21 Fiverr Gig Ideas That Require No Skills To Make Money


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In fact, in this article, we will list out fiverr gig ideas that require no skills for you to start making money online from the get-go.

And not just listing out the ideas but rolling out step-by-step instructions with examples to make them understandable and implementable.

So, without further ado,

Lets get to business.

But before we do, for the sake of those who haven’t heard of the word “Fiverr” before, Fiverr is one of numerous internet marketplaces where sellers(freelancers) trade their products and services to the public(buyers) online.

Such categories of services include but not limited to digital marketing, graphic design, programming, writing & translation, video & animation, music and many others.

So, if you wish to learn more about fiverr from the very scratch, i have put up a very comprehensive and well-detailed article on everything about fiverr specially for you.

So go check it out.

CLICK HERE: Access Fiverr to create your account

Now, back to the main topic of this article, lets go check them out as they are listed below.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you don’t have much time to read, feel free to click on any of these category topics that interests you for quick access.

Fiverr Gig Ideas That Require No Skills To Make Money

Name Branding

This fiverr gig idea entails crafting out unique, catchy names for businesses, products, services, companies etc. in various niches for branding and publicity purposes.

In this sort of service, cracking out special, appealing brand names for your customers might prove difficult

But within seconds, you can generate a good number of them with the help of these online tools:

All you need do is to;

Step 1:

Visit these websites and input your clients; keywords given to you that relates to their business.

Step 2;

Click “Generate”

That is all

And guess what?

It is absolutely FREE-OF-CHARGE.

Pulse for a moment and take a look at these sellers below utilizing such opportunity to make a killing online, charging as high as $20, $40, $100 etc.

If they can, then what is stopping you from creating such services NOW?

Video Animation Creation(whiteboard)

Take a watch of these 2 videos above;


And this one;


What do you observe about them?

They offer a very special form of uniqueness from other common videos we see out there by displaying cartoon-like characters in a color or white background while delivering its message to viewers.

And because these videos are done in a very beautiful and eye-catching manner, thousands of buyers storm fiverr daily to have these videos for thier brands and businesses.

Hence the reason why lots of sellers are taking advantage of this to offer such services on fiverr.

Now, the major issue is this; How do we create such videos?

Technology has brought about several online software that is capable of creating such videos

Such software include videoscribe, videomakerFX, doodly, vyond, easysketchpro, explaindio and so much more.

Infact, a side hustle teacher and blogger, Steven has reeled out an article analyzing a good number of the best whiteboard animation software.

So you have the option of reviewing and choosing the one that best suits you.

Surely, after analyzing these software, i agree with you that they cost a fortune.

I definitely agree!

But worry less.

There is another way of using these software which is to use it in crack mode.

A good example is Videoscribe of which you can assess the crack version of it here; Videoscribe setup free download.

Feel free to navigate and follow every instructions on how to download and install it into your computer system.

Watch their instructional video on how to install and use it.


Data Entry And Research

What is data?

Data is anything info be it statistics, facts, figures, numbers etc. collected for reference/ analysis purposes.

And computing or arranging such data can be very cumbersome and time consuming for such companies/individuals.

So wont it be wise if you can take up such task as a job and earn money from it?

Take a look at this particular seller by name: mahbubur_mamun below;

He charges $5 for 1-hour data entry work to be delivered in 2 days and has made 47+ sales so far.

Other sellers charges $10, $20, $50 and above depending on their personal conviction, status level and expertise.

And the sweetest part of this is that it cost them nothing but only time to execute such tasks, meaning the tools used as FREE-OF-CHARGE.

Such tools are Google doc spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel App. You can google out, download and install MS Excel from the web or from microsoft site itself.

To make use of google Doc, having a gmail account is a must.

So all you do is this;

Step One:

Create a google account if you don’t have any HERE

Step Two

Visit https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/ and click “Blank

Step Three

This will take you to the Document spread sheet where you can begin work on your clients data

After this, you can begin inputting your clients data in correspondence with its variables arranged in rows and columns.

Same way for Ms Excel tool as well.

