23 Latest Ways To Make Money Online


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27 Ways To Earn Cash Online

You visited this website because you wish to learn the latest ways to earn cash online.
Maybe you want to sack your boss and be on your own?
What you need an extra source of earning income online to support your main job?
You want to settle some few bills?

Whatever the reason,

Then, you are at the right place.

Here, We will show you 23 latest ways of making money online that actually works.

Without waste of time,

Let dive in.

Create A Profitable Blog

One way to do this is by choosing a niche, writing articles on different topics and attracting traffic visitors through it.
Then you make money online through them (traffic visitors). in other words, monetizing your website.Making money via blog is a long-term process, meaning you wont make money online right away.

It takes lots of time and efforts to achieve an Authoritative blog that commands lots of traffic visitors.

But with consistency and perseverance, you will definitely get there.

That is how huffingtonpost got to where they are now.


Once you start getting a sizeable number of traffic visitors, you can now make money online by;

  • Selling Affiliate Products and Services
  • Doing paid advertising by selling banner spaces
  • Selling your own products e.g Ebooks
  • Doing sponsored posts
  • And many more

The images below illustrates the points listed above;




Shortcuts to easily hit the root-top fast and make money online is by the following tips;

  1. Choose an interesting niche that you are good at and have passion for  e.g health, technology, business, internet etc.
  2. Try to create best articles that will be very valuable to your readers
  3. Network with other bloggers in same niche with you
  4. Boost your website search engine rankings by learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

At this point, this leads us to this question “How do we create a Blog“?

Creating one isn’t rocket science. In other words, with the right tools and step-by-step info, you can set up one for yourself with ease.

Hence, i have put up a very comprehensive and well-detailed article on how to create a blog for yourself by clicking here: How to set up a blog successfully.

You can go through it at your spare time to learn how to set up one for yourself.

With over millions of WordPress blogs created year by year, this is definitely one of the most popular latest ways to make money online.

Create an Information Product

This is about writing an in-depth ebook about something you are good at and sell it online.
You can sell it on Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, own blogs, affiliate programs. etc.
To produce an ebook worth buying, make sure you achieve the following;

  1. You must have done a through research about your topic (e.g a problem; How to design a website).
  2. Design an attractive ebook cover that stands out from others
  3. Write a well-comprehensive Article content with images and videos for better understanding.
  4. Encourage readers to leave a honest review about your product
  5. Offer a moderate price to avoid stiff competition from other sellers and for your readers to afford it easily.

A typical example of an ebook on affiliate marketing put up for sale by Harsh Agrawal of shoutmeloud blog, an SEO blogger

One outstanding feature about this way is that once you have set up the information product, you continue to make passive income FOR LIFE.
Isn’t that sweet?

Do Freelancing

According to dictionary.com, a Freelancer is a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.With respect to this topic, an online freelancer is one that does it via the internet.To start with, there are various freelance marketplaces where you can offer your services and get paid over a period of time.

Examples of such sites are fiverr, Gigbucks, Upwork, freelancer, 99designs, gigster, peopleperhour, guru, seoclerks and many more.

Most favorite and popular of them are fiverr, seoclerks and Upwork as shown below;



You register on these sites, select your categories and post your products and services for sale at a default price.The services you render must be what you are very good at..Different sites have different payments methods and terms of conditions.

All you need do is to browse through them and select the ones that suits you.

Tip For Success: Create a very good User profile, arrange up your portfolios for previews by any potential customer, deliver good quality work on time and finally ask for a honest positive review after job delivery.

You can even give out bonuses to make your customers extra-happy and want to come back.

Once you do all these and more meticulously, you are on your way to financial freedom.

Become A Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant VA, is just same as a personal assistant except that he works remotely from his location.
According to Wikipedia, a Virtual Assistant is a generally self-employed contractor that provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from home office.

The jobs of a VA covers some of the following;

  1. Responding to emails
  2. Write and upload contents
  3. Pay bills
  4. Process documents
  5. Make traveling arrangements
  6. Manage expenses reimbursements
  7. Interact with clients on your behalf and many more.

