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Most times, Internet marketers make this mistake of sticking to Fiverr ONLY for the purpose of making money online, thus neglecting other good online freelance websites.

To expand your finance online, you need to invest in other freelancing sites.

Hence, I will show you over 10 best online freelance websites where you can offer your products and services for sale and make money online.

Without further waste of time,

Let’s set the ball rolling.

Freelancing allows us to achieve things that would have been impossible otherwise – Beth Granai

SPECIAL NOTE: If you don’t have much time to read, feel free to click on any of these category topics that interests you for quick access.


Aside fiverr, this appears to be the second most patronized of all sites because of the optimal traffic and lowest price of services (as low as $1).

And because of these extra advantages, one can make lots of money trading within few months of startup.

Seoclerks offers categories of all services such as

-Graphic and design
Digital marketing
Video & Animation
-Writing & Translation
-Music & Audio
-Programming & Technology
Link Building
-Onsite SEO & Research
– And others

Seoclerks offers various seller levels; level 1, level 2. level 3, level 4, level 5 to level X.

And sellers can bump and feature their gig services on frontpage (permanent feature) or in the categories (category feature) at various costs.

Due to its low price nature, you may face stiff competition among sellers who might offer unjustifiable prices for high quality SEO services to attract buyers to themselves but if you study and plan your strategies well, you will make it.

Give it a try.

Registration is free, simple and straight-forward.


So, if you want make money online with seoclerks, feel free to click on this red button link shown below to get started;


This is another platform where freelancers market their skills for between $5-$50 range.

It also commands a good amount of traffic.

One major feature about this site is that you can feature your services on frontpage to boost your chances of getting sales and increasing your income.

But there are charges for it.

Gigbucks offer payout to paypal and payza only after the seller has reached its minimum requirements for payout request.

It offer similar categories as fiverr above.

You can post as many seo services as possible and it offer sellers levels: beginner to level 3 (highest).

Registration is free, simple and easy.


This offers unique features where a freelancer offers his/her services by the hour or project.

Registration maybe seemingly tough; all you need do is to just browse through the projects and start an application.

Then, your application goes through scrutiny by their staff and once approved, you get your services exposed to thousands of businesses.

Cash exchanges (withdrawal and deposits) between clients and freelancers are processed via an escrow system for confidentiality sake and financial security for both the sellers and buyers.

Once job is completed and client is satisfied, the funds are withdraw and transferred to the seller’s account.


With over 255K+ freelancers and over 900K orders delivered, this may contest as the next popular marketplace after fiverr.

Sellers can feature (promote) their services on the following; FrontPage, category and subcategory levels.

1. Frontpage costs $35
2. Category feature costs $20
3. Subcategory feature costs $15.

Top-rated sellers are given the free advantage of featuring their services on frontpage free-of-charge.

This platform offers top categories of services which cover:

1. Internet Marketing
2. SEO
3. Graphic & Design
4. Audio & Music
5. Video
6. Writing
7. Business
8. Programming & Technology.

If you wish to know the highly profitable services to offer on Legiit, Chris Walker gives you an insight in this his video,

Please watch:

Services offered here are manually audited and scrutinized to meet top quality standards to offer the best experience to buyers.

Legiit offers top-class services to buyers who are ready to pay any amount for best quality of work.

Sellers’ ratings are based on feedback reviews from buyers.

The more the positive reviews from buyers, the higher the ratings for such sellers and the more reliable they be.

PayPal and Payoneer payouts are available for sellers to cash out their money and smile to the bank provided certain requirements and standards are met.


Just like the others, they offer services of these categories as; Marketing, Programming & Technology, Audio, SEO, Graphics & Design, Videos.

Best sellers are allowed to feature their services on frontpage on weekly basis for maximum exposure.

Though upcoming, you can sign up with them.

Payments and cashouts by clients and sellers are done through PayPal.

So why searching for a cost-effective way of selling your services, Konker is the way to go.

No registration fees.

No hidden charges.


This is a freelance platform where microjobs and services are posted for sale for between $3-$200 in value.

One enormous advantage about this site is there is no waiting period to get paid.

Online marketing, SEO, writing & Translation, lifestyle, business, Music, Audio, Video and Animation, programming etc, of which exist subcategories of related services, are service categories that are offered on zeerk.

