Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently?


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In social media marketing, you as an individuals or business, is left contemplating which social network should you share content most frequently for maximum results.

Take it or leave it, hardly a day passes without more than half the world population assessing social media even if its just for few seconds.

Hence, without much time, we will explore these social networks and determine which ones are worth investing more frequently in terms of content type.

There exist a lot of them, but for the sake of this article, we will deal with the most popular of them all; the ones that people use most which are;

1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Instagram
4. TikTok
5. Twitter

Before we proceed, there are 2 factors i want you to take very note of.

1. Content (type)
2. Usage

First, Content Type

Content exist in various forms such as text, videos, images, quotes etc. and each social network platform are designed in a special way that suits the type of content you wish to post frequently.
For example, take a look at YouTube, you don’t need to be told that it was specifically designed for videos.

Second, Usage Statistics

Here, we consider the number of persons (in millions) that utilizes each of these popular social media platforms on monthly basis based on these statistics as shown below;

Source: HERE

As you can see, the network with the most usage is Facebook(with approximately 3 billion users), with YouTube coming second (with over 2.5 billion), followed by WhatsApp and Instagram coming 3rd and 4th successively.

SO, HERE IS WHAT WE WILL DO: We are going to examine the popular social media platforms very critically in line with the type of content that best suits alongside an estimate of numbers of engagement it enjoys and after doing our analysis, we will draw our conclusion from there.

With that in mind, lets proceed.

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In no particular order, lets begin with the biggest of them all:…………..Facebook


I can beat my chest that you have an account on Facebook.

True or false?

Either you are using it for personal purposes or for business, Facebook has become an integral part of our lives.

And have you ever pondered why almost half of the world population are addicted to Facebook more than others?

The answer isn’t far-fetched.

Very simple.

REASON: Aside the fact that it was the first network to be initiated into the internet space in 2004, it has been designed in a way that it accepts 3 major types of content: Text, Video and Photo(image).

To verify this, lets take a look at this image below;

Type Of Content

If you open Facebook homepage and attempt to make a post, the text space shows up by default with the options of video and image.

That is exactly what you will see with the ability to add a descriptive video only or photo only in addition to text or combination of both(video + text or photo + text) as shown below;

But of these 3 content types, Facebook is mainly designed for TEXT content

Usage statistic

In addition to this content combination advantage, Facebook also enjoys a huge number of users; over 3 Billion users in total with 1.93 billion users on a daily basis.

Can you just beat that?

Aside these 2 factors advantage, there are other minor factors that make it easy for users to engage and they are as follows;

1. Mobility Access: For easy accessibility, Facebook runs an App which you can download from google play store and install in your mobiles; phone/tablets.

And no doubt, this has endeared lot of mobile users to operate Facebook online anywhere and anytime via its mobile App.

In fact, according to a study by backlinko, over 98.1% of its users make use of mobile devices to access the network as shown below;.

Source: Backlinko

2. Share, comment and like feature: Facebook offers the ability for its users to ask questions or their views about your content on areas that needs clarifications and you can as well respond accordingly.
The comment button does it for you.

The share button also offers the opportunity for users to share your content among their friends and the public within their domain.

And do you know what this entails?

More visibility and more eyes exposure to your content/business with ease.

With all these features Facebook possesses, it wont be out of place to conclude outrightly that it is the right network for us to share our content more frequently.

But hey!, for sake of equity and justice, lets give the benefit of doubt to other social networks as well by checking them out too.


When it comes to exclusive video content, YouTube is the best bet. Infact, this social network was strictly designed for videos.

Before being bought by Google, the platform, founded by 3 PayPal employees; Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, was launched in year 2005 and has grown to be the second biggest social media network and search engine in the world after Facebook.

Now, lets check out the 2 main factors (content and usage statistics) as it relates to this YouTube network

First, lets begin with content.

Type of Content

The main content that resonates is Video while it gives room for text which describes what the video is all about alongside links, hashtags, captions, quotes etc.

A good example is a descriptive video ad by justin brown-primal video as shown below;

Usage Statistics

As at this moment of writing this article, research shows that an average of 2.2 billion users visit YouTube every month with over 5 billion videos being watched everyday.

And this is connected to the fact that;

First, it is among the first-timers to come into existence in the online space.

Second, internet users tends to resonates more with videos than text.

Infact, the human brain processes information better in visuals(video and images) form than in text form.