Language Translation

This happens to be one of the simplest and fastest service that anyone can offer on fiverr.

And guess what?

You don’t need to have a university degree in linguistics(study of languages) for you to be capable of translating languages to another.

Google has made it easier via its translation tool called “Google Translate ” and a lot of persons are capitalizing on this tool to make cool cash on fiverr daily as you can see below;

And you know what?

This tool is 100% FREE meaning you are NOT paying a dime to make use of it.

No wonder we have over 45,000 persons running this service on fiverr as i currently speak;

Now, how do we may use of this tool?

These simple steps below illustrates such below;

Step One

Step Two

Input your clients job e.g. text, documents, website etc. to begin translation automatically.

And this tool has the capability of detecting and translating from almost all local and international languages of the world from the input and output end.

For example, English to Arabic and vice-versa, Spanish to Swahili and vice-versa, Turkish to Thai and vice-versa etc, hence the chances of getting more clients orders is high.

So why not give it a try today and see how far it goes?

Website Speed Optimization

One factor that google looks in ranking websites higher in its search results is the Website Loading page Speed; that is the time it takes for a webpage to load fully.

Infact, in year 2010, Google announced that loading page speed will henceforth be one of its ranking factors.

Meaning the lesser time it takes for a website to load fully, the better its chances of attaining higher google rankings.

And it is the goal of every website owner to get his website higher in google rankings for organic traffic and conversion,

So wont it be wise to capitalize on this opportunity by offering this service for a fee?

And the sweetest part of this is that you can execute this using FREE tools such as Smush, Optimizilla, W3 total cache etc.

These 4 main methods are ways you can optimize(improve) a website loading speed;

  • By compressing(reducing in size) its images using FREE tools such as optimizilla, compression JPEG, smush etc.
  • Doing browser Caching which works by remembering previously-loaded resources so it doesn’t have to waste time re-loading such webpages upon every visit.
    So how do we implement it?.
    Thankfully, a WordPress plugin called W3 Total Cache is up to the rescue.
  • Minifying HTML by formatting, removing unused code and shortening them where possible using a plugin called HTML Minify. After installing it, you configure it from its settings.
  • And lastly, implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) designed for loading mobile webpages much faster by removing tons of unnecessary content not compatible with mobile devices.
    To implement this, just download, install and activate AMP plugin.

That is all.

There exist webspeed checkers such as GTMetrix, and webpage speed insights that you can use to measure the loading speed before and after carrying out the 4 methods above.


Check out this guy by name: fayyazfayzi, a top-rated seller who has done 465 jobs so far for between $10-$70

Out of nothing but his time, he has made over a minimum of $4,650(465 jobs@ $10 each) so far and still counting (with 5 orders in queue) without spending a dime.

That is the kind of financial power that free tools offer with absolutely no skills needed from your end.

So wont it be wise if you invest in this kind of service?.

Click HERE to start off: Access Fiverr Website Here

Article Writing

This is one of the most sought-after kind of service that is highly dominant among other services on fiverr with over lots of sellers involved in it.

Infact, a good number of them are “killing it” online making lots of money out of NOTHING.


The reasons isn’t far-fetched.

  • First, it is something that anybody of ages from18years and above can do.
  • Second, you don’t need any training or special skills or tools to do it
  • Thirdly, the internet is 100% FREE to do your research on any topic.
  • Fourth, there are thousands of niche that you can focus on e.g. medical, industrial, sports, lifestyle, religion etc. depending on your area of specialization.
  • Lastly, online and offline information are dominated via texts, words, sentences in form of blogs, websites, newspapers, journals, magazines, promotionals etc.

Infact, over 57,000 persons are offering article writing services right now on fiverr as i speak.

So, the big question is this: How do we specialize in article writing?

Very simple!

The simplest way to go about it is to “Research

  • First, you are given a topic to write on alongside its keywords.
  • Second, Open your text documents e.g MS word where you will be composing the article and your text file where you will be jotting down important notes.
  • Thirdly, visit www.google.com and search out the topic there to fish out numerous webpages search results.
  • Go through each of the resulting webpages especially on google 1st page and open the ones that tickles you in your browser’s tabs.
  • Visit each of them, picking out various text points that relates to the topic and its keywords you are researching on and note them down in your text files.
  • Finally, start composing your article with the ones that matters most to your topic.
  • Finish.

