, this infographic presentation showcases list-building tips that every blogger and internet marketer can adopt to generate his own list within a record time.

Credit goes to Getresponse blog team for putting up this amazing full guide on how to build an email list from scratch that explains all the steps, best-practices, and tools you need to build an engaged email list.

For more information about Getresponse, you can access their website HERE: Access the Getresponse Email Website to learn more.

I personally recommend you use Getresponse because it comes with a 14-day free-trial period and user-friendly features and premium functionalities.

We have come to the final segment of this topic, hence we will be rounding up here below

Conclusion: Best Email Marketing Tips and Strategies

By now, i believe you should have a much better understanding of what email marketing is all about alongside its tips and strategies.

While at it, remove that mindset that email marketing is mainly about profit-making: where you send product offers and expect sales from the purchases.

Email marketing is far from it.

What every subscriber wants is VALUE.

Provide this and your marketing efforts will be a huge success.

For example, if you operate in the health niche, instead of recommending drugs that cures kidney stones, you can send a PDF file that teaches how to prevent that kidney stone in the 1st place.

It is as simple as that.

And secondly, send newsletters just one a week or 2 weeks to maintain suspense and momentum of what they expect next from you.

But don’t forget this word: VALUE.

Now, The Table Is Yours

Are you ready to try best email marketing, its tips and strategies right away?
Have you made up your mind to utilize the advantage of email marketing to boost your business online?
If you are already into it, what new strategy are you trying out to boost your success rate?
Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions, recommendations, advice etc.?

I am 100% available to reply to your comments one-by-one.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance, attention.

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighbourhood spiderman.

Oppp! Sorry.

Your friendly neighbourhood SEO tutor.


See you at the top

Bye for now.

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