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In the world of SEO, this question has generated controversies among bloggers, internet experts, webmasters etc. without any logical conclusion acceptable by all parties involved.

And even till this very moment, the BIG question still lingers: Can Google First Page rankings be guaranteed?



Which one?

Internet marketing experts and agencies have claimed it is impossible for anyone to guarantee first page of google for any website particularly new ones.

Neil patel says; says :

Rickwhittingthon says;

Now, judging by what they say, we can simply round up this article and conclude that No one can guarantee first page SERP results.

Whatever may have warranted their decision; Maybe it is out of fear of the unknown(Google being unpredictable)
they just want to play safe
for whatever reason best known to them.

No dispute about that.

But going by their high level of expertise and years of experience in the marketing world, they are right to a very large extent.

But do me this little favor.

Take a very critical glance at this image below;

This is first page search results from google for keyword; “fiverr gigs that require no skills” and from it, we can observe the following;

  • the webpages ranking on this first-page are of LOW Domain Authorities(DA) of 11, 8, 18, 9 etc. This signifies that these websites are probably new websites.
  • it has an estimate search of 260 per month; meaning the number of times the keywords is searched on google is averagely 260.
  • Its keyword query is Long-Tail, that is keyword consisting of 3 or more words e.g. fiverr gigs that require no skill.

Not yet convinced?

Need another proof?

Alright, see this image showing google 1st page results for “solo ads traffic” keyword below;

As you can see, the majority of websites on this 1st page results are NEW or few years old judging by their LOW Domain Authorities i.e. 27, 4, 34, 6, 14 and 10.

With these 2 examples, i hope you are now fully convinced that it is 100% Possible to guarantee google 1st page rankings for new or low authority websites.

Very possible as images don’t lie.

So if you don’t belong to the league of big boys who are dominating google search engine for almost every keyword in their niche year in year out, no need for any worries at all.

Even if you are few months/years in your niche or just starting a blog, you also stand a chance of having a good taste of what it feels like to be on 1st page of google search engine.

But don’t rejoice yet.

What exactly do i mean?

This feat wasn’t just achieved overnight.

Being able to beat your competitors and get higher google rankings to first page is just one side of the whole story.

Another aspect is to position your website in ways that will favor Google search engine to rank yours above others in its search result pages.


The second big question is this: How were these websites able to secure first page google rankings for themselves?

This is where Search Engine Optimization(SEO) comes in.

In fact, in this remaining part of this article, I will explain how you too can EASILY rank on first page of Google just like those shown in the 2 images above.

You know what?

For you to understand the process better, i will use one of those websites as a CASE-STUDY.

We will be using the website ranking in the top first position in the first image showing results for keyword query: “fiverr gigs that requires no skills and the website is

So, here is the real deal.

We will analyze SEO optimization in relation to our study website(trendsandtactics).

And from our analysis, we will fish out the strategies trendsandtactics used to gain such position from Google search engine.

Lets jump right in.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you don’t have much time to read, feel free to click on any of these category topics that interests you for quick access.

Go for Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords made up of mostly 3 or more search words.

Examples are “does herbs really cures”, best cars in California, how to prepare local dishes etc. as compared to short and medium tail keywords which are made up of 2 words and 3 words below respectively.

If your website is new or few months old, do me this special favor.

Avoid targeting short-tail keywords


Because they are very competitive and your chances of ranking for them is near impossible.

Check out these 2 images below;

In the first image with “website traffic” as the short-tail keyword, you will observe that it has over 3.73 BILLION websites battling for that keyword

3.73 Billion oh!.

Crazy right?

While in the second image with “cheapest way to drive traffic to a website” as long-tail keyword, it has only 26.5 Million websites battling for it.

So which one will you pitch for?


Or the short-one?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Now, If you observe, you will notice that trendsandtactics site went for similar variations of longtail keywords such as how to make money on fiverr without skills, fiverr gigs that require no skills, best gigs without skills etc. in its meta description(introductory words at the start of your article).

That was a smart move by them.

The Main longtail keyword you are targeting MUST be inserted in your URL and Title.

While the keywords variations can be found in the first 100 introductory words as you can see in their article as shown below;

What You Must Do

Choose a long tail keyword, create similar variations of it and sprinkle them in your 1st 100 words at the beginning part of your article.

Here is a trick to this: You can make use of google-suggested keywords located at the very bottom of google search result pages to create your own variations or use them directly.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Despite the few websites(results) competing for long-tail keywords, such keywords do have the lowest searches per month meaning the traffic visitors may probably be low.

But you know what?

That shouldn’t be an issue at all because long-tail ones have the highest conversions (e.g. making sales, getting clicks etc.)

And secondly, you can rank for various similar variations of it, thus getting more organic traffic.