Even, if you specializes in any field be it, Law, Marketing, medicine, sports etc, you can narrow your services on it just as you can see below;

And it is not over yet.

After constructing the writeup, There are 2 tools you need to use to finalize the writeup process and they are;

  • Grammarly: definitely, there will be typo, grammatical errors. This tool will help correct them and it is FREE.
  • Copyscape: To check for originality of your article, this tool checks for plargiarism and duplicate content on the internet. A score pass indicates that your article is 100% original.
    After running the copyscape test, screenshot the result and send to your buyer alongside the article.

So on going general on any topic or operating within your area of specialization?, the choice is definitely yours.

Creating Backlinks

Aside article writing, this is another service that is seriously making waves across fiverr.

Reason being that website owners, bloggers wants their website to outrank their competitors higher in google search rankings.

And one factor that google looks out for is “Backlinks” especially high quality ones.

Hence, they are ready to pay any amount to buy such backlinks.

So, isn’t it reasonable to meet their needs by mastering the art of creating backlinks and making good profit from it?

Of course it is.

But how do we master this art?

There are 2 major ways to creating backlinks. It can be done through;

►The use of Automation tools(not free).
► Manually using blog comments and high Domain Authority(DA) profile sites.

Method one

If you wish to go for the paid tool, i recommend GSA SER ranker. I have put up a very comprehensive article on everything about this tool; GSA SER Ranker

Just go through it thoroughly at your own convenient time.

Method two

If you want the manual method which is free, it might be difficult but dont freak.

First, using high DA profile sites, i have put up an article on how to create high quality backlinks from them here: Creating high quality backlinks from High Domain Authority sites

Secondly, if through blog comments on any niche, follow these steps below;

  1. Google-search for webpages/blogs and open them in separate browser tabs.
  2. Visit each of them one by one. Scroll down till you find the comment section (usually at the bottom of the page).
  3. Find the button that says “Leave Comment” or “Post Comment” or “Submit comment”.
  4. Fill out all the required info (name, email, website etc).
    NOTE: This is where you create your backlink. The “name” serves as the keyword/anchor text while the “website” is the url.
  5. Write a genuine comment that will be helpful to the other readers.
  6. Submit your comment.

See a typical example of how i created one for my website

For further understanding about this method, Matthew Woodward, a top successful SEO blogger, has discussed extensively on everything about creating high quality backlinks through blog commenting.


Now, comparing these 2 methods, the automation tool makes the job easier and faster unlike the manual method which takes time.

But the later breads efficient and better results than the former.

So it all depends on you.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is more like an remote office assistant who assist businesses, companies etc. in their administrative, scheduling, management, appointment duties from a far location for a fee.

And this is a perfect service you can offer on fiverr for especially for businessmen clogged up with lots of jobs to deal with on a daily basis and cannot cope.

What is left now is to specialize on areas that you can execute very well and create your service gig around it.

For example, if you are very good in data entry and Research, it wont be a bad idea to set up a service on it just as irsakhan131, a fiverr seller, did below;

Though this form of service isn’t high in demand but it is worth giving a try.

Video Spokesperson

A video spokesperson is one who appears on camera to record a video while passing information.

Such information can be in form of;

1. Advertising a product or service
2. Breaking news
3. making special announcements
4. doing commercial ads
5. making presentations and much more.

This kind of service is what you can render to individuals and businesses who want to make a public presentations about thier brand.

What is needed to be a good spokesperson?

Step one

Qualities: there are certain qualities that you must possess to qualify as a very good spokesperson.

Qualities such as a clear audible voice, good looks, great composure, good sense of confidence etc are necessary while conveying your message to the public.

Step two

Good quality Equipment: Any HD video camera and a clip microphone(USB or bluetooth) for voice-recording will do.

Infact, you can even make use of your android smartphone provided it possesses the following features.

