5 Ways to Increase Your Earnings In Affiliate Marketing(Case Study)


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Trust me, i know how miserable it can be.

Just like this dude below;

I mean, opening your affiliate dashboard and seeing stuff like this (as shown below) after spending months of sleepless nights trying to increase your earnings in your affiliate marketing.

I feel your pain.

But no worries for there is a glimpse of hope.

For the fact that you are already making money means you are doing things right.

What is just left is how you can boost your earnings in your affiliate marketing business.

Hence, in this article, we will discuss 5 ways to increase your earnings or income or revenue in affiliate marketing via a Case Study Of How Someone Was Able To Scale His Within 1 Year.

But first of all, if you are new to affiliate marketing or probably heard about it, what exactly is it about?

It is the process where an individual(affiliate) promotes or markets a product/service to the public on behalf of the manufacturer and earns a commission(cash reward) if a sale of such product is made.

Expatiating further on it is another entire topic on its own, hence which is why i have put up a different article that treats affiliate marketing and everything about it extensively

So, feel free to read through

And if any questions, ask me in the comments section.

Now, lets get back to out main discussion.

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So Here Is What I Will Do; Using the story of an individual by the name: Adam Enfroy who made over $61,000 under 1 year of startup and now makes over $250K+ per month currently.

Using him as an example, i will explain extensively the steps and strategies he took to maximize his affiliate profit very successfully within a shortest time frame.

So without any delay, lets get down to business.

STRATEGY 1: Go for Profitable Niche:

Before starting off, do a thorough market research on niches with a large target audience and products/services that have a higher likelihood of converting.

That was exactly what he did and finally, choose to settle for the niche: Digital Marketing.

Why digital marketing?

Let me explain.

The world today is now a global village and for every business to flourish, it needs to expand beyond its local limits to reach out to a much larger audience across the internet world

And one way to achieve this is through the power of digital marketing, its techniques, components and software.

Due to stiff competition, no business wants to be left behind but rather go online locally and internationally, hence to achieve this, implementing digital marketing is the way to go.

And of course, you know how many of such businesses exist out there.

So, wont it be wise to invest in this niche, recommend(promote) digital tools and software to such businesses and maximize your affiliate profit?

Your guess is as good as mine.

STRATEGY 2: Start A Website

There are availability of several internet platforms that you can use to run your affiliate marketing business.

No doubt about that.

But just imagine if you own a website where you can post contents on trending topics in your niche and while doing so, recommend your affiliate products and services via its affiliate links.

Then, finally optimizing your website for higher google rankings and organic traffic.

These are what this dude did(that is creating a website) as part of his promotional affiliate strategy.

So what do you do here; Start a website or blog NOW.

STRATEGY 3: Boost Your Email Subscriber Base

Before he began creation and promotion of his online masterclass course on making money from blogging on his website front page, he executed several critical steps to boost his email subscriber base of which are as follows;

Step one

He inserted 2 landing/optin pages on his website homepage(at the upper and bottom part).

The upper part;

The bottom part;

Why 2 landing pages in the first place?

First, he made them very large to boost the chances of traffic visitors seeing them very easily and subscribing to receiving his email newsletters.

Secondly, he made them two, should in case if any of his visitors misses one, he will see the other while scrolling down his website homepage.

Step Two

This is probably the most important part when it comes to creating an optin form or landing page.

It is at this point where “you dangle the carrot” in the eyes of your traffic visitors by offering them something very tempting, juicy, enticing and just impossible to ignore.

For example, take a look at what he is offering for anyone who subscribes to his email messaging platform by input his email address.

As you can see in the image above, he is giving out the following offers;

– Free WordPress blog launch checklist
– 2 free blogging eBooks
– Access to private Facebook group
– Membership videos
– And even promising more.

Definitely, with these free offers coupled with his high quality contents, it will be difficult for traffic visitors to hit the back button without dropping their email contacts.

No wonder he was able to capture as high as 43,000 subscribers within a space of 2 years.

That is massive achievement.

And do you know what this entails when you market affiliate stuffs to these subscribers?

Massive profit!.

STRATEGY 4: Utilize That SEO Technique That Works

In whatever manner you go about affiliate marketing, administering SEO optimization helps gives you that leverage advantage over other competitors for organic traffic and rankings.

And there are lots of SEO methods you can implement such as guest posting, backlinks, content optimization, title & meta tags etc.

It might take much time and efforts to try all these seo techniques but all you need do is to pick out that one proven method(s) that works near-perfectly well for you in terms of results.

That is exactly what Adam Enfroy did.

When he launched his website into january 2019, he choose GUEST-POSTING and went on full throttle, writing over 80+ guestposts in that year to create backlinks and traffic.

And guess what?

it worked perfectly for him.

He shot his website domain authority(DA) from 0 to 76, increase his organic traffic to 300,000+ and earning over $61K all in one year.

This excerpt image from his blog shown below says it all;

Isn’t that amazing?

So, find out that one SEO technique that you feel will work well for you and fire on all cylinders.

And the last but not the least …………………………….

STRATEGY 5: Go for As Many High-Converting Affiliate Products

You cant afford to go for affiliate programs that offer low commissions if you plan to maximize your earnings.

Target those that offer moderate to huge commissions and if you can, promote as many of them as possible.

Check out below, the number of affiliate programs that Adam Enfroy said he is into;

As shown above, Over 200 Affiliate programs!

That is really, really massive.

On the flip side, if for whatever reason, you might not be able to invest in numbers, go for programs that pays very high commission.

Adam Enfroy earned a whooping $957.60 commission from just one sale of an affiliate product(thinkific) alone.

See what he wrote as shown in this image below;

Just imagine you go to sleep, wake up in the morning, turn on your laptop only to see this form of affiliate payment commission flashing across your eyes.

Sweet right?


Whatever, the choice is yours.

CONCLUSION: Ways to Increase Your Earnings In Affiliate Marketing

We hope that with these few proven strategies carried out by Adam Enfroy, you will implement such and get even better results than his.

But Take Note Of One Thing; That it worked for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will work perfectly for you too as other factors need to be considered as well such as lifestyle, time input, effort level etc.

But one thing i guarantee you is that it will surely maximum your affiliate profit to an extent provided you follow the steps and strategies to the best of your ability.

That will be all for now.

If you have any questions or anything to say at all, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

I will reply as soon as i get notified of your comment.


Bye for now.

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