For example, if the main keyword has 350 searches, variation A of the main keyword have 250 searches, variation B has 300 searches and variation C has 150 and so on, adding these searches together(350+250+300+150) will give us over 1500 searches per month in TOTAL

Meaning you will be getting around 1500 traffic visitors to your webpage from such keywords.

I hope you understand?

If not, reach out to me in the comment section at the very end of this article.

Make Your Article Comprehensive

Majority of online readers skim first before making up their mind to read through.

So how do you make them read your article word-for-word?

Make it very simple and easy for them by doing the following;

  • Highlight keypoints in your article by bolding and italizing them where necessary.
  • Use lots of illustrative images for better understanding
  • use lots of paragraphs to create spaces in-between.
  • Use H1, H2, H3 headers to represent sub-topics.

These are the tips that trendsandtactics used on their article to engage with its readers by making it easily readable and understandable.

This reduces bounce rate and increases Click-Through-Rate(CTR). No wonder it is ranking tops on google first page.

What You Must Do

Implement all these 4 tips for all the articles of your website and you are good to go.

Increase Your Website Domain Authority(DA)

What is Domain Authority?”

It is ranking metric that predicts a website performance in search engine rankings.

In other words, the higher the domain authority(DA), the higher the chances of ranking on google search results.

So to even stand any chance of showing up in the first place, your website MUST have a slight boost in DA no matter how small.

What You Must Do

How do we go about it?

Create High Quality Backlinks.

That is exactly what trendsandtactics did to boost its DA to 14 as you can see below;

Now, the question is this; How do we create such backlinks?

No worries. Here is an article i have put up exclusively on how to create Backlinks HERE and HERE.

But if you don’t have the time and energy to create such, there are several online marketplaces where you can seek the services of freelancers to help you out and Fiverr marketplace is a fantastic place to go to.

Create Internal(inbound) links

From my personal observation, this is one strategy that trendsandtactics used very extensively to link to its other webpages within its own website domain.

See this for yourself below; a section of the article showing keywords anchor-text internal links

Internal Link Building is a very powerful on-page SEO strategy that makes google find, index and understand your inner webpages, thus spreading seo linkjuice across and boosting the domain authority of the entire website as a whole.

What You Must Do

After writing your article, go through it carefully, search out for word phrases that relates to other articles you have written earlier, highlight such phrases and link to them.

For example, if you are writing an article A on “How to boost Wi-Fi speed for faster internet browsing“, and you have written an article B on “Brands of internet modems for faster download/upload“, anywhere you mention about internet modems in article A, you can highlight it and link it to article B.

Its as simple as that.

Aside doing it directly using WordPress settings, you can use a special paid SEO tool called Linkwhisper or go for free WordPress plugin tools to make it much easier.

The choice is yours.

Write Long Form Article

Research and analysis of over 1 million articles has proven that long form articles stands a great chance of gaining more social shares and backlinks as compared to short articles.

No wonder majority, if not all of webpages ranking on 1st page contain articles of more than 2000 words and trendsandtactics is not an exception here with over 2173 words.

So, what does this tells you?

Google favor long form contents because they tend to cover almost everything about their topic.

What You MUST Do

Make your article minimum of 2000 words.

That is all.

SIDE NOTE: Even this article you are reading is over 2000 words and above

Finally! Finally!!

We are finally at the last lap of this article and drawing to a close.

Dominating search engine rankings is the goal of every website owner because of the benefits(lots of traffic visitors) accrued to it.

Hence we strongly believe that these methods, if implemented very meticulously to the letter, will fulfil your dreams of ranking front page of Google search engine and generating lots of traffic visitors.

Now, here is the real deal.

Judging from availability of time and resources at one’s disposal, It may be difficult for a new website to carry out all these methods at a go.

Hence i will list out 2 MOST IMPORTANT of these methods you MUST execute that surely guarantees a good chance of attaining higher search rankings.

And they are the following;

  1. Creating High-Quality Backlinks
  2. Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

While you ignore or focus on others at your spare time, give 100% paramount attention to these 2 above and implement it to the fullest.

But we recommend you go for the whole methods(if possible) to further boost your chances of appearing higher in SERP rankings.

But whichever way, it is fine.

CONCLUSION: Can Google First Page Rankings Be Guaranteed

So this is where i will be drawing the curtain on this article; Can google first page rankings be guaranteed.

But i wont leave you stranded like sheep with Shepherd for I will be with you in the comment section down below to continue the discussion on anything you need clarification on.

Now, the table is yours.

Have you been struggling to get organic traffic visitors due to low search rankings?

Are you willing to try out these methods on your new website?
Do you need clarity on any areas at all?
Do you have any comments, questions, recommendations or suggestions that you would like me to know?

Feel free to post them in the comments section below.

I am 100% available to respond to your comments one-by-one.

Thanks for your time, patience, attention and endurance

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Oppp sorry!

Your friendly neighborhood SEO and online finance tutor.

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