  • its camera is of high Mega pixel(preferably 12mp and above). the higher, the better.
  • A high definition of 1080p HD 4K
  • RAM of 4GB and above
  • ROM Storage of 32GB and above
  • Screen size of 5.8″ inches upwards.


To understand what i am talking about, just spear a few seconds of your time and watch this video presentation by theadtwins: a fiverr seller spokesperson, till the end.

As you can see, she was able to deliver the message script very well in a clear audible tone while gesticulating to convey the message properly in a understandable form.

And secondly, the video quality is top-notch; very clear

No wonder she is a top rated seller.

So, even if you don’t have the skills, you can develop them over time by practicing, practicing and practicing (in front of a mirror) until you become a pro.

That is all that is needed.

Because not everyone can do it, it houses few sellers but it’s a service that is highly sought after.

Creating Video Ads

A lot of businesses are now investing in videos rather than blogs for the marketing of their brands, products and services.

And why?

It is because videos are easy to understand, more engaging and creates emotional connection with the target audience.

Infact, statistics has proven that 86% of businesses prefers video as a marketing tool to others.

That is on one side.

On the other side, you don’t need any formal knowledge or skills on how to create such videos.

There are tools that even a novice can make use of to carry out such task.

So, tell me why wont you leverage on this opportunity to make money online from this?

Now, on how to create these videos, there are steps involved as stated below;

Step One

There are sites with already-made FREE stock videos that you can download and use as the background interface. The 3 major ones are pexels, pixabay and unsplash.

So what you do is this:

  • Visit any of these sites, say pixabay and join/sign up to create your account.
  • Go through the videos section and download the one(s) that interests you

Step two

  • Visit Canva and click the “sign up” button to create an account.

  • After creating an account, click “create a design” and select “video” where you will be taken to this area shown below;

  • after that, click “upload” to import the freestock video. While editing, at the right-hand-side of your screen, you will see the following:

    1. Video templates to choose from
    2. Text(for inserting text writings on the video)
    3. Elements(e.g. signs, graphics, shapes, lines etc)
    4. Upload; where you upload video files or anything from external source.
    5. More(e.g audio, photos, charts, styles, background etc).

    These parameters are what you use to design your video in line with your clients’ advert details.

For more details on how to create video using canva, this 10-minutes youtube video will do justice to it here.

Let watch together;


Once you start and with constant practicing, it will be as simple as ABC.

Aside creating videos for businesses, one can also specialize in creating videos for dropshipping, facebook ads, tiktok, instagram, amazon and many more.

See this image below showing sellers displaying different kinds of video ads service gigs;

Intro/Outro Video Production

Just as the name implies, intro and outro videos are short, introductory and closing clips that signifies the beginning and end of the main video respectively.

Like the video ad discussed above, Video intro/outro is also booming as well on its own because the first few seconds of a main video are where you phycological capture the attention of the viewers, subconsciously prompting them to watch further

While the outro is the perfect spot for call-to-action, compelling them to take action e.g. visit a link, make a purchase etc.

To have a good picture of what an intro looks like, this video by fiverr seller; jimmysolutions is a very good example;

Note that video intro and outro can also stand on their own too as well.

Now, on the flip side, how do we create such videos?


Yes, Canva is capable of creating intro and outro videos too.

The “video templates” feature does the magic for you.

Logo Design

Businesses, websites, and establishments spring up everyday and one factor through which the public can get acquainted with them is through their logo which they use for branding and publicity sake.

For example, what comes to your mind if come across this logo below while browsing on Facebook?


Yes, Toyota.

A car manufacturing company that deals in the production of a special brand of cars across the world.

That tells you how powerful logos are.

And 1000s of buyers troop to fiverr on a daily basis to search for graphic designers who can draw a very attractive logo for their businesses.

No wonder logo design service is a very hot cake right now with over 177,600 sellers offering similar logo services right now as i type this.

So if you are good in graphic design, adding this service to your multiple stream of income will be very fantastic, meaning more money into your bank account.

But what about those who are not skilled in graphic design?

Do they still stand a chance?