As a result of this, people spend over 1 billion hours everyday watching videos on YouTube.

Third, YouTube accommodates everyone searching for videos for instructional, educational, fun, motivational, brand awareness, entertainment purposes etc.
Infact, it covers almost all varieties that life offers.

Hence, with all these advantages, i guess we are getting close to determining which social network should you share your content most frequently for achieving desired results.

But lets continue with our research on the rest of the social networks to drawing our final conclusion.


When it comes to images such as pictures, photos, screenshots etc., it is nothing but Instagram.

Yes, it also supports the use of videos too but posting descriptive images for whatever reason is best done on instagram for maximum engagement.

And you know what?

Unlike Facebook, YouTube and others, it is strictly constructed for mobile devices.

Sure, you can access your Instagram account on a desktop computer but to have a better user-experience, it is mobile all the way.

So, lets check out the 2 factors as it relates to this form of network

Type of Content

As explained above, Instagram is created specifically for images. To achieve the most, design and upload high quality descriptive images that resonates with your personality, brand or business.

There are several tools that can assist you design fantastic images that captures the eye but of them all, the one that stands out is the Canva Design Tool.

It comes with several design templates across popular niches and categories as shown below.

So you don’t have to be a graphic designer, just Sign Up HERE on CANVA to create an account and have access to a number of templates to use to create your Instagram images and stories.

Usage Statistics

The number of users is behind that of YouTube and Facebook, amounting to around only 2 billion monthly.

But despite this, instagram has the highest engagement whatsoever(over 81%).

And this is not unconnected to the fact that human brain tends to process information in visuals more easily than text and here in this network, such visuals include images and videos with the former dominating the stage.

As a result of this, every brand, business and individuals utilizes this network to showcase their products, services and personalities due to high rate of patronage from their followers, local and international.

So, why wont the engagement be high?

For example in the celebrity niche, this image below showcases the huge number of followers each of them has in their respective accounts with Christiano Ronaldo leading the pack with over 500 million followers while Lionel Messi coming second.

So, wont it be cool to create an account on Instagram and have a good chunk bite of its massive traffic it enjoys on a daily basis?

Your guess is as good as mine.


Though coming late, but TiKTok is one of the fastest growing social media platform in the social online space ever.

Though initially established as Douyin in September 2016 in china, it was fully launched in the year 2017, that is about 5 years as at the time of writing this article.

You can visit tiktok on your desktop computer via its web link or mobile device as an App as it is compatible with both but goes well with mobile.

Type of Content

Just like YouTube, Tiktok is specifically created for videos ONLY.

In other words, Video content type is what suits it the most. The only difference with YouTube is that it’s designed for videos of shorter time length(like video clips).

But one unique feature it possesses is a vast catalog of filters, sound effects, snippets and other editing capabilities etc. to enhance your video and make it entertaining to the eyes.

You can find funny, cringy, additive videos on dancing, makeups, DIY tutorials, lip-syncing, challenges, tricks and other interests and you can create yours as well.

A good example is this funny video by agentoflaughter, a comedian that will leave you laughing all through.

And the video has amassed lot of likes, comments and shares. This tells of how highly engaged internet users are with tiktok videos.

Usage Statistics

The platform enjoys a massive population of over one billion users monthly, surpassing that of Pinterest, snapchat and twitter that has existed long before it, making it one of the top performing social media platform.

And one may wonder, why so?

It is simply because of its high level of patronage among the young adults and teens worldwide and the type of content it’s compatible with.
For example, about 60% of tiktok users in the USA are of ages 10-30.

Infact, if you are creating videos for the young and trendy for whatever reason, this social network is your first choice.

With these statistics in mind, tiktok is definitely for the younger generation.

At this point, if you feel you are already satisfied with what you have read so far as per which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently, you are good to go.


When it comes to professionalism, it is LinkedIn.

In other words, if you want to engage your brand or business with professionals, B2B companies and industry experts in your niche, this network is the best place to be right now.

If you play your cards very well, your business can get serious attention in terms of lead generation, traffic visitors and even sales.

Infact, it plays a good role as a tool for email marketing and list building.

Type of Content

Merely visiting the site alone, it has a similar appearance like Facebook hence the capability for you to post videos and images as well but unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is designed specifically for Long Text posts such as lectures, tutorials, industry news, articles etc.

