12 ACTIONABLE Ways To Become A Millionaire Online(+CASE STUDIES)


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Years ago, few persons take online jobs as a side hustles, hence it was unimaginable to think that anyone can make millions on the internet, thus a way of becoming a millionaire online.

But these days, times have changed.

Due to rapid internet evolution, the online space has welcomed lot of guests seeking ways to make money online by engaging the internet world in numerous ways.

And not just any amount but making millions out of it.

Any Proof to this claim?

Sure, I will be dropping 2 case studies that proves this.

Back to our main topic, I will be showing you list of ways on how to become an internet millionaire fast.

And not just any list but ones that are actionable from the get go; meaning that as i list them one-by-one, i will explain how to execute them using steps, illustrations and images for better understanding.

So, without much ado, lets get down to business.

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12 ACTIONABLE Ways To Become A Millionaire Online


Freelancing means earning cash on a per-job or per-task basis on a short term(per hour or day) and not committed to an employer or organization.

In other words, it means working independently(self-employed) on tasks such as article writing, graphics, web design and development, video creation, digital marketing etc. on various online marketplaces AKA freelance websites.

And a very popular one among these websites is Fiverr.

You might have heard about it or even be involved.

But if it is your first time, no worries.

I have put up a very comprehensive content on everything you need to know about fiverr.

And how to make cool money online from it via this link: Everything to know about fiverr and making money from it

Other Resources to check out are as below;

These resource links above explains in full details everything about fiverr and how to utilize it in whatever form it suits you to make money.

Another prominent one is Seoclerks; a website that focuses mainly on SEO and digital marketing.

Here is a resource to learn more about seoclerks: How to Make Money With Seoclerks

Other freelance websites are peopleperhour, upwork, gigbucks. zeerk and many others of which you can access in full details HERE: Best Freelance websites to make money online

Lets check the next one

Affiliate Marketing

When affiliate marketing is mentioned, what comes to mind?

It can be explained with this simple scenario below;

A company launches a new product.

It seeks the service of individuals to promote its product and reward such individual with cash for his efforts should he or she makes a sale(s) for the company’s product.

And if eventually the individual called an affiliate makes conversion(a sale), he is rewarded with cash called commission(a certain percentage of the product cost)

That is all what affiliate marketing is all about.

So how is it done in practical form?


  • There exists numerous ways to apply. you can apply through the manufacturers’ websites or through the affiliate networks e.g. clickbank, JVZOO, shareasale etc.
    Just visit them to create your affiliate user account.
  • Select the product you want to promote via its affiliate link(called tracking link).
  • Using this link, promote the product using various promotional methods across the internet platform e.g. social media marketing, forums, blogs, YouTube, online reviews etc.
  • If a visitor shows interest and access the product, a conversion process is initiated.
  • If it results in a sale, you earn a commission for your promotional efforts.

Demystifying Affiliate Marketing for better understanding is an entirely full topic on its own, hence i have put up a resource that explains about affiliate marketing and everything about it below HERE:

How To Make Money from Affiliate Marketing and Learn Everything About It

Flippa(Buying and Selling of online businesses)

There are instances where individuals and companies might want to engage in purchase and sales of online businesses for profit making.

Such businesses include software, blogs, Applications, Domain names, websites, SaaS, digital products, online stores etc.

And one perfect online marketplace to perform such services is Flippa


Now, how do we get started with flippa?

The following steps illustrates it below;

STEP 1: Register to Create An Account

– After clicking the “sign up” button as shown in the image above, it will take you to this registration page where you can input your names, email or use your google account to sign up.

After which you will be taken to this page below to complete your account registration

STEP 2: Activate your account

This is done by opening your email inbox, locating the activation link message and clicking on it.

Then you will be taken to where you create and save your password.

STEP 3: Start Selling

After creating your account, you will be taken to flippa homepage where you click “Sell Now”

After clicking the sell now button, you can now input what you want to sell on the internet and click the continue button.

For example, if you want to sell a website, simply type it in and click “continue”

Step 4: And So On and So Forth

Aside selling, you can also buy any of these online stuffs, improve their quality and resell at a higher cost for profit making.

Invest In YouTube Videos

When you hear the word “YouTube“, what comes to your mind?


