Make Money On Fiverr As A Buyer Without Skills


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Be it a seller or buyer, anyone can now make money on fiverr.

Initially, fiverr was only structured for freelancers with skills but times have changed.

Anyone with or without skills can make money on fiverr.

Hence, in this article, i will show you how a buyer (without skills) can make money on fiverr successfully.

So, without delay,

Lets roll as i show you how to make money on fiverr as a buyer without skills


Before i go into the nitty-gritty,

If you are a newbie or just hearing about “fiverr” for the first time,

Fiverr is an online marketplace where sellers (freelancers) and buyers meet to trade businesses on various categories such as graphic designs, video animation, lifestyle, digital marketing, writing & translation, programming, technology etc.

All you need do is visit here: fiverr and register to create an account or click on this button link shown below;

To learn more, i have put up this tutorial exclusively for you here: Learn Everything About Fiverr.

Now, lets go back to our main topic

How Can Buyers Make Money

You might be wondering how buyers who don’t have any skill make money on fiverr

How possible you might say!

Don’t freak

The way out is the word “AFFILIATE

A simple, effortless and straightforward process.

What is an Affiliate?

In general terms. an affiliate is a person who markets a manufacturer’s products and services in exchange for a paid commission made on each sale he makes through the customers he markets the products to.

And that is what fiverr rewards the buyer/affiliate when a customer (who the buyer/affiliate brings) makes a purchase.

That is how it operates.


let me lead you through the steps to follows below;


You can register as a fiverr user(buyer or seller) or directly as an affiliate.

To register as a User;

Visit Fiverr website HERE: Fiverr Affiliate or click the button link below to get access;

And click “Join” to register as a fiverr user as shown below;

After registration, go back to the homepage as shown below

And scroll down to the bottom of this homepage.

Under “Community“, you will see “Affiliates“. Click on it.

It is at this point that you can choose to register directly as an Affiliate.

This image below illustrates it below;

After clicking “affiliates“, you will be taken to another page where you click “Join” or “Start Earning Now

After which you will be taken to the affiliate registration page as shown below;

Include all the details needed (compulsory) and click “next” to continue.

Note that the “skype” space is optional.

Once, you are completely done, You will see your affiliate dashboard as shown below;

That is all as per the registration process.


From you take a look at the dashboard, there are several parameters we will treat briefly as stated below;

Marketing Tools

These are tools needed to market your fiverr affiliate links anywhere online, be it website, social media etc.

The ones presented for us are various sizes of Banners and promotional links.

Watch this short video from fiverr to guide you on choosing the right one for you;


Media Reports are reports that displays number of impressions from traffic visitors, clicks of such visitors, commissions for each sale that the visitors have made through your link, number of registrations made by them and FTB.

While Registration reports showcases the monthly registrations details of your customers(those who purchased via your link), in terms of tracking code, language, type, size, AFP, brand etc.

These 2 reports only shows 15 entries by default but If you would like to see more entries, you need to click on the “Show 15 Entries” button to choose between 15, 50, 100 and All.

Payment History

Shows all the commission payments made over a range of time in summary.

Payment requests tells if you are qualified for payments into your account.

$100 is the minimum requirements for payment qualification.

Once approved, payments are requested at the beginning of the following month and are done once on a net 30 basis.

For example, if you have earned the $100 mark and above in January, requests can be made within the 1st week of February.


These provide you your sub-affiliate link and number of your sub-affiliates (those who registered via your link)

Account Details

These covers everything about you. It is the area where you edit your user settings such as password, personal info, payments, privacy policy etc.

Affiliate Store

These are handpicked services (by fiverr) to help you maximize your earnings and build, grow, and scale every affiliate channel. They cover facebook, Instagram, web blog and YouTube.

Commission Plan

These are the percentage earnings you make when an fiverr user comes through your affiliate link and makes a purchase on various fiverr platforms such as unified plan, AndCo, fiverr hybrid, fiverr CPA and fiverr learn.

Earning Report

This section displays all the earnings you have made within a selected range of time.

