15 Steps Get High Quality Backlinks from High Domain Authority Websites

This is NOT like the regular usual ways of creating high quality backlinks that almost every blogger and their mom regurgitate on their blog-posts.

This is very UNIQUE


This method is different in the sense that you are obtaining backlinks from websites of High Domain Authority themselves without undergoing any of the usual process we see on the internet such as writing long content, doing email outreach, using skyscraper technique, link mention, HARO and so on.

It is instant, straight-forward and easy.

As we all know, backlinks, especially high quality ones is key to boosting your website authority in the internet world through traffic visitors and higher google rankings.

In fact, to get lots of traffic visitors and higher google rankings, 3 things are of utmost importance;

1. Great content (100% unique)
2. Backlinks
(Our today’s focus)
3. RankBrain

Just exactly has google has said in this image below

Backlinks as one of the BIG Factors

Hence, in this article, we will break down steps to getting high quality backlinks from high domain authority websites.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you don’t have much time to read, feel free to click on any of these category topics that interests you for quick access.


Backlinks is one of the TOP 3 ranking factors that determines the search engine rankings of a webpage or any link.

…….And not just any backlinks, but High Authority Backlinks that actually works.


Here is the real question;

How does one create such backlinks?

Seems difficult?


very simple.


Because I have drawn out comprehensive tutorials, with descriptive images for better understanding and implementation, on how to create such backlinks from top quality sites like TED, CNN, Microsoft, Disqus, HP, DELL, Lastfm, Mozilla etc.  

These top sites possesses high domain authority (D.A) numbers (close to 100) as shown below and the higher the D.A, the stronger your backlinks are.

Nowadays, that is what actually works.

So here is what you will do for me; Just crave out some minutes of your time, go through this tutorial as written below.

And most importantly,


NOTE; Aside these tutorials, I will offer other few UNUSUAL tips to get high quality backlinks towards the end of this writeup.

Consider this as a sweet bonus.


So let’s set the ball rolling.

High Domain Authority Websites to get High Quality Backlinks


Lastfm has domain authority (D.A) of 92.

Create an account by registering your username, password and email address, then check your email for confirmation.

After that, follow these steps;

Steps to follow

1. Login into your account homepage.
2. Go to ‘’person-like’’ icon at the Left Hand Side, LHS of your computer screen and click settings
3. Scroll down, you will see blank spaces termed ‘’display name’’, ‘’country’’, ’’website’’ etc.
4. Put in your website URL in the website space
5. Scroll down and click ‘’save changes’’.

And viola, you have a High DA backlink.


Vimeo has a DA of 96.

1.Create an account, verify and login.
2. Hover your mouse pointer on the face-like icon at the LHS of your screen.
3. Click on your username.
4. click on ‘’Edit’’ at the Right Hand Side, RHS of your screen.
5. A menu appears, click on ‘’Profile settings’’
6. Scroll down, you will see ‘’your website’’ input space, click ‘’Add a new link’’, a dialog box appears.
7. Input your anchor text as title, your website as URL and your website description. make it short.
8. Click Save

Congrats! you have gotten a high DA backlink.


Microsoft has a DA of 96.

1.create and verify your account.
2. Log in to your homepage
3.Go to the user icon and click ‘’view Microsoft account’’
click ‘’edit profile’’
4. Scroll down, you will see a link URL and title space fields
5. Input your website title and link
6. Save changes

You now have a high DA backlink.



Amazon has a high DA of 97.

Really high indeed.

1.Register and login to your account.
2. while in its homepage, go to Account & lists
3. A menu appears, click ‘’your account’’
4. Scroll down to ‘’ordering and shopping preferences and click ‘’profile’’ under it.
5. click ‘’edit your profile’’ in the yellow box
6. Scroll down; you will see a website space; input your website link there.
7. click save changes

Great! you got a high DA backlink from the Almighty Amazon.


Dell has a DA of 95

1.Visit en.community.dell.com to create an account.
2. Log In
3. click on your username icon at the RHS of your screen
4. click settings.
5. click on ‘’personal information’’
6. You will see a personal webpage spacefield; input your link.
7. click save

That’s all.

A high DA backlink for you.

Lets continue.


It possesses a DA of 95.

1.Visit en.gravatar.com and create an account
2. Log in
3. While at its homepage, click on ‘‘my profile’’
4. At the RHS of your screen, click ‘’websites’’
5. click ‘’Add website’’
6. Input your website link

That’s all.

A high DA backlink at your disposal.


It own a DA of 74.

1.Visit www.ohloh.net or www.openhub.net and create n account
2. log in
3. click on ‘’unaffiliated’’ near your pix
4. scroll down, you will see homepage URL space; input your link.
5. Click save changes.


It has a DA of 94

1. Visit www.issuu.com to create an account
2. log in
3. locate your username icon and click on it
4. click ‘’account settings’’
5. You will see a webspace space, put in your link.
6. Save.

That’s all.


It has a DA of 95

1.Create an account at groups.drupal.org
2. Under profile, click ‘’edit’’
3. scroll down; you will see website space, input your link.

You can input up to 5 links and create 5 backlinks instantly.

How amazing!


It has a DA of 87.

1.Visit www.zotero.org to create an account
2. log in
3. At the homepage, under profile, click edit
4. Scroll down, you will see website space. input your link.
5. Save profile.


Let’s take a little break here – maybe a cup of fresh tea with bread spices

Now here is something interesting;

While cooking up this tutorial during the week,

Something unimaginable struck my mind, hence decided to do a little research on it.

But before I spill it out, I need a little favor from you.