You can earn much money from VA job depending on your level of expertise and experience.
You can apply as a Virtual Assistant on fiverr as shown below;


Definitely this is one of the best ways to make money online.

Create A YouTube Video Channel

Have you ever spotted an advert video interrupt while watching a video on YouTube as shown below?Have you seen adverts on YouTube video page as also shown below?


If not, you can cross-check it out on  youtube but if you have, then that is how youtubers make their money simply by uploading video content online.Such videos can be technical, informative, educative, entertaining and even funny videos.Just make sure your uploaded videos are ORIGINAL.

You don’t necessarily need an expensive camera and gadgets. Just a simple smartphone can do the magic.

Once you have created your YouTube channel, you can simply make money by monetizing it using Google Absense.

But you need to apply for a YouTube partnership which comes with its terms and conditions; some of which are:

1. You MUST have atleast 1000 subscribers
2. Your total video watch-time MUST be atleast 4000 hours in the past 12 months.
3. Your videos must be of high quality and beneficial so as to get significant views.
4. Your videos must be original; not copy copy.
5. It is one uploaded video per week if you are uploading continually.
6. You should have Google Absense account.

Once you can meet these conditions, you can then apply for your youtube absense partnership on thier official page

An example of a well-established channel is as shown below;

There is no doubt saying that this YouTube channel “BRIGHT SIDE” will be making thousands of dollars on a daily basis.
So you can give it a try.

Start Article Writing Service

Millions of websites are being published and uploaded on the internet everyday.
What does this tells us?
It tells us that there is a high demand of web contents by individuals, companies for personal and business purposes.
And since content is the lifeblood of any website, this offers an opportunity to research, write and get paid for it.
There are several freelance sites where you can offer writing service; the best of which are fiverr, Upwork, Constant-content, craigslist and freelancer.
Lets take fiverr for example
See below an Article writer on fiverr; check out the number of orders he has to deliver.

As you can see above, he has over 42 orders (clients’ jobs) which is MASSIVE. This is an evidence that Article Writing is HOT-IN-DEMAND.
Though it might be tedious and time-consuming at the beginning, but  with constant practice, you will master the act of best copy-writing skills to deliver your jobs at an expertise level within very short time.
Just ensure you set up a good profile about yourself, randomly write some articles to use as portfolios, deliver a good quality content for your customers and seek honest review after job delivery.
Over time, these steps will establish you as an Authority and you will get new and recurring customers daily.
Recurring? Yes, recurring.
How great can it be.
Lets move on to the next.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one way to make money online with little or no investment.
All you need do is promote the products via your website or social media like social media, twitter etc.
Just picture this scenario
You (the manufacturer) place your product online for sales,
You set out a condition that anyone who promotes and bring in sales will get a percentage share (revenue) for his promotional efforts.
Such share is called commission, while the promoter is the affiliate.
This is exactly what affiliate marketing is all about and how you can make good money from it.
In fact, the image below throws more light on how you can earn money from this affiliate marketing.


There exist various affiliate platforms which you can search for products to market of which the popular ones are:

  1. www.commissionjunction.com
  2. www.paydotcom.com
  3. www.associateprograms.com
  4. www.affiliatefirst.com
  5. www.jvzoo.com
  6. www.clickbank.com

The commission paid comes in different percentages, some 5%, some %20, some 50% and even others 100%
The trick to make good money out of affiliate marketing is this;
Target Products That Offer High Commission (moneyback) (50%)(100%)
Below shows affiliate products on JVZOO put up for sale for anyone willing to be its affiliate.


Aside applying for products on these affiliate sites, you can also apply directly to websites too.
Check out this one from linkcollider site. They offer a 20% commission for every sale you bring.

From the image above,
As you can see, you can even earn as high as $55 for every person you register on their site.
That is how lucrative this affiliate marketing is.
With little or no investment, just from the comfort of your home.
You can earn passive income on a recurring basis from multiple and repeat buyers.