NOTE: Before fiverr makes any final payments to its affiliates after payment requests has been made, they check for fraudulent or violation of terms activities first. So make sure you deal business legitimately to avoid issues.

And read and follow the terms of services rules too.

For more information, we recommend you read this article from the fiverr here: Fiverr Affiliate User Guide


Your Affiliate link is what you use to bring in and track any new customer on fiverr and has a 12-month tracking cookie, meaning if you will earn a commission if your customer registers and makes a purchase within that 12 months.

Locating Your Default Links

Now, To locate your default Affiliate link, go to your dashboard, go to Marketing Tools and click on “Default and Deep Links“.

This action will take you to where your affiliate links are for all fiverr products platforms as shown below;

The Link for CPA platform is your main default link in yellow color.

That is the one you should promote.

It looks like this (fiverr CPA link) as shown below;

The commission for the CPA link varies from $15-$50 depending on the categories of services.

For example, the following categories shown below attracts a commission of $50, meaning if a buyer purchases any service under these through your CPA link, you earn $50.

Isnt that sweet?

Other categories of services attract $40, $30. $25 and $15.

You can see them here; Fiverr Affiliate Commission Plan

Links for other fiverr platforms(Pro, AndCo and Learn) are in red box.

If you choose any of the links to promote, they will direct your customers to the corresponding products platforms accordingly.

Here is a brief summary of all affiliate links you can promote for different fiverr products platforms;

Fiverr CPA Link:

This link directs your users to fiverr homepage and earns you a commission for a category service accordingly only once for first purchase.

Fiverr Hybrid:

Here, you earn a fixed commission on all category service + recurring 10% share on every purchase for 12 months

Fiverr Learn:

you earn a commission if your user purchase a learning course.


This directs your users to AndCo page and you earn commission for any transaction done there.

Creating Your Deep Links

Fiverr Affiliate system offers you the opportunity to promote any specific products, services and courses on its various platforms if you wish to.

This is where you need to create what we call “Deep Links” and this video below explains how to create one;

Now, Before we conclude on this,

An alternative to the CPA link is the Hybrid link.

The difference between the 2 is that CPA link pays you commission($50, $40, $30, $25 or $15) ONLY ONCE for any first time buyer who purchases a category service while if you promote the hybrid link, you earn $10 from first purchase + 10% of recurring purchases for 12 months.

So the choice is yours.

But if you seek my opinion on what to choose, i will suggest you go for Fiverr CPA Link.

It pays in the long run.

And the last but not the least of all the topics is…………


This is the most important aspect of this tutorial.

This is all about exposing your links to the internet world through various channels.

Channels such as the following below:

Invest In Website Banners and Text Ads

High traffic websites offer banner and text spaces for promotion of links for a fee. And one good place to locate them is BuySellAds.

Here is what you do;

Visit the link, create an account as an advertiser and search for niche that relates to what you want to promote e.g internet marketing, SEO, web design etc.

Then, pick out websites you want to advertise on (based on certain factors such as budget, niche, size, type etc) and place your advert.

Luckily enough, Fiverr has provided us with different sorts of banners for our affiliate marketing purposes as you can see below;

You can access them in the “All marketing Tools” in your affiliate dashboard

A good example of such advert is as shown below:

Banner Advert

Text Advert: You input your shortened fiverr link.

If you target high traffic sites, surely you will get some referral visitors to fiverr and eventually make some earnings.

Social Media Promotion

Create social media pages and insert your affiliate link in them.

Its as simple as that.

A good one is creating a youtube channel, creating a video about fiverr and uploading it. Then, in the video description, you shorten your link using tinyurl or bitly and input it in there.

An example is as shown below;

Do same for Twitter, Facebook and others as well.

But while doing so, be extremely careful as some social media platforms may not support posting of affiliate links or your account get banned/restricted.

While posting, you must understand that these social networks are peculiar to the type of promotional content you wish to post.

For example, if you want to promote your links using videos, YouTube is your best bet. using images, Instagram is cool, if it is text, then Facebook and twitter is OK etc. and doing such promotion very well.