And how can you make money online from such YouTube videos?

To answer the above question, take a look at these 2 images below;

If you are ever watched a youtube video, you must have come across these 2 images

  • In the first image, something similar as such appears at the bottom of the video while playing
  • In the second image, a new video just appears interrupting the main video you were watching. Such videos runs for seconds to few minutes.

In the 2 scenarios, they are Adverts(overlay and skippable ads respectively) that are placed on specific videos uploaded on the YouTube channel platform.

And as the adverts are being displayed/played, you make money online from them accordingly.

So, now the main issue here: How do we go about it?

Follow these Steps Below;

  1. Choose a specific niche. It can be about sports, comedy, documentary, music etc.
  2. Create your video in line with your niche. For example, if you
  3. Set up a Gmail account if you don’t have any Here
  4. Create a youtube channel by visiting youtube and on the top left corner, click your Gmail account icon, a dropdown menu appears, then click “create a channel”
  5. Follow the steps as instructed of which you will be required to upload your video along.

Need a well detailed thorough steps on this?

Click this resource link: How to create a YouTube channel, upload videos and make money from it

Then, after finally uploading your video(s), there are certain conditions to be met to qualify for receiving adverts(getting monetized) and be admitted into the YouTube partnership program(YPP);

  • First, follow the youtube rules and guidelines
  • second, grow your channel to over 1000 subscribers
  • third, your videos must have be watched over 4000 hours.

Aside these 3 major ones, there are other conditions/tasks to be carried out as well.

Now, here is the biggest challenge to this; How do we create our videos?

No worries.

There are 2 ways to go about this.

  1. Using video equipment such as camera, microphone, smartphone, flood-lights, tripods, editing software etc to set up a studio and make video presentation.

2. Making use of Video creation Software such as

  • canva, Invideo, filmora, clipchamp etc for creating slideshow, article to video, intros, outros, sales videos etc.

    Of these software, i highly recommend CANVA because it is very cheap(as low as $7 per month) and user-friendly.

    This, meaning that you don’t need any level of experience to use it and it has the ability to create almost all range of category of videos.

Wanna give Canva a try? Click on this button link below to check it out.

  • OBS project for recording computer screen videos. Visit the link, download and install it on your computer system. Open and start recording. This software is FREE.
  • videoscribe, easysketchpro, animaker, toonly, vyond, doodlemaker etc for creating whiteboard/colored animation videos.

    And of these tools just mentioned above, Doodlemaker is my very favorite.

    Doodlemaker is artificial intelligence doodle video creation engine with various templates in different niches with over 60+ languages to choose from.

    You can operate it directly from your web-browser, meaning you don’t need to download it or install it as a software application

To learn more about this video software, i did a full-detailed view about it.

Here is the Resource Link: DoodleMaker Review: The New Face Of Video Animation Creation And Marketing

Interested? Here is the link to the doodlemaker software below;

Though the invention of these software has made video creation easy but atimes, it might be a bit difficult on your part in terms of time, availability and expertise.

But don’t worry for there are freelancers you can hire to help create videos for you at an affordable cost and one good marketplace where you can source them out is Fiverr.

All you need do is to carry out the following steps below;

  • visit the fiverr website Link HERE: Fiverr
  • Create your user account. If you are new, these steps will guide you through.
  • After that, click the “video and animation” category. this will take you to the page where you fine ranges of sellers offering video creation services.

Interested in fiverr, click this Link below;

Aside making use of fiverr to create videos for yourself, do you know that you can kill 2 birds with a stone by learning how to earn cash as a buyer on this same fiverr website?

Sure, it is very possible.

Just visit HERE: Make money on Fiverr As A Buyer to get access.

Now, for better understanding of this whole process in visual form, this video does justice to it below;

Lets watch together.


This aspect of making money online is becoming widely adopted form of becoming a millionaire online because of its various means through which it can be utilized.

But what necessarily is blogging about?

In broader terms, It means publishing information regularly in form of articles, videos, infographics, images etc. on specific knowledgeable topics for a target audience.

And while this is in progress, the ultimate goal is to build an strong info hub capable of attracting a huge amount of traffic visitors from higher google rankings, social media marketing and other means.

So, it is through this massive traffic visitors that we invest in and make money from.