YES and NO!

NO because they simply don’t have any logo design skills.

YES because there are online logo templates that even an unskilled person can edit and assemble together to produce a logo.

And there are numerous sites that offer such thousands of such templates.

Sites such as the following;

  1. Canva,
  2. vistacreate,
  3. freelogodesign,
  4. placeit,
  5. freepik

Number 3 is my favorite.

Infact, it was how i was able to create a logo for my website: Chetaweb from which you are reading this article right now.

Aside these templates, there exist graphic applications like Adobe illustrator and CorelDraw of which you can master how to use them to create logos.

YouTube is a perfect place where you can download and watch free videos teaching how to use these applications to design logos.


MY ADVISE IS THIS: Either way(using templates and acquiring logo skills) is ordinarily OK but I strongly recommend you utilize the two ways for better, faster results.

Imagine a situation where you cannot search out a template that matches what your client wants? That means you have no option than to design it yourself from scratch.

The choice is yours.

Social Media Designs

When i mean social media marketing designs, i am talking about designing Facebook, twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn page timeline covers and profiles as you can see below;

Everything i have explained above for logo design also applies for social media designs too in terms of the tools(adobe photoshop, CorelDraw), the sites where you can get social media templates and more.

For example, check out canva where you can also get Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. templates

But don’t forget my advice; Make use of the 2 methods(using templates and learning how to design them graphically with photoshop and CorelDraw).

It is better that way for you.

Posters, Flyers, Banners, Infographics, Brochure Design

This form of designs also fall into the same category as the two services mentioned directly above in terms of using its templates from canva as you can see below and the drawing applications being used(coreldraw and adobe photoshop).

From these templates, all that is needed is just to edit them in line with your buyers’ requirements and you are good to go.

Finally, simply follow the advice i have stated in the 2 services i listed directly above

And don’t forget that it is wiser to know how to make use of the 2 options(online tools and drawing applications) rather than just one.

Voice Overs

Voice overs are narrative words describing an event, advertising product, brand or services, interpreting movies and stories etc. spoken by an unseen person in the background.

As long as you can speak, this is another service you can render on fiverr for individuals, businesses and film productions.

For example, if you are listening to a commercial advertisement on radio, that voice you are hearing is simply referred to as Voice-Over.

There are 2 factors to consider towards executing this kind of service on fiverr and they are;

  1. You yourself
  2. Studio equipment needed

Factor One: Yourself

When i say “yourself”, i mean your voice in particular.

  • Are you clear and audible enough?
  • Can you speak aloud?
  • Can you interpret languages very well?
  • Are you good at reading sentences constructively in an understandable form?
  • Can you interpret scripts very well; word by word?

    These and other characteristics are what will qualify you as a voice-over artist. And a good one for that matter.

But if you lack any of these qualities, worry less, you can dedicate time and effort in practicing until you become mastery in it.

While practicing, identify the areas you are weak at and seek necessary solutions.

In addition, you can watch YouTube videos on how to train your voice towards perfection.

Factor Two: Studio Equipment

Aside reading out the script, equipment are needed for recording, amplification and output which includes;

  • Condenser Microphone where you speak into
  • Audio recording and editing software
  • Audio interface which connects your microphone to your computer, converts your voice into digital audio for editing purposes.
  • pop screen filter to filter out unwanted sounds that may interfere with your voice
  • Headphone; to hear how your voice sounds like.


And even if you are highly talented with the best human voice on planet but operate with substandard equipment, your general performance will be zero.

So the nature of equipment you use matter a lot.

So how do we choose the ones that suits us perfectly?

Research! Research!! Research!!!

There are websites that discussed extensively on the type of equipment that might suit you based on opinions, reviews and recommendations from voice over experts particularly this website.

Are there not softwares that can render voice over services?

Sure, there are.

Infact, we have speedelo, voicebuddy, newscastervocalizer, micmonster and many others.

But why i do NOT recommend using them is because the voices these software generates DO NOT sound HUMAN-LIKE but more like a Taking Robot.

Trust me, it is bad business if you go for these software.