Do Online Surveys

If you seek to make quick cash without learning any skills and with little efforts,
Then online surveys is for you,
But let me warn you,
This method cant earn you much money over a month or year.
Though there are persons who make between $300-$900 a year (depending on the site) but its something anyway.
And also some are involved in scams.
Infact i recommend this as the last thing on your mind when thinking of making money online.
But do you research very well before committing your time, money and energy to it.

Doing surveys is exactly how it sounds.
You take surveys online and get rewarded with not only cash, but also coupons, price and gift cards.
There are survey sites that you can sign up with and get started;

  1. Pro opinion
  2. Pinecone Research
  3. Cash crate
  4. Mint vine
  5. Swag bucks
  6. i-say
  7. SendEarnings
  8. Prize Rebel and many more.
Finally, If you want to invest in it,
Make sure you do a very thorough research to select the ones that suits you well.
Some pay via paypal only, Some prefer certain countries only, some require you meet a minimum balance before you can cash out.
Also check out their terms and conditions too.
Below are some tasks on swagbuck survey site;


Be A Graphic Designer

Graphic designs involves making use of design tools such as coreldraw, illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
And not just using them but very effectively and efficiently.
With that settled, you can monetize your graphic skills by designing logos, flyers, posters and business cards for schools, individuals and companies at a price.
There are design sites where you can render your skills to make money and they are;
1. www.99designs.com
2. www,designhills.com
Other freelance sites are:
1. www.fiverr.com
2. www.upwork.com
3. www.freelancer.com
4. www.peopleperhour.com

Below is an example of a design site: 99designs.com

Graphic design is a very profitable business and HOT-IN-DEMAND with little or no investments at all.
Just learn how to use the necessary tools very well and you are on your way to financial freedom.
Check out this lady (lamberti) on fiverr, she has over 63 clients order jobs to process charging each @ $20;

As you can see above, she has over 63 logos to design @ $20 = $1,260.
That is a whooping $1,260 which can be completed in less than one month if you are very good.
Get tutorial videos on youtube and buy design courses on udemy 
With this evidence above, you dont need any soothsayer to tell you that Graphic design jobs are very profitable.

Sell Your Skills On Fiverr

Of all freelance sites, statistics shows that Fiverr is the biggest and largest of them all by virtue of its massive volume of traffic in terms of buyers and sellers.
Infact, if you want to make huge cash everyday with freelancing, Fiverr is the sure bet.
And aside that, it is 100% Free to set up an account profile for yourself.
No monthly charges
No dues.
And you can trade your skills of any sort on fiverr; for example, skills on graphic design, article writing, digital marketing, video animation, programming & technology, web design & development, music & lifestyle and so on.
This is shown below;

Check out the number of services on logo design and Article writing alone below;
Logo design has over 132,000 services while Article writing is of over 30,000.


From these 2 images, apart from the fact that fiverr is BIG on its own, it also shows that they offer categories of services that are high in demand.
Aside those categories i mentioned, You can offer just anything from crazy, funny, mimic services.
And you can make some much money because Fiverr allows services ranging from $5-$2000.
You can put your services at $20,$50, $100 ,$500, and even $1000 depending on your account level and experience.
Due to its popularity, it is often saturated with lots of sellers hence making the competition for buyers very tough.
But if you are good enough at what you do, you will always make a breakthrough on fiverr.

Sell Photos Via A 3rd Party Website Or Your Own Site

This is similar to affiliate process where you promote stock photos and footage and earn commission on each sale you bring in.
There are websites where you can upload your stock photos and footage. These sites have huge user bases, and when someone licenses your photo, you get paid a commission.
Commission vary between 20%-60%

Some of the biggest stock photography sites are;

  1. 123RF
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Istockphoto
  4. Dreamstime
  5. and many more.

Spend your time browsing through these sites to find the most popular ones while working on your stock portfolios.
Then, create your own niche and upload as many as possible. They must be ORIGINAL photos.
The larger your portfolios, the higher your chances of making money.
Wordpress has now made it easy should you wish to set up your own site and operate from them.
There are several plugins and themes that enables you to achieve that.
You can try it out.