Through various means such as;

  • Marketing affiliate products
  • granting sponsorship posts
  • Displaying adverts
  • setting up Google Absence
  • writing product reviews
  • launching information products
  • And many more.

On marketing affiliate products, it is done by recommending(posting) their affiliate links in articles and video descriptions.

And when a visitor click on such links and made a purchase, you earn money(commission) from it.

Below is a typical example of an article with affiliate link;

Below is another;

An full-time affiliate blogger, Adam Enfroy makes millions of dollars every year using this method.

Case-study on this to follow.

Next, below are adverts from google absence network: when a visitor clicks the ads, a conversion(CPC) is made, hence money too.

Thirdly, below is the launching of an info product by harsh Agarwal of shoutmeloud

While blogging, a single or combination of any or all these means can definitely make you a internet millionaire over time if done consistently.

Setting Up Ecommerce Store

Do you recognize this face below;

If so, great!

If not, that is Jeff Bezos who was once the richest man in the world and maybe still.

And do you know his net worth?

Research has it that he is over 142.2 billion US dollars as at the time ot writing this article.

Isnt that huge?

And have you researched what kind of business is he into?

AMAZON, a popular ecommerce website store for buying and selling products online worldwide.

Infact, he is the founder and chairman of it: AMAZON

What of Jack Ma?

Just like jeff bezos, he founded Alibaba, one of the biggest ecommerce business worldwide.

And his net worth is over $38.2 billion.

So, while am I posting all these stuffs above about these 2 men?

It is to prove that setting up ecommerce business is just one of the ways of becoming a millionaire online.

So how do we set up one?

There are several website ecommerce builder templates designs that one can purchase and make use of which we have shopify, Wix, squarespace, bigcommerce, zyro, weebly and more.

Infact, below are the following steps to creating an ecommerce store as stated;

Steps to creating an ecommerce website

1. Choose the kind of niche products to invest in(sell):

Do a very deep research of the online store market to see the kind of products that are high in demand.

Based on your findings, choose the niche that goes with such products.

For example, if you observe that more persons are going into sporting items e.g. buying football, jerseys, rackets etc., simply go for sports niche.

2. Choose a Domain Name and Web Hosting:

After picking a niche, you need to choose a domain name that resonates with your niche but not necessarily.

Any name goes provided it can easily be remembered and make sense. it may even be your own name.

On setting up a web hosting, there are several web hosting providers such as hostgator, namecheap, bluehost, greengeeks, ipage, godaddy, justhost, inmotion, wpengine, dreamhost etc. that offers various hosting packages to choose from depending on your resources, capabilities and type.

My favorite of them all is NAMECHEAP (which i presently use) because of the numerous user-friendly capabilities alongside its ease of use.

But setting up a web-hosting is an entire different topic on its own, hence i have put up a very comprehensive step-by-step content on how to web-host a domain successfully even in a layman’s format.

3. Choose your ecommerce Builder:

As stated above, there are several ecommerce builder to install after web hosting your domain online.

Depending on the type of online store you want to create, ecommerce templates are available for suitability sake.

But aside these builders, some web hosting platforms do provide a range of options of which setting up an ecommerce site is part of.

For example, Hostgator provides such option as shown below;

4. Add Items’ photos and descriptions

While implementing this step, First on the case of photo, make sure you take a full picture of the items (alongside its accessories) in every sides, angles and dimensions to give a full view of such items before the eyes of the potential buyer.

The picture MUST be in HD quality for super clarity.

Secondly, on the case of description, it deals with the name of the item, its full description, its properties and finally reviews.

Name of the Item: starting from the name of the item, make sure you describe the item FULLY so the visitor can a summarily view of what the item is about.

Main description: Do not hide anything here. Make sure you state every details about the item; its operational procedures, conditions for optimum performance, means of easy setup, important features, special notes etc.

Key Specifications: here, list out all the attributes and features that characterizes the item wholesomely e.g. model, dimensions, weight, display, name of manufacturer, brand name, color etc.

Include Reviews: Lastly and most importantly, create section for those who have purchased and tested the item to give their own satisfactory perception of the item.

This helps potential buyers make a choice to go for that item or not.