PLEASE: Help us share this tutorial on the social networks by simply clicking on the social network either Facebook, twitter and/or Pinterest+ icons, for the more traffic exposure and for others who might find this tutorial useful.


Back to the secret………….

Do you know that you can monetize this tutorial exercise?

What do I mean?

I mean making cash, real cash to your pocket, by simply executing this high authority backlinks tutorial for clients’ websites.

These images below speak louder on what I am saying.

Please observe them critically.

From Fiverr

From Fiverr

From these images, you can see how people are smiling to the bank on a daily basis

If so, then why can’t you?

All you need do is this;

Visit freelance sites such as fiverr, seoclerks or others to create an account, set up your service description (popularly known as gig), upload work samples or portfolios if any, then promote online and offline to drive in traffic visitors.

from SEOclerks site

From SEOclerks


On the reverse,

If you own a website and don’t want to go through this task of creating these backlinks yourself for one reason or the other,

You can visit freelance sites listed above to seek the services of top SEO companies, experts or freelancers who can do it for you at cheap rates; say a minimum of $5 and above, depending.

A good number of them can be found by clicking HERE: fiverr.com as shown below;

There are many offering such services online on various freelance sites but one great service that I highly recommend is this; high domain authority backlink service which helped rank my site to Google first page for its keyword ‘’Dollar SEO’’

Give them a try. It’s worth it.

It’s all up to you.

Time up!

Break Over,

Let’s continue with our tutorial.


It’s DA to be updated later.

1.Visit the site; Intensedebate to create an account or use your WordPress account to log in.
2. Log in
3. Click edit ‘’profile’’ at the LHS of your screen.
4. You will see ‘’blogs/websites’’, put in your keyword/anchor text in the blog title space
5. And put in your link in the ‘’blog URL’’ space
6. Save settings


It has a DA of 91

1.create an account on it
2. log in
3. click on your username, a menu appears
4. click settings
5. scroll down to ‘’profile description’’ and use the href link format to input your link and anchor text
6. save changes


It has a DA of 93

1.Create an account on it
2. Click on your user icon, a dropdown menu appears.
3. click ‘’your profile’’
4. click ‘’edit’’
5. scroll down, you will see ‘’your links’’ space where you can input up to 3 links
6. In the URL space, input your link. In the label space, input your anchor text or keyword.
7. scroll down and click save


You got a high DA backlink.


This site own a DA of 94

1. Register an account on the site
2. log in with your account details
3. Go to your user icon and click on it
4. A dropdown menu appears, click ‘’view profile’’
5. click ‘’edit profile’’ under username
6. You will see a website space. input your link into it
7. click Save

…….And the last but not the least


It contain a high DA of 93

1. visit community.hpe.com to create an account
2. log in with your account details
3. click on your username
4. click ‘’my preference’’ under ‘’my community’’
5. Under ‘’Personal’’, click ‘’personal information’’
6. scroll down, you will see social channels space, input your link
7. scroll down and click save


A high DA backlink is all yours.

Bonus Tips

Remember that my promise at the beginning of this tutorial.

The UNUSUAL Tips that I promised to give earlier?

Hope you haven’t forgotten?

I am not only an upcoming SEO tutor, I am a good promise keeper as well.

You can ask my girlfriend,


Anyway, back to the promise, lets summarily check them out fast ;

1.Resource pages; Resource pages link out to great content on any topic. hence they form good link building targets. All you need do is to locate them by using these formats;

“Keyword” + inurl:links
“Keyword” + “helpful resources”
“Keyword” + “useful resources”
“Keyword” + “useful links”

Examine the results and select the ones that you feel your content can fit into.

Then send them a script, informing them of how helpful their resource page is after googling them out and if your write-up can be of addition to the resource page.

Send the email and await their reply.

2. Outdated Resources; this involves searching out niche sites that have changed names, move to a new URL, stop updating content, or even shutdown. then you inform the owners about the issue and suggest if they can add your link as replacement. Simple!

3. Publish Ultimate Guides; Creating ultimate guides on a niche topic works great because they offer a very comprehensive and entire coverage about the topic.
Hence make others link to it when writing similar topic in their websites. Long contents perform better in terms of Google rankings than short ones.
A great guide is one written by SEO expert Brain Dean, owner of backlinko website: Ultimate guide Backlinks

A key secret to success of ultimate guides is to write on topics that haven’t been discussed anywhere at all or covered to death yet.

We will stop here for now.

There are many other tips to create high domain authority and quality backlinks which is a topic on its own.

But if you wish to have a glimpse of these other tips, this video by SEO genius, Brain Dean does justice to it.


We promise to deal extensively on these tips as a whole topic as time goes on.

Just be on the watch out.

CONCLUSION: High Quality Backlinks from High Domain Authority Sites

Here is where we draw the curtains for now as far as this tutorial is concerned

But there are still high domain authority sites like Mozilla, Medium, Delicious, Adobe, CNN, Myspace, Amazon, Bbpress etc.

Just apply the same steps we did above to generate more backlinks for yourself and/or your clients.

…..Now, the table is yours………..

Now the table is all yours,

If you own a website or blog or URL at all, which of the following methods are you trying out first?

Are you hiring a freelancer/SEO expert to create such backlinks for you?
Are you creating the backlinks yourself
You have any questions, issues, recommendations, comments, and advice etc. you wish to state out?
You wish to carry out one, two or all of the above?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

I am 100% available to reply to your comments one-by-one.

Thanks for your time, patience, endurance, attention.

Till I see you again in my next post, I remain your friendly neighbourhood spiderman.

Oppp! Sorry.

Your friendly neighbourhood online business tutor.

Bye for now.

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