Invest In Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies has been existing for few years now, though the market is still new and fresh.
Hence before you go into it, ensure you do a lot of study and research to grab a full knowledge of what its about.
Infact, now is the time to learn its skills to position yourself for greatness in future when it booms.
Below are some of the best resources and tools that you need to kick-start your journey into cryptocurrency technology.

  1. Coinbase: Here, you will get $10 when you buy or sell crypto for $100
  2. Binance: this is an exchange where you can deposit Bitcoin and Ethereum to start buying other low cap and high probability crypto coins.
  3. Cex: this is an international website where one can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular Cryptocurrencies using your credit/debit card.

Below are few suggestions about cryptocurrency that you can start with;

  1.  Become a cryptocurrency writer
  2. Invest in coins as their value grows
  3. Do arbitrage trading
  4. Master node coins
  5. learn how to work with blockchain
  6. and many more.

There is no doubt cryptocurrency will take over the internet.
So if interested, the best bet is to learn everything about it NOW.

Do Email Marketing

I am sure you must have come across stuffs like those shown below while browsing through some sites.



Subscribers who agree to opt-in do so via the above images in exchange for tips, news updates, new products, notifications, ebooks, tutorials etc.
Then the marketers/manufacturers use the email addresses to promote their businesses, send out info etc.
That is what Email Marketing is all about.
Now, how can you make money from it?
Very simple.
Just by doing the following tasks

  1. By selling own products and services
  2. By selling affiliate products
  3. By offering sponsored posts for others at a cost
  4. selling your list to credible companies under strict conditions.

And these can be done by sending newsletters concerning the tasks above.
A typical example of a newsletter from a marketer to a subscriber advertising his product at 40% discount is as shown below;

I am sure you must have receive similar mail messages from email newsletters you signed up while others – you wonder how you got to their list.
Creating an email newsletters and subscribers list isn’t that difficult.
Starting off with email platforms such as Convertkit, Mailchimp, Drip, Aweber makes the job easier for you
To achieve a successful email marketing campaign, do the following;

  1. Choose the type of niche to focus on for targeted campaign
  2. Choose an email platform that suits you
  3. Create a landing page
  4. Offer free stuffs like ebooks, tips, discounts in exchange for subscribers emails
  5. Make money by advertising products for a fee.

Participate In Dropshipping

Hmmm…..What is it all about?
It is similar to affiliate method.
Picture it this way
– You go into partnership with a manufacturer/supplier.
– You advertise his products by uploading them to your website or through other channels
– A customer place an order for the product, you forward the order to the supplier you partnered with and keep the profit margin to yourself.
The profit margin is where you make money from this dropshipping business. The profit comes from charging a higher rate than the manufacturer/supplier
The supplier takes over and delivers the product to the customer to finalize the order
Image below describes graphically how it takes place for easy understanding.

That is all it is mainly about.
There are sites that run dropshipping but the popular ones are shown below; wayfair and spocket


Wayfair grow at a rate of 25% to 35% yearly. infact, it wasn’t a surprise that they hit a $3 million revenue in a single day.
So definitely, wayfair is a good place to invest in dropshipping. Spocket is another good place where you connect with the US and EU-based suppliers.
With these two, you get access to best products from thousands of suppliers from all over the world.
You can research and try others you come across.

Build An Ecommerce Website

When you hear ecommerce site, what exactly comes to your mind?
Ebay? Aliexpress?
Or is it Amazon?
If so, then you are very much correct
These sites are the biggest and largest sites eCommerce that has gained authority and reputation for a very long time.
Infact, the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, is the owner of Amazon and worth $117.1 billion as at April 2020 at the age of 56.
Also the richest man in Asia, Jack Ma, is the owner of Aliexpress and as at April 2020, is worth over $41.5 billion
From these facts, you don’t need any seer to tell you that ecommerce has blazed a trail in the world of online business
Below is a quick view of how Amazon site looks like.