If you manufacture or advertise a product of high quality and offers as stated in the description, you should have no fear over your clients’ reviews.

5. Add a payment processor:

When navigating an online store, purchases are definitely going to be made.

And how do we make such payments?

Through payments gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, 2checkout, skrill, authrorize.net, due etc.

The image below explains the role payment gateways plays during a financial transaction(buying) of an item.

I hope, with these few steps, you can fully establish a successful online store and begin your journey to making millions online.

One might experience difficulty in setting up such an ecommerce business for numerous reasons; it requires lots of expertise and it is time consuming etc.

No worries!

There are several online marketplaces where you can hire freelancers to help you create an ecommerce website for a fee and a great place is FIVERR

– Visit this link HERE: Fiverr marketplace to create an account (if you don’t have any)

– In the fiverr homepage, type “ecommerce website” in the search box and press “enter” on your computer/laptop keyboard

– After that, you will be taken to a page where you see a number of freelancers offering ecommerce website creation services to choose from.

Whichever way you choose to go; setting one by yourself or hiring a freelancer on fiverr, the choice is yours.

Becoming A Social Media Influencer

Do you know how much footballer, Christiano Ronaldo charges for one sponsored Instagram post?

Over $880,000-1 $million

That is the power of influence.

All simply by offering unique content(displaying special football skills in ronaldo’s case) and in the process, amassing a huge number of followers on social media.

Another is tiktok user, khaby lame who recently gathered over 144.2 million followers simply by using facial expressions to mock real-life videos.

He makes atleast $5million a year from adverts and endorsements and his net worth is over $13 million.

I cited this second example to prove that you don’t have to be a celebrity or star or possess any special skills to make it on social media.

Just think and come up with something unique; something that stands you out from others.

That is what khaby lame did and look at where it has brought him; fame and money.

My advise to you: Go do the same

Create and Sell Online Courses

This is probably one of the simplest ways of making money online: Passive income.

More like a plug and play.

You record tutorial videos on topics you are good at, upload them on tutorial video sites like Udemy and as visitors subscribe to watch your videos, you make money from them.

Take a look at this seller below who teaches this course: The complete javascript course 2022: Zero to expert

So far, he has enrolled over 636,667 students to watch his videos at a cost of $24.99.

Now, doing the calculations of how much he has made so far, this goes thus; 636,667 X $24.99 per course gives us $15,910,308.

This means he has made over 15.9 Million Dollars right from the first day till this moment.

Yes, a whooping 15 million cash from one course only by selling his knowledgeable skills.

So, if he can, you can too also.

Below are the steps of starting off an online course;

Steps to Starting an Online Course

Step 1: Offer Something Valuable

First, you must be talented, possess practical skills, knowledge on anything relating to IT, graphics, marketing, web design and development, photography, music etc.

Atleast have something valuable to offer even if it means learning it on YouTube.

Step 2: Make and record your video

Get a laptop or desktop computer, download and install a screen recording software. A good example is called OBSproject which can be downloaded from HERE .

The OBSproject software comes with numerous features that enables one to create a video via screen recording.

Once installed, open the software and begin recording as you teach.

On how to operate the software, this youtube video will put you through step-by-step below;

Step 3: Edit Your Recorded Video

After recording, your video, in raw form, needs to undergo modification to make it look presentable and understandable for the viewers.

So, how are we going to go about it?

Kudos to Adam Enfroy who did tremedous justice to this. Here, he gave a very thorough details about several video editing software to assist you on this.

If you are low on budget, as mentioned earlier, Fiverr is a great place to seek the service of video editors to help you out for an affordable fee.

Step 4: Upload your video on Udemy

This is the final step to creating your online video course.

After creating your Udemy account and logging in, simply follow the necessary instructions to getting started including uploading your videos.

Online Sports Betting

From the word “betting”, it means placing stake (e.g. money, properties) on games, sports or unpredictable events with the hope of winning something tangible out of it.

In other words, it simply means gambling

And one good niche you can play it is on sports, hence the phrase “sports betting” and it can be on football, motor racing, basketball, golf, horse racing, tennis etc. depending on your area of interest.

And can millions be made from it?


Here are examples of betters who became instant internet millionaires simply by placing bets on certain sports events:

Aside winning big, you can place bet and still win in medium to large amounts like $200, $500, $1000, $2000, $3000, $3500 etc. and there are several sports betting websites where you can place a bet and win.