Infact, this is where social media marketing strategies comes into play.

Also if you want to leverage on just few of such networks instead of getting bored trying to use all of them, you need to know what of these social media sites should you promote content more frequently most for effective results.

Promote On Online Communities

They are Quora, Reddit, Medium, AnswerthePublic(bought by Neil patel) and HARO.

The key to successful promotion on these content sites is post relevant comments and articles that are useful for readers while inputing your fiverr link in the process.

WARNING: But I must warn you, Not all of these sites accept posting of affiliate links. make sure you read its terms of rules before you deal with them to avoid account suspension or ban.

But on that of Medium, you are free to post affiliate links provided you issue a disclaimer on it which is part of the rules of medium site.

So all you do is this;

Visit and create an account.

After that, go to your user profile and click “New Story

which will take you here;

You can now start writing an article. inserting your fiverr link within.

But as i said before make sure you issue a statement about the affiliate link or your article will be removed and your account may be banned.

See an article i write on medium with a disclaimer about my affiliate link below;

On Quora and Reddit, Affiliate links are NOT allowed or your account may be banned.

But you can promote indirectly by creating a blog website, writing an article in it with your affiliate link in it and promoting that website link instead.

That is what i did and it works for me.

That is it,

But please as i have said before, read the terms of services and rules before interacting with these online communities sites.

Create a Promotional Website/blog

This is one method i use personally to promote mine too.

So, instead of promoting your links indiscriminately all over the internet and getting banned, you can create fiverr promotional website, write high quality content alongside your link within and promote that website instead.

Setting up a website blog involves getting a good web-hosting, a domain name and understanding how to web-host your website online properly especially if you are a beginner

I recommend you use a BlueHost Webhosting (which i use personally for this site: Chetaweb, you are reading) because they are cheap and offer great customer support.

Aside using bluehost, there are several other webhosting service platforms that you can choose to host your blog or website on the internet.

Create Backlinks For Your Fiverr Affiliate Links

To utilize this very well, go for backlinks on High Authority websites such as TED, MOZILLA, Microsoft, Amazon, DELL etc.

Now, how do we do it?


Google such websites out, create user profile and input your fiverr gig related keywords in the “website name/title” space and your fiverr link in the “website url” space all in your profile settings as shown below:

I have written an article specifically for you on this here: How to create High Quality backlinks

So you can do it yourself or pay a seller on fiverr to do it for you.

In the long run, it will boost your link google rankings and generate more traffic visitors.

Finally! Finally!!

That will be all for now.

To sum it all, lets us listen to Jay Froneman, who is a fiverr affiliate, takes on how he runs his affiliate business and become successful in it.

Lets watch together below:

Join me.

CONCLUSION: Make Money On Fiverr As A Buyer Without Skills

I hope i have done justice to this topic to meet your satisfaction.

As times goes on, we will continue to upgrade this tutorial with fresh updates for our readers.

But before i close down finally, i want to state something clear here.

Don’t begin to wail unnecessarily if you do NOT see positive results now or 2 weeks or even a month time.

Promotion is a CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT effort, hence to succeed, a lot of CONSISTENCY, HANDWORK, SMARTWORK and PERSEVERANCE is demanded of you.

But i assure you that if you remain resolute, your link will gain traction overtime and the dollars will begin rolling in.

And lest i forget, do more research on your own too.

As the saying goes

Rome was not built in a day

So, if you are very much interested in making money on fiverr as a buyer without skills, feel free to click on this button link below to get started;

I wish you good luck.

Now, The Table Is Yours

Are you planning to set up an affiliate account right away?
Are you facing challenges earning good commission?
Are you not getting any users via your links
Do you have anything to say about this tutorial?

Feel free to drop your comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, analysis and advice

I am 100% available to respond to all your comments anytime, anyday.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance, attention.

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighborhood spiderman.

Oppp! Sorry.

Your friendly neighbourhood SEO and online business tutor.


Bye for now.

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