Zeerk offers withdrawal cash payouts via PayPal once you have a minimum balance of $4 and you don’t need to wait for 15 days or so to cash your money out.

Register today.

Become a freelance zeerker or zeerk freelancer.




According to guru, freelancers can create profiles and submit quotes to open jobs/buyers requests.

Then, buyers will review the quotes and hire the best freelancer that satisfies their requirements.

Skills are offered in the following categories, though not limited to them; Admins and secretaries, Engineers and Architects, Lawyers, Designers and Artists, Programmers and Developers, writers and Translators, Sales and Marketing, Business and Finance etc.

4 different processes govern the operation of guru site as summarily stated below;

Pay by Milestones: At every stage of your job in progress, you check thoroughly to make sure it is within the agreeable limits and conditions and payments are made at each stage.

Pay by Task: Here, once a task is completed, you get paid instantly and invoice generated at request.

Pay by the Hour: Using timetracker, payments are made per hour as the job progresses on.

Pay using recurrent payments: Set up to four recurring payment rules for any given job —payments are made per week, per month, per quarter yearly.

Guru offer a very secure platform (safepay) to make payments easy and safe for both clients and sellers on the platform, then final cashout via PayPal.


As the name stipulates, it serves as a platform where freelancers can offer smaller jobs to make extra cash for themselves aside the main ones they are doing.

This site comes with ready-to-use templates that sellers can use to build up their projects for client in a fully-customized manner.

No stress! No hassle!

You don’t need to work hard to set up a gig project. Templates are there for you.

Sign-ups involve a 2-step verification for security purposes.

Jennifer Marie is an active seller on Microworkers and she offers insight tutorial on how to operate microworkers and make money online.

All are detailed in this video below;


Just like every other freelance sites listed above, you can offer your services here for clients. You create a service, deliver work and get paid fully upon completion.

No need to wait for days for cashouts.

Services are being sold for between $5 and $999 as set by the management.

Content & copywriting, business, Graphics & design, Internet marketing, Video & Audio, Ecommerce & CMS, Development & Technology are job categories that are offered on jobdone site.


With over thousands of jobs posted annually with over 5,000 skills across 70 categories of services, upwork is fast growing to be the largest freelancing website across the globe.

This is yet another great online platform where best quality services are posted by freelancers who possess great skills and work experiences.

Hence, it controls a large volume of traffic visitors in terms of sellers and buyers and can compete with fiverr.

The skills categories being offered are;

1. Sales & marketing
2. Writing
3. Customer service
4. Design & creative
5. Web, mobile & software development
6. Admin support
7. Engineering & Architecture
8. Data science and analysis
9. and many others.

In upwork, you must be very skillful in your area of specialization to compete favorably among other sellers to be the best fit for buyers.

Freelance services are offered majorly on 2 options;

1. Per hour
2. Fixed price

The former means that you get to work and finish up your client projects within an agreed stipulated hour before payment can be made.

While the latter means you complete your client project within an agreeable day(s) before final payment.

You can check the website for more details.

There exist different monthly plans that allow subscription to free and premium features for freelancers.

Such plans are named; BASIC (free), PLUS($49.99 per month), BUSINESS ($499 per month), ENTERPRISE (above $499).

Final payment cashouts are made to sellers’ accounts through payoneer and paypal.

On part of the sellers and buyers, Upwork makes it fast, simple, and cost-effective to find, hire, work with, and pay the best freelancers anywhere, any time.

For further understanding of upwork and how it operates, you can watch this video below;


This site boosts of over 39,000,000 registered users (sellers, buyers) with over 16,000,000 total jobs posted in over 1000 categories and subcategories.

New visitors can browse through top job categories such as

WordPress, logo design, article writing, SEO, internet marketing, web design, data entry, manufacturing, 3D modelling, Accounting, legal, finance, Apps, software Dev, logistics, Linux, banner design, copywriting, Ghost-writing and many more.

Popular job categories such as Mobile App, Graphic design, Web development, Logo design, Writing etc, are featured on frontpage with their prices ranging from $50 to $300.