SERIOUS WARNING: Sports betting is not as easy as it seems on surface. It is a VERY risky business and there are lots of persons who have lose thousands of money placing stake on betting.

So if you wish to go into it, be prepared for the worst. You may lose as well.

Finally, if your desire is to make millions online, i STRONGLY recommend you DON’T venture into sports betting or any form of betting at all.

If so, then why did i bring up this method in the first place?

For Risk-takers and big money spenders.


Foreign Exchange(forex) Trading

Just like online betting, this is also another risky venture as well because the forex market can be very unpredictable.

But first of all, what is foreign exchange?

It is the conversion of one currency to another.

For example, swapping the euro for US dollar at an exchange rate and it takes place at the foreign exchange website market hence doing business on such market is called forex trading.

So, how does one profit from this form of trading. It involves the following steps below;

  1. Depending on the country you are operating from, research, visit and create a user account on any of the numerous forex trading websites that relates to your country.
  2. Study the market very well
  3. buy currencies at periods when the exchange rates favors you i.e. when the cost ratio of a unit of currency(you purchased) viz-a-viz other currencies, is low. For example, using US dollar and Japanese yen as a case study, if the unit cost of a dollar is ¥15, you can buy 1000 dollars.
  4. Monitor regularly the 2 currencies and when you observe that the cost of your purchased currency (as it relates to other currencies) and demand goes high, you sell i.e. when the cost of dollar goes high, like say ¥30 per dollar, sell your 1000 dollars to international traders that needs it.
  5. The difference is your profit. That is if ¥1 becomes $30, then selling $1000 gives us the following;
    1000/30 = ¥30.33.
    That is your profit(¥30.333).
    So you have earned ¥30.33 from the selling of $1000 investment. The higher the investment, the higher the profit.

That is all.

For more understanding of forex trading especially if you are a beginner, this YouTube video will help you out;

WARNING: It might also be as risky as betting just that its chances are low. Secondly, you have to commit a reasonable sum of money to make substantial profits from it and what are even the chances that the conditions will be favorable for you.

Are there persons who have become internet millionaires just from forex trading?


This link gives us a brief summary of those who have excelled successfully well in the world of foreign exchange trading HERE: List and summary of Richest Forex Traders

So if you wish to be like them, it is possible.

The choice is yours.

Online Travel Consultant

A lot of persons especially from 3rd world countries want to migrate for various reasons.

It could be for studies or tourism or for better standard of living. And they are ready to commit a huge sum of money to actualize their dream.

So don’t you think going into travel consultancy business is the sure way out to make money online?

One surest way is to operate such business is in 3rd world countries where you can educate potential travelers about the following;

  1. cheapest flights to take
  2. viable countries to migrate to
  3. how to pass a visa interview
  4. cost of affordable visa as it relates to different countries
  5. tourism
  6. holiday seeking
  7. seeking foreign education
  8. and many more.

All you need do is to rent a small office space, create a website and promote your services online and offline.

FINAL THOUGHTS: ACTIONABLE Ways To Become A Millionaire Online


We are drawing to a close on this content.

I hope that i have being able to demystify this topic on ways of becoming a millionaire online in a very simple, understandable and actionable form.

Though it isn’t going to happen overnight, it takes consistency, persistence, perseverance, hardwork and smartwork to hit your first million.

Jeff bezos founded his online business, Amazon, on July 5th, 1994 and became a millionaire in 1997 through his business initial public offering.

So, on these various methods, my final advice is this; Don’t be a jack of all trades and master of none.

Scrutinize each of them very meticulously and focus seriously on the one or the few ones that you feel you might be capable to conquer without so much struggles and difficulties.

That way, your goal of becoming an internet millionaire can be a reality.

Now, over to you….

What do you think about this list on how to become a millionaire online?

Which of these methods are you trying out?
Do you have any questions about anything at all?

Feel free to drop your comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, analysis and advice

I am 100% available to respond to all your comments anytime, anyday.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance, attention.

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighbourhood spiderman.

Oppp! Sorry.

Your friendly neighbourhood SEO and online business tutor.


Bye for now.

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