Infact, Amazon which started as an online marketplace in 1994 has grown to be a multinational conglomerate with over 750,000 employees
So if these rich guys can excel, why cant you?
You dont even need to be as rich as them,
but once you are making a reasonable income from it, you are 100% set.
And setting up such an online store is now easy due to several WordPress plugins that has emerged; popular of them is woocommerce plugin.
2 Ways to be successful in running an online store are;
1.Focusing on a particular niche product and delivering to a group of buyers interested
2. Buying cheaper products and reselling at a higher price.

A typical example of an online ecommerce store (jumia.com) is as shown below;

One issue about setting up any online store is the area of shipping.
You can decide to do the delivery of the goods yourself to your customers physically
You can employ dropshipping method where the manufacturer does the delivery for you.

Start A Membership Website

For a membership site to be successful and active, you must have had an existing audience/fans base of reasonable size somewhere especially on social media
And once you have an active membership site, you can monetize it by selling advert spaces, making sponsored posts and even doing donations/payments for higher user membership level
To attract traffic visitors, you can create sections where you write useful contents, sell valuable digital course, post videos, give tutorials and tips and many more
A popular membership site is www.blackhatworld.com in the SEO niche and is shown below;

And also you can dedicate a section of your site where members can only have access to PREMIUM content after premium payment fee.
Just choose a highly attractive niche (Technology, Health, Science, SEO, Education, Politics, fashion etc) and build up on it.

Buy And Resell Web Hosting

If you have a good knowledge of how web hosting works, then this reseller business will just be a walk in the pack.
Through reselling, you can produce your own web hosting packages trough a dedicated server space given to you.
Then you make money by selling the packages at a higher cost.
And in your reseller packages, you can;
1. Customize its resources such as Disk space, Bandwidth etc
2. Manage all the accounts using WHM cpanel
3. Create web-hosting accounts
You can get started with Hosting24 as shown below;

Hostgator and Namecheap also offer reseller packages too. Just contact their customer care for more details.
Finally, after setting it up, you need to offer customer care service everyday 24/7 to meet up customers satisfaction.

Buy And Sell Domain Names

Just as the topic sounds,
You buy some domain names at lower price, mark them up and resell at a higher price,
Simple as ABC
This is also called Domain Flipping

Tips to excel in this domain resell business are as follows;

  1. Select your target audience and domain names that are hot in demand. you can head over to google keyword planner to search for keywords.
  2. Research where you can buy inexpensive high quality domains. Good places are Namecheap, Godaddy, Name etc
  3. Getting a buyer may prove difficult but you can resell at ebay, Afternic, Flippa, Sedo

You can create your own website and resell them there too.

Instagram Marketing (Be An Influencer)

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms nowadays with over 2 billions users worldwide and still growing.
To earn good income from Instagram, your Instagram account MUST be of large followers and it is no easy at creating such an account.
Maybe except you are a celebrity (e.g. Cristiano Ronaldo) or a big brand company (e.g. Nike).
Aside the large following, the followers must be engaging too.
These 2 conditions will determine how much you earn from individuals and brands who place an advert.
For example,
According to CCN report, due to his massive followers, Cristiano pockets nearly $1 Million per paid Instagram post.
How crazy can that be?
And that is how PROFITABLE it is
That is the power of Instagram influencer marketing at work.
NOTICE: To get lots of followers takes lots of time and is a skill on its own entirely. you can research how to go about it.
But once you have hit the spot – (Thousands of followers), you can make good money by;

  1. Doing sponsored posts
  2. Posting promotional Articles from websites
  3. Posting advert photos, banners and videos
  4. Posting text ads

So what else are you waiting for?
If you are interested, start building your Instagram account NOW.
The earlier, the better.

Nike brand with over 109 million followers as shown below


Test Websites And Apps

If you are vast with different types of websites and have a good knowledge of how makes a good website, then you can turn this into money.
How do we go about it?
By simple testing them out.
There are several websites where you can sign up as a tester, offer your opinions on areas about the website during testing and get paid
For example, UserTesting pays $10 for every website or App you review. Each review takes about 20 mins and you must complete all tasks on the website/App.
Other websites that offer testing are Userlytics, TrymyUI, Userfeel, sideincomejobs, Testingtime (UK).
If you are very much interested in making money from this method, do a research on these sites to know their terms and conditions and how they operate generally.