Transcription(Audio to Text)

For whatever reason, circumstances may warrant a person to extract messages in audio format from any video into text(writing).

It maybe converting a one-on-one video interview with an important personality into script or recording a general meeting into munities report.

Hence, why not join the other 5,738 sellers as you can see below who are taking advantage of this to make cool cash for themselves.

And you know what?

Everything you need to execute it is FREE.

Thanks to the power of Google.

Lets go through the steps below on how to carry out this transcription process;

Step One

  • Open google chrome browser on your computer. if you dont have, download from its official site and install it into your computer.
  • Visit the google doc link: Google doc to open google document
  • Click the “Blank” space to start a new google document.

Step two

  • Now, after opening the document, click “Tools”.
  • then click “voice typing”

  • After that, connect the microphone to your computer, click the “microphone sign as shown below”.
  • Then, start reading/speaking out the text script out into the microphone or place the device where the video/audio is recorded, place it close to the microphone and start playing the video/audio.
  • Watch how the google doc start typing out the words in the audio/video file.

That is all.

If your buyer wants you to convert to another language aside English, no problem.

Simply click the “down arrow” sign and select the preferred language from list of languages shown.

If you aren’t clear about the steps i illustrated and you need better understanding, Youtube search engine is your best friend here.

Resume/CV/Cover Letter Writing

Year by year, universities churn out fresh graduates who compete for limited jobs in the labor market and one way to outrank their fellow competitors is by having a fantastic resume/CV.

Now, this is where you come in………

By offering a service that helps write EXCELLENT CVs, resumes and cover letters.

All with the help of FREE google document tool(same as the one used in the transcription service above).

Here is how to go about it:


  • Visit the google doc link: Google doc to open google document
  • After visiting the link, you will be taken to template gallery where you have access to resume and CV templates

  • Edit your preferred template in correspondence with your clients need.
  • Once you are done, simply download the resume/CV by clicking “file”, then “download” in the dropdown menu and finally select the format you want the document(CV/resume) to be in.

That is all.

Important Note: while editing the template, you can make use of grammarly tool to correct typo errors and grammatical mistakes.

Due to availability of free templates, there are lots of sellers offering this service but to stand out from over 11,916 services out there, yours must be OUTSTANDING among them.

And how?

By introducing something unique and eye-catching; Graphics e.g. Infographics. Easel.ly is the best tool to use here.

Trust me, if you add some form of graphics to it, buyers will be falling heads over hills for your service.

Website SEO Audit Report

Just like machinery used in heavy industries, carrying out audit and maintenance exercise for errors and malfunctional parts is highly recommended.

Who knows, an unknown issue could be why such machine isn’t performing at its optimum best.

Same scenario also applies to websites and blogs.

Infact, some issues might be the reason why some websites are performing below par in SEO rankings.

Hence, this is where you come into play by offering service that scrutinize websites, pinpoint errors and give final report.

All you need do is to do is this;


  • Visit seoptimer FREE-OF-CHARGE and input your website there.
  • Click “Audit”

  • After audit analysis is done, download the report, interpret it and send to your buyer
  • This is how such sellers on fiverr run this service and make money at no cost and over 18, 285 of them cannot be wrong.

NOTE: you may need to have a deep knowledge of Search engine optimization(SEO) for you to be able to understand and interpret the report and possibly offer solutions.

Search Engine Submission

This is yet another service you can offer on fiverr at no extra cost at all especially for buyers who want their websites to be instantly crawled and indexed by search engines.

Check out this seller by name; cybercube on fiverr below who has made at least $1215 from processing 243 orders @ $5 each.

And the sweetest part of this is that he made this money out of NOTHING.

Absolutely NOTHING!

Wanna earn like him?

Here are the steps they use in processing such service gig below;


  • Utilize these 2 search engine submission sites; cleversubmitter and entireweb submit by visiting thier url.
  • input the link (you want to submit to search engines) and an email address and others. Don’t click “proceed” or “submit” yet.

  • Screenshot it and save it.
  • After screenshotting, click “proceed” or “submit”.
  • After that, wait for few minutes for the submission process to be completed.
  • After completion, screenshot it.