Usage Statistic

Because of the added advantage(online exposure and traffic) that comes with branding your business online, there is a steady increase in number of users on LinkedIn.

Infact as i speak now, over 900+ million users are currently utilizing this network, hence making it the biggest professional network worldwide.

We may ask, why this huge number within a few years of setup?

Simply put,…..it is because brands are becoming more aware of the numerous advantages of setting up their businesses online for online exposure but most importantly for interaction purposes too.


Founded in 2006, Twitter is a social media networking platform that allows its users to make posts(called tweets) in 280 characters ONLY.

In other words, it means that the number of characters(e.g. space, alphabetic, letters, numbers etc.) in any statement is limited to 280.

Similar to Facebook in other aspects, this limit feature is what distinguishes it. If you wish to express any information in real time and as short as possible, twitter is what to go to.

Businesses and brands who create accounts here make use of it as a customer care service channel for answering queries, prompt responses, issues, resolutions etc.

Type of Content

Just like Facebook, twitter accepts Text in collaboration with Image and Video. Though you can post video of considerable time length, the length of text are limited(280 characters).

Or you can post both together as shown below in one tweet;

Usage Statistics

With these unique features attributed to twitter as compared to other social networks, do you project that the usage level will be on the high or low side?

Can you guess?

Well, a thorough statistics has proven that only about 436 million monthly active users visit twitter of which age group of 25-34 years occupy a sizeable number of them i.e. about 39%.

Though the number of usage isn’t encouraging enough as compared to others, it is steadily growing gradually.

Now, what exactly do majority of these users use twitter for?

A research conducted in the united states shows that over 80% of users use this site for entertainment purposes.

But generally, worldwide, people use twitter(than other social platforms) to express their opinions and get access to latest news, local and international.

FINAL VERDICT: Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently?

Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently?

After a thorough examination of the content and usage statistic of each of the popular networks stated above, this should help us draw up a conclusion on which social network we should share content most frequently.

So, in your own opinion, which of these networks do you vouch for? Or does this calls for opinions at all since we have verifiable facts on ground to corroborate our final conclusion?.

What do you really think?

Well, in my own suggestion, i will say this:

It Depends.

Lets look at this table below highlighting brief summary of each platform discussed above:

1. FacebookText(most prominent), video and image3+ billion usersHigher
2. YouTubeVideo(long and short)2.5+ billion usersHigher
3. InstagramImage(most prominent) and Video2+ billion usersHighest
4. TiktokVideo(short clips)1+ billion usersHigher
5. LinkedInText in long form900+ million usersHigh(business purposes only)
6. TwitterShort form text(most prominent), video and image436+ million usersHigh

As you can see above, it most probably depend mainly on the type of content you are sharing that will determine which social network to go for.

Lets check out each of these content viz-a-viz their proposed social media platform(by default).


If you want to advertise your business, express your opinion, post updates, tutorials etc. in TEXT form ONLY, there are 2 networks in contest here which are Facebook and linkedln. Now, judging by their number of users and level of engagement as shown above, Facebook is most ideal to go for

So when it comes to TEXT, i give it to FACEBOOK


When it comes to posting images ether for business of personal purposes for whatever reason, 3 networks are in contest here: Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

Judging by the number of users, twitter falls out leaving us with 2 contestants.

At this point, we look at their rate of engagement and we can conclude justifiably that Instagram, having the highest, carries the day.

Yes, Facebook has the numbers but it doesn’t necessarily matter at this point. Engagement is KEY hence we give it to Instagram.

So when it comes to IMAGE, I give it to INSTAGRAM

Let check the last one;… Video


When it comes to posting videos online for business or personal reasons, nothing comes better than YouTube (especially with its 2.5 billion users).

NOTE: that other networks like Facebook and tiktok accepts videos but YouTube is the king of them all.

So when it comes to VIDEOS, i give it to YOUTUBE

Below is the summary of our conclusion so far;



With these thorough analysis on each text alongside the social networks, i hope i have been able to provide justifiable answer to the topic: which network should you share content most frequently.

What are your thoughts on this tutorial so far?

Do you have any contrary view or you don’t agree with me in some instances?


Do you have any questions about anything related to this topic at all?

Feel free to drop your comments; questions, recommendations, suggestions, criticisms, analysis and advice

I am 100% available to respond to your comments anytime, any day.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance and attention.

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Oppp! Sorry.

Your friendly neighborhood SEO and online wealth tutor.


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