Dont wait. The time will NEVER just be Right – Napoleon Hill


As the name looks, this is not connected to fiverr site in any way but it is just like a fiverr-like clone.

With prices in the range of $4 to $100, sellers can create gig services or search through the buyer requests to seek for jobs.

Levels 1, 2 and 3 are the various levels that a seller can attain as they progress with level 3 being the highest and level comes with its own advantage.

At level 3, you can create unlimited services and as high as $100 unlike other levels.

Fiverup also promotes its sellers’ services on Facebook, Twitter and more for maximum exposure. This social media promotion is a very unique feature about fiverup.

Categories that sellers can opt for include the following; Backlinks, Advertising, Misc, Ebooks, Gift ideas, Graphic design, fitness, Hosting, buy & sell websites, fun & bizarre, Business etc.

On payouts, it takes a period of 14 days to do so for all levels after job completion.

Finally, fiverup will be one of the most sought-after. It is just a matter of time.


With categories ranging from logo design to wordpress customization that freelancers can display their skills on, Envato is one of the fast growing freelance sites till today.

The popular categories are shown in the second image below.

During registration, your profile needs to be approved before it goes live, hence only certain designers, digital talents and developers are handpicked.

So when setting up a seller account, you have to be very skilled at what you do and what you can offer, backed with portfolios and work experiences (if any).

Formally known as microlancer, Envato studio is a part of the Envato network with over 3000 unique services that clients can choose from.

Payout withdrawals are made from the sellers’ account into their respective paypal and payoneer accounts and it takes upto 7 days for the withdrawal process to be completed.

But note that your balance must meet the minimum requirement of $50 before you are qualified for withdrawal.

Wish you good luck as you give it a try.


As the name implies, it is a site that deals on designing.

It is the leading custom design marketplace with over 700,000 freelance designers managing 100+ designs per project.

It is a special online marketplace that offers designers the chance to earn money from utilizing their skills.

Design services offered by freelancers include the following;

-Logo design, banner design,
-T-shirt design, App design,
-3D design, ebook design,
-icon design,
-flyer design,
-business card design,
-label design,
-YouTube design,
-billboard design,
-brochure design,
-postcard design,
-poster design
-And more and more.

DesignCrowd also owns and manages BrandCrowd, an online logo maker.

Registrations of new designers undergo a 3-5 days verification process, after which you will be emailed if you are approved or rejected based on their design guidelines and design quality standards.

If you pass, your submissions will appear in your portfolios for visitors to see and order if they like your designs.

One of the conditions for verification is to have 3-5 different approved designs submitted to at least 3 different paid projects.

So if you are a very good designer, then this site is where you ought to be.

And last but not the least,………………….

We have…………………..Fivesquid


Cash transactions on Fivesquid are done in British pounds and via PayPal.

Operating just like fiverr and receiving a bit of traffic visitors (240k/month), it’s a good place to trade online for money making.

On this site, freelancers have a greater chance of featuring their services on front-page as large portion of its homepage is dedicated for it and because of this, freelancers has a higher chance of making more money online than on other sites.

There are different levels for sellers as upgraded PRO sellers have the opportunity of offering their services at any price, setting recurring services on subscription.

 CONCLUSION: Other Online Freelance Websites You Can Make Money Online

Do more than is required. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile.

We stop here for now.

As time goes on, we will update this page by adding more sites for ease of comfortability, accessibility and convenience for upcoming online marketers.

Freelance sites listed on this webpage are just the major ones.

There are lots of other sites not listed here but you can do your research and invest on:,,,,,, http://Gigblasters,,, and many more.

For more info about freelance sites, a Youtuber (Doublehike) offers his his opinion about 12 best online freelance websites on the internet, Feel free to watch below;

Now the table is yours,

What do you intend to do now?

Are you considering joining the world of internet marketing to make yourself financially stable?
Are you already an internet marketer but want to test-run these fiverr-alternative online freelance websites to make extra income?
Are you nursing a mixed feeling about these sites whether they might be worth trying or not?

Whatever options listed above or not, let us know by leaving a comment, questions, recommendations, advice etc below.

I am 100% available to respond to your comments made below.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance, attention.

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighbourhood spiderman.

Oppp! Sorry.

Your friendly neighbourhood business online tutor.


See you at the top

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