  • Send both screenshot files(the one before submission and the one after submission) to your buyer.

    That is all.

In just a matter of minutes, you are done and you pocket your $5 into your account straight away.

Image Background Removal

As the name implies, this service is simply about removing the anything graphic, art or design at the background interface of a picture, portrait without altering any at the very surface.

Since these images below for better understanding;

Now, how do we achieve this?

Normally, you need to possess the necessary skills on how to execute this task using graphical tools such as photoshop, coreldraw etc.

But technology has led to the emergence of various software and tools that even a novice can make use of with ease and one of such tools is www.remove.bg

Here is how it is done;

Step One:

First, you create a free account by clicking the “login/sign up” button and filling in your email and password. you can use your social media accounts(facbook, google) to login straight if you so wish

Step Two

Click the “Remove Background” button and upload the image(s) you want to remove their backgrounds to get started.

That is all. Just a matter of seconds.

And that is what a good number of sellers use to create such background removal services on fiverr and make money from it.

A good number of them are as you can see below;

For your free account, you get 1 credit for 1 image.

But If you want to go full scale on this service, you can subscribe your account to any of the premium plans to enjoy more credits and execute lots of images as possible.

Now, Just imagine how much profit a seller makes, charging $5 for 20 images on fiverr(that is $0.4 per image) while he is on a removebg $9/month plan which offers $0.23 per image?

Just imagine it yourself!

Still on the main topic: fiverr gig ideas that require no skills, lets check out the last but not the least, which is …………….

Natural Personal Talent/skill(s)

Open and check out these 3 service gigs below one by one in your browser separate tabs;

From my observation, they are utilizing their natural talent of dancing, drawing and coaching skills on fiverr to make money for themselves.

That is fantastic

isn’t it?


If so, of course, you too can identify your own talent, put it into good use just like these 3 sellers mentioned above and make money also for yourself.

Aside talent, it can be a developing skill or just anything at all that you are good at.

I mean anything!

For example, if you are good at cooking variety of food dishes(local and/or international), why not set it up as a gig on fiverr teaching others?

It all depends on you.

Finally! Finally!!


What a journey!

I believe that with these 20 fiverr gig ideas requiring no skills to make money that I have listed above, surely you can pick out the one(s) that you can implement with ease based on your time, level of knowledge and availability of resources at your disposal, all at no extra cost.

And viola,………… you will be on your way to financial freedom.

Click HERE to start off: Access Fiverr Website Here

But don’t begin rejoicing yet!

What do i mean above?

Listen, to be a success on fiverr doesn’t start and end with just creating gigs and expecting sales to roll it like magic.

It takes time, patience, hardwork, smartwork and some form of tweaking(if you know what i mean) for you to become an authority in your niche on fiverr especially those who are on level 2 and top-rated status.

But hey!

Don’t panic at all.

Just like a loyal and humble servant, this article that teaches on various tricks and strategies on how to promote your fiverr gigs and boost your chances of getting sales has been compiled by my humble self strictly for you.

And nobody else but you because you are special and i am committed to see you succeed on fiverr.

So you don’t need to worry no matter how stiff the competition might be for i got you covered.

CONCLUSION: Fiverr Gig Ideas That Require No Skills To Make Money

Every beginning must have an end.

So this is where i will be drawing the curtain on this article on various fiverr gig ideas that require no skills to make money online.

But i wont leave you stranded like sheep with Shepherd for I will be with you in the comment section down below to continue the discussion on anything you need clarification on.

Now, the table is yours

Are you starting off on Fiverr straightaway?

Which of these fiverr gigs ideas that require no skills to make money are you trying out?
Are you a seller already, wishing to try any of these gig ideas out?
Do you need clarity on any areas at all?
Do you have any comments, questions, recommendations or suggestions that you would like me to know?

Feel free to post them in the comments section below.

I am 100% available to respond to your comments one-by-one.

Thanks for your time, patience, attention and endurance

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Oppp sorry!

Your friendly neighborhood SEO and online finance tutor.


Bye for Now.

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