Engage In Foreign Exchange (FOREX)

This is also known as Currency Trading.
Infact it deals with currency be it dollars, Euro, Pounds, Yen etc
Just as the name “foreign exchange” sounds, it is the exchange of currency for another currency.
In other words, it is the buying and selling of one currency for another currency for business transaction, investments and international trading.
For example, when you want to import a product from a country A into your country B, you need to go to the foreign exchange market to buy some currencies of country A to use to purchase the product and import them into country B.
And the exchange rate differs from country to country e.g. as at April 2020, the price of 1 dollar is N389.02 (Nigerian currency) but for south africa, it is 1 dollar to 18.23 rand.
FOREX is the biggest trading market in the whole world with over 2.3 trillion currencies in circulation everyday and it is a massive network of
So, now, how do you make money from this Forex business?
Here are steps to follow;

  1. You monitor the market critically. exchange rates are determined by market forces.
  2. You target when the rate of a particular currency is low/less demanding
  3. You buy the currency at that rate
  4. When there is a high demand for it, you sell at a higher price.
  5. The profit is what you made. It is yours

WARNING: Do not just dabble into forex immediately. Make sure you know the skills of how it runs to avoid losing your money at the end. There are several training and trading agencies that you can apply to learn the ropes of Forex.
You will get trainings from those professionals who are into it to avoid making costly mistakes.
I repeat again; Learn it thoroughly before you go into it
So if interested, you can do a research of any agencies available in your country

And the last but not the Least,…………………

Become A Social Media Manager.

Become A Social Media Manager

Social Media possess super powers to skyrocket one’s businesses to greater heights if managed very well
But its unfortunate that it is being under-utilized and under-rated.
Too bad.
Aside that, A lot of individuals and companies are very busy with other activities that they have not time to manage thier accounts.
Now, this is where you can come in, help them out and even make money from it.
And i must confess,
It is something that is very profitable especially if you are good at it.
Aside that, it is high in demand
Before i continue, check out this lady on fiverr; See the number of orders and the price she charges;


The services that a social media manager does include the following;

  1. Creating Content on a daily basis
  2. Doing Hashtags Research based on your Brand (related and trending)
  3. Engaging Captions (text with each post)
  4. Brand Pages (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  5. Gathering stock images and visual contents for posts
  6. Doing  Scheduling or Posting
  7. Developing brand awareness/identity
  8.  Offering 24/7 customer support
  9. Increasing social traffic
  10.  Do competitive analysis

With all these services listed above, if you are already a social media power user, you are a step ahead.
If you are not, you can, dont worry.
There are lots of educational resources like the Hootsuite Academy where you can learn everything about social media management. You can also research online and learn by yourself.
Once you are knowledgeable enough, it is time to head over to freelance sites like fiver, upwork, freelancer to get started.
And begin smiling to the bank.

This is where we draw the curtains for now as far as this article is concerned.

Final Thoughts: Latest ways to make money online

After reading this, i know what you are thinking.
You might be wondering
Oh, which do i start with?
Don’t let the lists overwhelm you. Instead ask yourself what you would love doing.
you can take inventory of your existing skills and see how you can apply it to the lists mentioned above.
Please note that it is not a Get-Quick-Rich-Syndrome.
The likes of Mark zuckerburg, Jeff bezos, Brain dean, Harsh Agrawal didn’t just make it overnight.
It takes lots of time and hard-work but with dedication, persistence and perseverance, you will surely make it if you do it right.
I mean, earning sizable amount of dollars daily.

………………NOW IT IS YOUR TURN………………………

What do you think about this lists?
Which of the methods are you trying out on the latest ways to make money online?
Do you have any questions about anything at all?
Feel free to drop your comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, analysis and advice
I am 100% available to respond to all your comments anytime, anyday.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance, attention.

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighbourhood spiderman.

Oppp! Sorry.

Your friendly neighbourhood SEO tutor.


Bye for now.

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